This Is Why the Eggs are Excellent Food

The eggs are great for the morning meal. Find out why the eggs are so beneficial for breakfast…

The experts debate whether the eggs are really beneficial for our organism because some of them claim that they contain nutrients that are harmful for our heart. But most of the experts claim that eggs are excellent food, especially for breakfast which is considered as the most important meal in the day. They can be prepared on various ways. Here are some reasons why the eggs are great for breakfast.

  1. They will provide you with the nutrients needed to start the day- even small amount of eggs will provide you plenty of these nutrients. They contain vitamin A and B vitamins, selenium, folic acid and the most important ingredient are the proteins. Manganese and calcium are also included, which is very beneficial for your bones. Because of the unique composition of nutrients the eggs will keep you satiated for longer and provide you with enough energy for the rest of the day.
  2. Will help you to build muscles- the best thing you can do if you tend to build muscles is to consume a lot of proteins and less calories. There aren’t many foods that can offer such thing. Well, the eggs are the right choice for you. Vitamin B12 helps in the growth of the muscles and the small level of calories will allow you to eat them in high amounts without gaining extra weight.
  3. Beneficial for your skin and vision- you can prevent appearance of wrinkles by eating eggs. The antioxidants can prevent vision problems.
  4. Increase the level of good cholesterol- many people believe that the eggs are harmful for our organism because they contain high levels of cholesterol. Actually, they do contain cholesterol, but the one that is good and needed for our body. It is also known as HDL and is able to reduce the risk of heart attack and similar issues. Some studies have shown that the levels of good cholesterol could be raised by 10% if we eat eggs regularly.
  5. Can be combined with other ingredients easily- they are tasty and can be added in many meals, including sweet and salty meals. Their mild taste goes well with many other foods.