7 Surprising Ways to Use Mayonnaise in Your Home

Mayonnaise is not only one of the most popular toppings, but is sometimes irreplaceable ingredient in your household. It is a delicious addition to many dishes, but it can also tackle several household problems.

Continue reading and find out the 7 most surprising nontraditional mayonnaise uses. They can be of great use especially for people who do not use it in their daily nutrition.

7 Surprising Ways to Use Mayonnaise in Your Home

  1. It removes traces

We can get oil, glue, petrol and resin traces off our hands by using mayo. Spread it on your hands, rub, and leave for a while. Then rinse with hot water.

  1. It removes white spots

In order to remove white spots from wooden surfaces, apply mayo on the problematic spots, and then wipe it with paper towel. Afterwards, wipe the affected surface once again with a damp cloth.

  1. It removes drawing traces

If children scribbled on walls, apply a small amount of mayonnaise on a wiping cloth and just wipe the creative drawings your kids have made. Hence, drawing traces will easily disappear.

  1. It strengthens the nails

To keep your fingernails from chipping and peeling, apply occasionally, a mayo cream on them. In this way you hydrate and nourish your nails, and they become less brittle.

  1. It adds shine to your houseplants

Do you know why indoor plants shine so beautifully in the flower shops? The answer is very simple: Retailers rub mayonnaise onto the leaves using a paper towel, which, then, looks like wax.

  1. It is used as a hair product

If you want to make your hair healthy, silky and shiny again, mayo hair mask is the best choice for you. It strengthens the hair, making it elastic, it improves its structure, and it gives it a healthier and more natural glow. Those, who have slow growing hair, should also pick these masks, because the mayonnaise actually helps significantly accelerate the hair growth.

  1. It restores the original sparkle to piano keys

If the piano keys eventually become dirty or yellowish and you can’t afford expensive key cleaners, simply apply a little bit of mayonnaise on them. By doing so, you’ll have your piano keys sparkling once again like concert hall piano.9+