You have problem with chapped lips – here is how to treat them?

We all know the problem of chapped lips in winter experience a real shock. As the humidity in the air significantly increased, the water from your lips are virtually dry, and this has the effect of cracking on the lips that is difficult to treat.

Difficult, but not impossible, but here are some tips on how to more quickly and efficiently deal with this situation.

healthy mouth

The first thing to prevent this situation, the lips, apply lip balm every time before use dried roses, at bedtime, leaving the wind, when the sun is very strong and when the harsh weather conditions. After showering, rub balm on the lips with the help of an old toothbrush that you already intend to roll, making them not only to feed but also to remove dead surface layer.

Avoid licking his lips because saliva does not wet the lips but it just dries up, and certainly do not forget to drink plenty of water, because in addition to the many other benefits of this liquid which means life, it will provide the softness of the lips.

Let the lips are smooth
In this area there is a myth that says that some of the humidifier only reinforce the need for your lips for extra care and continuous lubrication. The truth is that there are ingredients that are ‘effective than others, such as petrolatum, Shea butter, hyaluronic acid and dimethicone, which are excellent for restoring moisture to the lips.

The most important thing is to buy a viscous lip balm instead of wax to his constituents better reach into the cracks of the lips. If your lips are chronically chapped, use conditioners containing ceramics to restore the structure of the foreskin on the lips.

Cleanliness is next to godliness
In addition to those “good”, in products for lip care and there are bad ingredients that only support the shooting skins on the lips. Anyone who suffers from eczema skin should not be used conditioner that contains lanolin. As the perfumes cited as the number one in the skin allergy, stay away from heavy and rich scents of balsam of which one of cinnamon can be particularly irritating.

If you want to peel the unnecessary skin on the lips, which has already begun to waste, apply a balm that contains alpha-hydroxide acid paler than to tear lips and further damage the peels and gels for the face.

Intervention on lips.Take care of your mouth
Besides dehydration, the other main cause of chapped lips is disturbed and pH balance of your skin that in damp areas such as the lips should be slightly acidic. Toothpaste, breath fresheners, mouthwashes and preparations for face can disturb this balance, it is advisable to apply lip balm before each brushing teeth or washing your face. If you suspect that your toothpaste one of the main causes of the problem, use a paste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

Professional help is gold
If your lips stubbornly do not want to become smooth and healthy, it may be time to visit a dermatologist because there is always the possibility that you are simply allergic to something. Painful cracks in the corners of the mouth are also a sign that seek expert opinion as they are as a rule almost always caused by known, the disease that requires treatment of antibiotic ointments.

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