Which Тea Is The Best For Your Blood Type?

Check out the top combination for each blood group and enjoy it.


Blood group 0!

People who have blood group 0 are ‘meat’ types and should avoid milk, beans and gluten. Although, they deal with stress very well, but otherwise have troubles with stomach acid. Teas that are recommended for people with blood group 0 are based on ginger, ginseng, Sencha green tea and mate tea, which is a well known substitution for coffee. The ideal choice of teas for them is a mixture of Sencha, ginseng and ginger, and tea instead of coffee they should drink a mate or pure Japanese green tea Sencha.

Blood type A!

Those are very emotional and analytical person extremely prone to stress, which have persistently high values of cortisol, a stress hormone. Although the coffee does not bother them, they can replace their need for vegetative food, meditation and yoga with regular consumption of a suitable type of tea. Teas for people with blood group A are Taiwanese green tea Gunpowder tea from pure jasmine flower, a combination of silver jasmine and green tea Ying Hao, and a mixture of yarrow, calendula and thyme.

Blood type B!

Individuals with B blood type usually have a slower metabolism, and tend to have autoimmune diseases, weight gain, lethargy, chronic fatigue and irregular sleep. They have a resistant digestive system, but a weak defense against bacteria, primarily Escherichia coli. You should drink superbly young green tea, organic green or red rooibos without additives, honeybush tea and Immune blend of elderberry, rooibos, sage and lemon balm.

Blood type AB!

The members of this blood group are intuitive and are not prone to stress, but have reduced libido. They should focus on specific types of green tea and related preparations, mint, peony, sandalwood and rice drinks. The ideal choice of teas for them is a natural yellow tea, a mixture of superior green tea and mint or sejak and fried rice. For men with AB blood group a blend of nettle, peppermint, catuaba and rooibos is especially recommended.

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