Potato Remedy To Treat Skin Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation of the skin can cause uneven color and dark patches. Excessive production of melanin is responsible for this condition.

Hyperpigmentation can occur on almost any part of the body, including the face, neck, hands, arms and legs. The root cause of pigmentation is generally attributed to internal factors like hormonal changes in the body, pregnancy and various health problems. External factors like excessive sun exposure, skin injury, burning, emotional stress or contact with certain chemicals can also cause hyperpigmentation.

Today in this post I will share one remedy to cure dark skin spots caused because of hyperpigmentation

For this remedy you will need just 2 ingredients

Potato and Lemon

First wash potato very well
Now cut potato in small pieces and grind it. Your potato pulp is ready
Strain this potato pulp to collect potato juice
In a clean bowl take 4 tea spoons of potato juice
In this add 2 spoons of lemon juice
Mix it well and your skin pigmentation ready to use
With help of cotton ball apply this lotion on affected area
Let it dry completely and then apply a 2nd layer. Repeat this step and apply a 3rd layer
Now leave this overnight and wash it off with plain water next morning
Do this treatment daily and within a week you can see the result

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