7 Reasons Why Some People Get Bitten By Mosquitoes More Often Than Everyone Else

And what’s peskier than being out with a group of friends and being the only one who gets bitten?

Turns out, there might be a couple explanations for that. So, if you’re the friend in your group who is constantly being chomped on by these bugs, here are the 8 reasons why plus some tips on how to avoid it from happening.

1. Carbon Dioxide: Go easy on the breathing. Or at least, the exhaling. Turns out that, like plants, mosquitos are actually drawn to carbon dioxide. So this might be what’s causing the troubles for you. This can also affect people with larger body masses who give off more CD such as people who are pregnant.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.28.23 PM

2. Body Temperature: This could be the root of your troubles. If you’re super hot and sweaty all the time this could be calling the blood sucking pests to your neck. Again this can cause larger or pregnant people to be subject to a feeding. Don’t forget the bug spray.

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3. Blood Type: I guess this one is a given, but I honestly hadn’t thought of it. A small study found that people with blood type O are more susceptive to getting bitten than people with blood type A.

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4. Chemical Odors: This same small study also found that only a small percentage of people are able to release the odors that suggest their blood type, according to NCBI.

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