2 Apples, 1 lemon and 1 cup of oats, prepare to lose size without control

In your everyday battle with excess weight include this amazing combination that will contribute to lose your weight faster, and will provide needed nutrients.
Main ingredient of this smoothie is green apple. Green apple has long been recognized as one of the healthiest fruits. It is innately packed with a variety of essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers.

These are known to offer relief from digestive disorders and are also very effective in lowering blood cholesterol and BP, stabilizing blood sugar levels & improving appetite.

The fiber in the apple is in the form of pectin and this is essential for two reasons: it helps to regulate peristalsis or intestinal motility and helps to control appetite more easily due to its satiating effect.

Also green apples are great source of vitamins in group B. The vitamins from this group are needed to properly metabolize nutrients and especially carbohydrates, B vitamins prevent carbohydrates from being subsequently converted to fat. Also green apple helps in decreasing fluid retention in the body, which contributes to excess weight.

Another great property is that green apple is very low in calories-one medium sized contains only 80 calories!

The green apple decreases the absorption of sugar in the intestine, so it also prevents sudden releases of the hormone insulin, a fact that is directly related to the gain of body fat.

These reasons are enough to make this super smoothie and here is the recipe


125 gr of oats
1/2 liters of mineral water
1 Organic lemon
2 Organic apple (preferably green)
Preparation and use:

Cut apples into small pieces. Pour the mineral water and put the chopped apples in your blender, incorporate your oats and mix until you get a nice smooth homogeneous mixture.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and then squeeze the juice of your organic lemon and stir in the mixture.

Consume the smoothie once you are ready. It is recommendable to consume this drink for a week, every day.

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