When You Are In This Condition Then You Should Not Use Garlic, Find Out What It Is …

Garlic or garlic is very healthy, but it is not recommended in all conditions. Sometimes it can hurt you.

Here’s when you need to avoid:
-It weighs on your stomach because otherwise if you have problems with the stomach or the digestive system in general, do not consume it.
-Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
-If you have problems with low pressure certain drugs and drink, do not eat, it can further decrease.
-If you have liver problems, avoid it because it can slow the breakdown of certain drugs and substances.
There are anticoagulants, which means that it prevents the formation of clots, which is good to treat the problem and prevent stroke. But if you drink certain medications for blood clotting or have trouble because you do a lot of blood clots, do not use garlic.

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