Make At Home Healing Oil Against Rheumatism And Bone Healing

Joint pain can be very unpleasant and painful, so we suggest you try a natural remedy for rheumatism, which increases blood circulation and relieves symptoms of the disease.

The oil helps with rheumatic pains is made from red chili peppers and is very effective in the treatment of radiculitis, myositis, neuralgia, rheumatism and joint pains.

The oil of hot peppers expanding capillaries, increases blood circulation in the superficial parts of the skin, boosts metabolism and affects the activation of regenerative processes in the skin.

Ingredients for the preparation of oil:
– 10 fresh red hot peppers
– 2 cups of olive oil
– a jar of a liter

Wash the peppers Cut the stems and mince the peppers in a blender. You’ll get about one cup of finely chopped mixture. Pour the mixture into a clean glass jar and drizzle with oil. Let stand in a dark place. After 7 days, strain through cheesecloth contents of the jar.

Minced peppers can remain in the refrigerator and used as a spice, and the oil rub into the skin.


When you start with the application of this treatment, gently rub the oil into your skin several times a day, when you have joint pain or other parts of the body.

After rubbing, wear warm socks or tights, if you have foot pain. Aggregating and other parts of the body depending on the place that hurts you: hands, neck, back. After applying oil, you will feel the heat and burning sensation on the skin, but it is bearable, even pleasant, and does not cause burns.

Over time you can reduce the incidence of oil. After one or two months, the method can be administered once a week, for example, if sometimes feel pain in the joints due to changes in weather conditions.
Keep the oil in a dark place.

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