Super Foods That Regulates Cholesterol

Not only are they delicious, pistachios are very healthy.

They improve cardiovascular health and metabolism, reduce cholesterol and slow the aging process.

Here’s why you should eat pistachios every day:
Pistachios contain powerful antioxidant lutein. It prevents fat accumulation and inflammation, and consumption of pistachios a period of a few days reduced cholesterol by 20%.

They are rich in fiber, which improves digestive function of the body. Only 10 gr pistachios will provide you with a daily dose of fiber.

One cup of pistachio contains 60% of the recommended daily amount of phosphorus. It stimulates glucose tolerance and is important for the interpretation of the proteins into amino acids.

If consumed every day can boost sexual power of men and up to 51% thanks to the essential fatty acids that stimulate sex hormones and increase blood flow to the genitals.

If you are afraid of aging, you need to enter at least 5-10 pistachios every day. They are a natural botox mails contain numerous antioxidants.

To avoid overeating, buy pistachios in the shell and each open Count the pistachio.

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