Vitamin C And Zinc: The Best Combination For Strengthening The Immune System

The immune system is the defense mechanism of the body to fight disease and infection. Immunity protects the body from external impact of bacteria, viruses, allergens and other microorganisms. Nutritional deficiencies, and lack of exercise and too much stress can weaken the immune system, increasing the risk of disease. Vitamin C and zinc have an excellent combination for the strengthening of the immune system, and protection from the harmful free radicals.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in your daily diet. It is required for cell growth, the proper functioning of the circulatory system, wound healing, collagen formation and maintenance of overall health.

Vitamin C not only strengthens the body’s immune system, but it is necessary for skin elasticity and healthy teeth and bones. It is also involved in the production of the hormone of happiness, which takes care of the good mood. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and prevents damage caused by free radicals in our body. Free radicals are considered the main cause of aging.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C varies according to age and gender. The recommended dose for adult women is 75 mg per day, while men need something more; about 90 mg per day.

Most people think that the citrus main source of vitamin C, but there are other fruits and vegetables that also contains a large amount of this vitamin.

Zinc is one of those minerals that are very important for the body and health. It is important for strengthening the immune system, the degradation of the enzyme, regulating cell growth, reduction in the production of histamine and defense against free radicals. Zinc is effective in the prevention of allergies, relieves depression, stimulates growth and accelerate wound healing.

One of the most important functions of zinc strengthening the immune system. It is known as the “window of immunity” because it has antibacterial and antiviral effect. Taking zinc tablets or zinc-rich foods can alleviate cold symptoms and shorten its duration.

Lack of zinc in the body can cause stomach problems, impotence, hair loss, weak immune system, lifeless hair, dry skin and other disadvantages. Since the human body can not produce zinc, it must be taken regularly through diet or supplements. Zinc can be found in many foods, and some contain it in large quantities.

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