How Lemon Juice With Himalayan Sea Salt Can Stop Migraine Headache Within Minutes

Any headache can be a nuisance, but migraines are especially debilitating and can make it impossible to go about day-to-day tasks. The pain of a migraine is often worse than a typical headache and may present with additional symptoms, including nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Good news for people who suffer from migraines: Here is an amazing information that can help you stop migraines headache within minutes, with only 2 ingredients: lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt!

This simple remedy has been tested for its effect on relieving migraine headaches, which without any side effects when compared with the conventional medicine.

Prepare juice from a lemon, 2 teaspoons of Himalayan salt and a cup of water. Combine them well and drink. Wait a few minutes to see what this amazing migraine drink can help you.

Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals, elements, and electrolytes out of the totally 118 elements known to science until now, makes it as an amazing ingredient to treat many ailments: It keeps your body alkaline balanced, boosts your immune system, increases your energy levels, prevents muscle cramping, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, promotes the nutrients absorption, increases hydration, removes toxins out of your body and much more.

One of the most remarkable benefits of Himalayan salt is that you can get an instant migraine relief with it. This is because Himalayan salt raises serotonin blood levels, which reduces the migraine headaches.

Lemon juice provides relief for various ailments such as fatigue, anxiety, and tension, which could lead to a headache. As it’s well known that potassium deficiency is a key reason for migraines, lemon juice is also a good source of potassium to help relieve the tension headaches.

It’s always good to try natural cures and remedies instead of taking the conventional medicine for migraine headaches. There are also many other great herbal remedies which also have found support from the scientific studies for migraines:

1. Butterbur: It has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. In one experiment, 82% of patients reported substantial improvements in their migraines after being administered butterbur.

2. Ginko Biloba: Because Ginko boost oxygen and blood flow to the brain, it has been found not just to improve cognitive functioning but to relieve headaches as well.

3. Lemon balm: Lemon balm is thought to be effective in dealing with migraines. As a vasodilator, it widens blood vessels, thus possibly helping to relieve migraine headaches.

4. Valerian: Valerian does not necessarily help in treating migraine but it helps in warding off anxiety which is considered as one of the major factors that may cause migraine.

5. Willow bark: For thousands of years, willow bark has been used in the treatment of inflammatory and pain conditions, as well as headaches. It contains salicin, which is responsible for the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of willow bark.

6. Ginger: Ginger contains highly potent compounds that help relieve swelling, pain, and tension which normally cause headaches. The herb contains anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the activities of prostaglandins which play vital roles in the occurrence of headaches.

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