Lemon Water Rather Than Pills For These 13 Healt Issues!

Drinking lemon water has become a popular morning habit for millions of people around the world, and there’s a good reason why.
This incredible beverage contains a rich amount of vitamins B and C, as well as carbs, potassium and numerous other nutrients which our body requires to function properly.

The drink can resolve numerous health problems better than any medications. Here’s a what the beverage can help you with:


Lemon water can regulate your skin’s pH levels and treat and prevent acne breakouts. It will detoxify your skin from within and reduce its acidity, resolving problems such as acne effectively.

Kidney stones

Lemon water is rich in potassium, a mineral which can raise citrate levels in the urine and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Strengthens the immune system

Lemon water contains a lot of vitamin C which can reinforce your immune system and defeat any kind of bacteria in your body.

Weight loss

Lemon water is rich in numerous essential nutrients including fiber, which can boost your digestion and promote more efficient fat burn.

Lemon juice can also stimulate the production of bile and, which will further improve digestion and promote weight loss.

Bladder discomfort

If you’re suffering from bladder discomfort, simply drink a glass of lemon water along your meals.

Colds and the flu

The vitamin C in lemons can reinforce your immune system and treat infections such as colds and the flu.


Drink a glass of water every day and you will defeat GERD in only a couple of weeks.

Strengthens your nails

Lemon water will strengthen your nails and prevent the appearance of white spots on them.

Food poisoning

Drink lemon water when travelling abroad to reduce the risk of food poisoning.


If you’re often tired and lacking energy, you may be suffering from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a painful condition, which can luckily be relieved by doing yoga and drinking lemon water.


Lemons are powerful anti-inflammatory agents which can fight different types of inflammation in the body.

Post-workout muscle pain and soreness

Drink some lemon water after your workouts to relieve the muscle pain and soreness.

Joint pain

As we mentioned before, lemons are anti-inflammatory agents which can successfully relieve arthritis and joint pain.

As you can see, lemon water is incredibly beneficial for our health, which is why you need to add it to your diet starting today.

9 First Aid Mistakes Explained by a Professional

Almost all of us remember some basic things about the rules of providing first aid. But is our knowledge correct, or is what we know too fragmented to be useful? Ilya Boyko, a specialist in first aid, explains the most widespread and dangerous mistakes people make when providing medical help to others.

We at Bright Side recommend heeding these simple rules — they might just save someone’s life.

1. Trying to make yourself sweat when you have a temperature is a bad idea.

When you’re ill, feeling hot when you’re shivering at the same time indicates that your body temperature is rising. When we wrap up warmly, our temperature goes up even faster. Although the heat helps us fight against infection, a body temperature that’s higher than 38°С does more harm to the body than good.

If you have a high temperature combined with the shakes, you need to get cooler rather than warmer.

2. Don’t put anything in the mouth of a person who’s experiencing an epileptic fit.

You can break someone’s teeth if you put something in their mouth. During a fit, an epileptic person cannot bite off their tongue, as it’s being strained with great force. They can only bite it slightly, but this won’t cause any major harm. The best thing you can do to help is place something soft under their head, as this will help them avoid receiving any concussion of the brain. When the spasms have passed, turn the individual over onto their side.

3. Don’t apply cream to burns straightaway.

When the skin is burned, it experiences excess heat which goes deeper into body tissue. The best thing to do in this situation is place the affected area in cold water for about 15 minutes. This will help the excess heat to dissipate. Don’t rub anything into the skin straightaway, as this will trap the heat — only do this after 20 minutes or more.

4. Don’t drag someone who may be injured anywhere without medical professionals present.

If an accident occurs on the road, don’t move an injured person, and definitely don’t try to drag them out of the car on your own. You’ll only make things worse. This rule can be infringed only in the most extreme situations — for instance, if the vehicle has caught fire. THIS is what you need to do instead:

  • Call for an ambulance.
  • If you can, turn off the vehicle’s engine, and cut the power to its battery.
  • Stop any bleeding.
  • Help the victim to keep calm.

5. If someone’s choking, don’t pat them on the back.

If you pat the person on the back, you’ll only cause whatever it is they’re choking on to pass further down into their windpipe. What you should do instead is help the person lean over, make sure they’re calm, and tell them to breathe in very slowly two times. This will help ease the choking and bring up the object blocking their airways.

6. Don’t try to draw out the tongue of someone who’s fallen unconscious.

It is dangerous for an unconscious person to lie on their back, as their tongue can fall back and block their airways. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s enough to just turn the individual over onto their side or move their head back. You shouldn’t try to pull their tongue out of their mouth.

7. Don’t apply a tourniquet to a wound if there isn’t any arterial bleeding.

Arterial bleeding is easy to spot, and not on account of the color of the blood as you might have been told in school. In the arteries, blood is pumped at high speed under pressure, so it comes out of a wound not as a trickle but like a fountain. In such cases, you need to press down on the artery in the groin or under the armpit IMMEDIATELY, and draw the limbs closer to the torso using a tourniquet or a belt wrapped around the clothes. If there is venous bleeding, a bandage should be applied, but not a tourniquet, as this could drain the limb of blood in a way that can’t be reversed.

8. Don’t rub frostbitten parts of the body.

When we rub frozen extremities we damage our capillaries, which makes the situation worse. Hot water is also too radical a method to help here. If you’ve been frostbitten, you should try to warm the affected body parts slowly — place your hands in cold water, gradually increasing its temperature.

9. Evaluate your strength and think logically before you try to help someone.

In an emergency, you should always consider first what actions might cause you harm, and you should help only when you’re certain that you won’t endanger yourself by doing so. For example, if you touch a person who’s been electrified, then there’s going to be two casualties instead of one. In this case, you need to turn off the current at the source, or use a wooden object to separate the victim from the source of the current.


A large part of taking care of a wound is to correctly diagnose what type of a wound it is. Here is a little reminder for you.

You need to remember that in any emergency, actions that haven’t been thought through could be even worse than no action at all. Only accept advice if you’re certain it will help. And always call the emergency services straightaway.

15 Healthy Food Swaps to Help You Slim Down Fast

Tackling the quest of losing weight can seem a bit intimidating at first, but it really only takes a few subtle changes in our eating habits to make a difference and move closer to our goals.

Health4u has prepared for you a list of simple food replacement tricks that will assist you in getting in shape faster without having to eat less.

Air-popped popcorn contains a fraction of the amount of fat and calories of potato chips.

Mayonnaise has a considerable sugar and saturated fat content, whereas mustard is low in both.

Brown rice still has its most nutritious elements, so it tends to be higher in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Coconut flour is a great source of fiber and protein, and it has a lower carbohydrate content.

A portobello mushroom serves as a perfect low-carb version of buns while delivering the same burger experience.

Processed cocoa powder is stripped of most of its nutrients, while cacao powder is packed with antioxidants and has several health benefits.

Cauliflower has a similar kind of fluffy texture as potato, but it packs fewer carbs and almost no fat.

Honey contains traces of vitamins and minerals, and it is sweeter and easier to digest than refined sugar.

Cow’s milk has many times more sugar and fat than almond milk or other plant-based milks.

Zucchini ribbons are a tasty substitute for any regular pasta. However, they come without the high calorie and carb counts.

In contrast to bread crumbs, oats are rich in fiber, minerals, and healthy carbohydrates.

Himalayan salt is full of minerals and much more easily absorbable in its pure crystalline form.

Soft drinks are made with sweeteners and artificial flavors. Tea has antioxidants.

Potatoes have twice as many calories and carbs per serving as carrots.

Bananas have a naturally sweet taste and creamy consistency, and they are also free from unhealthy fat and sugar.

This Is Probably The World’s Healthiest Fruit That Can Cure Many Diseases!




Dates are loaded with iron and that’s why they are used to cure anemia; in one hundred grams dates you actually get 0,90 grams iron or the 11 percent every day intake. One more thing is, the much better oxygen move in the brain so mainly teenagers as well as women that are pregnant have the most benefits of iron.


Additionally, in dates you have calcium mineral that effects diarrhea. This particular fruit refreshes the stomach flora and also regularly consuming them produces good germs in the belly.


The sugars in dates means they may be a perfect alternative for white sugars. They’re very easily digested and also suppress hunger. Since they possess quite a few nutrients, they’re ideal for all of us no matter what age we are.Additionally, dates cure many health problems. They control low blood count or anemia, cholesterol, cardiovascular issues and strokes prevention, additionally cancer as well.


Given that they promote great digestion they eliminate harmful toxins and if you might have constipation put some dates in drinking water and leave them the whole night. They’re going to release fruit juices that acts like laxatives as well as improve intestines health and the actual fibers will certainly speed up digestion and metabolism.


A research was made in University of Jordan for Science and Technologies about consuming dates frequently for four weeks. They decreased pain as well as bleeding prior to the due date and these ladies additionally had much easier birthing; furthermore they struggled much less from postpartum depressive disorders and had much more milk in their boobies.


Because dates control hunger that makes all of them ideal for diet programs. Also, they have got numerous nutrients for losing weight and even though they do not have cholesterol they have sugar so be cautious with the amounts.


Dates have calcium mineral and only 5 or 6 dates give you eighty mg magnesium that’s good for the dilating of arteries. Scientific studies showed that 370 miligrams magnesium each day to be ideal for blood pressure lowering.


Dates are fantastic for those who have heart problems and they really should consume them every single day. Put a couple of dates in a glass of drinking water throughout the night. Then mix them each morning and consume this.


Dates contain lutein or eyes vitamins as well as zeaxanthin that are great for the eye retina and also macula. They’re responsible for improving sight as well as prevention of macular damage that comes as we grow older. Improve your sight by consuming dates.


For a much better sex life as well as drive, soak a few dates in milk and leave them overnight. Each morning, combine dates and milk and add honey and cardamom and this will work for both genders. You will notice much more energy as well as strength.


Dates have potassium as well, that is protecting the actual neuro system. Scientific studies say you can decrease stroke risks by 40 percent if you consume plenty of potassium.


Additionally there’s phosphorus mineral in dates and this helps the brain to function properly.


Who doesn’t want spot free clear and glowing skin.


Citric fruits, like lemon are well known to have skin cleansing and natural bleaching properties. But using pure lemon juice can dry up the skin.


• Lemon juice
• Almond oil
• Aloe Vera gel

So just take 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in your palms and add half teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel and Almond oil in it. Mix these ingredients well. It is recommended to use this mix at night before going to bed. So every night make this mix and apply it on your face. Leave it on for the night and in the morning, wash your face with Lukewarm water. This will give you clean and fair skin in just few days.

If You’re Having a Tough Day, Watch This AWESOME Video! My Stomach Hurts From Laughing So Hard!

Most kids wish to grow up as soon as possible. Kids desperately desire to leave childhood behind them and experience the adulthood.

It is interesting that some kids cover their body in the bed sheet and believe it’s a sari or some of them examine their face in the bathroom mirror wishing to find some facial hair. Kids simply can’t wait to grow up.

But, when we grow up we actually realize that the expectations about adulthood are not like we imagined.

This commercial definitely will be the funniest thing you’ll see all day.

Well, if you haven’t smiled yet today, this commercial will make your day! Probably you will watch it repeatedly, and it is not wonder why this video has almost 100 million views on youtube.

This interesting video will bring back the overwhelming feeling of wanting to go back to childhood and sing, dance or go to bed at 9. Childhood reminds us to period without any worries or problems. This video is so cheerful and encouraging.

In fact, it is never too late to enjoy life just like a baby.

Watch the awesome video below:

Apply This Pink Cream On Your Underarms To Make It Fairer Instantly

If You Can’t Wear Your Sleeveless Dress Because Of Your Dark Underarm, Then Quickly Use This 100 % Natural & easy Remedy

And Get Clean and Lighten Underarms, Now no Shy No Fear You Are Ready To Wear Sleeveless Dress

This treatment will complete in 2 easy steps

Step 1 – Steaming
Step 2 – Skin lightening pack

Before staring these 2 steps let us prepare your pack

You will need

  • 2 spoon plain flour, also known as maida
  • 2 spoon potato juice
  • 2 spoon of beetroot juice

Mix all of these ingredients in a clean bowl and your pack is ready. Now let’s stsrt step 1

Step 1

For this first soap a towel in hot water. Remove excess water and now put this towel on your underarms for 5 minutes. This step will open all skin pores. After this apply your skin lightening pack

Step 2

Just after steaming apply pack that we have prepared on your underarms. Leave it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes rub it for 5 minutes with help of loofah. Wash it off with plain water

Do this treatment 3 times in a week

Potato juice, can greatly improve your skin health. It is very effective ingredient to remove dark spots from your skin. Because of its mild bleaching properties it also acts as a natural bleach. Beetroot is rich in iron and calcium that improves your skin health and gives it a natural glow

One Glass of Turmeric Is as Good as Running for One Hour

Praised for many centuries for its medicinal properties, turmeric is a popular spice that is everything but not ordinary. Being a part of curry dishes, this superfood offers plenty of health benefits.

It possesses potent antibiotic properties, can boost your memory and even fight come cancer types. A recent study showed that this spice can improve your cardiovascular health as much as a physical exercise!

So, let’s find out more about this!

Turmeric and the Cardiovascular System

The American Journal of Cardiology published a study which showed that turmeric extract can effectively lower risk of heart attack by up to 56%.

An earlier study also showed that eating the spice or taking supplements can provide similar effects like aerobic exercise when it comes to improving your heart health.

A pinch of turmeric can have the same effect on your cardiovascular system as 1 hour of brisk walking or jogging.

Curcumin, the Powerfull Ingredient

The effectiveness of turmeric is mostly due to its active compound, known as curcumin.

Besides being responsible for the spice’s color, this compound has potent properties that can improve vascular function, especially in postmenopausal women.

At this age, women could easily develop heart problems and face with a real health concern.

How to Take Advantage of Turmeric for Your Cardiovascular Health

* The results of the study showed that 150 mg of turmeric extract taken for 8 weeks can improve the function of your heart.

* Turmeric powder found in stores does not have a high content of curcumin (only 2%).

* To obtain its health benefits, take 1 teaspoon of turmeric on a daily basis. However, you can also use turmeric extract capsules.

* Drinking turmeric juice, adding turmeric to your teas, or adding a pinch of turmeric to your meals can help to get its health benefits.

Even though turmeric can effectively improve the function and health of the cardiovascular system, don’t forget to exercise regularly.

Supplements and turmeric are beneficial, but they can’t replace the exercising and being physically active.

Here Is How Pineapple Affects Your Blood Sugar !

Being diabetic doesn’t mean you have to give up fruit. In fact, you’re still supposed to eat two fruit servings per day, or about 1 cup of fresh fruit. However, different fruits can have different effects on your blood sugar. Since fruits contain carbohydrates, they can all increase your blood sugar after you eat them. While pineapple isn’t likely to lower your blood sugar, it isn’t likely to cause large spikes in your blood sugar either.

Today, we will present some tips on how to balance your diet. Moreover, we will tell you more about the positive and negative things of consuming pineapple.

Useful Tips to Balance Your Diet

To manage your diabetes, it is extremely important to have a healthy diet. Take care of your daily intake of carbs and always follow a healthy meal regime.

We should also mention that you should consume foods rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, such as legumes, frutis, vegetables, and whole grains.

  • Make sure to avoid foods rich in fat, highly processed foods, and sweets.

It is very imporant to visit your doctor or nutritionist. He/she will make a balanced diet that can significantly help you to manage your diabetes.

  • Count Carbs

In most cases, diabetics count their carbs intake on a daily basis. This is very important because the carbs can raise your blood sugar levels. Having a meal plan can help you to count the carbs you intake at each meal.

This can help you to manage your blood sugar levels.

The number of carbs you can intake at each snack and meal depends on various factors, including:

– Weight
– Medications
– Activity
– Goals for blood glucose readings

When it comes to carbs counting, there is one important rule. That is from 15-20 g per snack and from 45-60 g of carbs per meal!

  • Monitoring of Glycemic Index (GI)

Besides the carbs counting, you should bear in mind about your glycemic index. Why? Because the GI can measure the carbs you consume and whether they raise the blood sugar. Certain foods can raise your blood sugar faster in comparison to other foods.

Factors That Contribute to GI in Foods

– Variety
– Fat
– Cooking Method
– Fiber
– Ripeness
– Processing

It is actually simple, foods that have high GI can raise your blood sugar levels rapidly. But do not worry, you can still consume these foods, you just need to balance them with those foods that have low GI.


Today, we will focus on the pineapple. Let me tell you more about this fruit.

The Pros

– This fruit is rich in vitamin C, and low in sodium
– Fresh or frozen pineapple is low in carbs

The Cons

– The pineapple juice is high in sugar
– This fruit has medium glycemic index
– Make sure to consume pineapple in moderation and small portions. To be more specific, 1 cup of fresh pineapple contains 56 GI
– If you prefer to include pineapple in your meals, keep in mind to combine it with foods that have medium or low GI in order to avoid sugar spikes.

Foods to Combine with Pineapple

– Pasta
– Legumes
– Whole wheat bread
– Converted rice
– Barley
– Bulgur
– Steel-cut or rolled oatmeal

Foods with High GI

– White bread
– Saltine crackers
– Instant oatmeal
– Russet potatoes
– Pretzels

In general, the frozen or fresh pineapple has the lowest amount of carbs per one serving. You should know that the dried pineapple and pineapple juice contains more sugar in comparison to the fresh pineapple.

That is why if you are managing your carbs, the serving sizes from dried pineapple and pineapple juice should be small.

You can consume canned pineapple, but be careful because it is made with sugary syrup. This sugary syrup serves to preserve the pineapple.


Pinapple can be consumed even by those people who suffer from diabetes, as long as they consume it in moderation. It is of utmost importance to balance the consumption of pineapple with other foods.

Those who are consuming pineapple for the first time since they got diabetes, should be great attention and notice if there occur some changes in their blood sugar levels.

In a case the pineapple you consume causes low or high blood sugar levels, you should stop consuming it. Make sure to consult your doctor immediately!

5 Incredible Things Can Happen to Your Body When You Start Eating Collagen

This amazing article was written by Nicole Eckert, a holistic nutritionist with a strong belief that it is possible for everyone to discover how good their body is designed to feel.

When I start ranting and raving about bone broth, more often than not, people squinch up their noses and give off some pretty strong ‘I’m grossed out’ vibes.

I’m here to change that – because the healing benefits of animal ‘remains’ are so powerful, just ask Grandma. She’s been on the bone broth game for years.

During the cold winter months, bone broth makes a great base for your healing soups and stews – it is also quite satisfying to enjoy straight from a mug. A superstar in building a strong immune system, and it keeps your spirits high by providing some nutritive comfort during those long Canadian winters (my home and native land).

Once you start on the bone broth game, your love for it should never go away – especially once you start feeling AND seeing the benefits – but sitting down to a steaming bowl of stew or a warm cup of broth, mid-July, isn’t exactly the most suited – or better yet – a likely cravingduring the summer season.

Fortunately for us (yay!), collagen and gelatin powders and are a thing, and they are a way to get in some of those BB benefits for immunity, decreasing inflammation, hormone balancing, gut healing and joint health – plus you’ll be ‘into it’ year-round!

It’s common for some confusion to come up when we get into collagen and gelatin talk. What’s the difference?

Here’s the scoop – collagen and gelatin are essentially the same, they have a mirrored amino acid and protein content profile – what makes them different is how they are to be used and how they are digested.

Gelatin is essentially ‘cooked collagen’. When making bone broth you are extracting the collagen protein – you can see it’s gel-like characteristics when your homemade broth cools. Gelatin powder is really just dried collagen. You can use gelatin powder to make gut-healing gummies, cookies, gelatin-based desserts or jello. You’ve got to have a game plan when using gelatin, as pure gelatin powder will only dissolve in hot water and it will always create that gummy and gel-like consistency. For someone who doesn’t have strong digestion, gelatin is not the best-suited option, as it can be troublesome to digest.

Collagen powders – which go by the name of hydrolyzed collagen or collagen hydrolysate are processed in a different way. The collagen is heated to a higher temperature and is then treated with enzymes – which breaks the bonds between amino acids. Collagen powders may be more easily broken down in the body, when compared to gelatin, and is better for those with weaker or stressed digestion. Collagen powder can also dissolve in both cold and hot water and it does not create a gel-like consistency. Scoring a 10/10 in my books for usability: the fact that you can add it to almost anything without introducing a new taste or texture makes this an easy to use the product with so much positive potential.

I invested in some the Upgraded Collagen Powder from Bulletproof and added it to my daily routine and this is what happened:

Glowing Skin

As we age our collagen levels enter a downfall, which results in us slowly losing the elasticity in our skin – ok, ok, advice from a baby – I was born in 93′ and gravity is still mostly on my side, but what’s important is after just one month of including my 2-4 tbsp of collagen in my routine – my skin is noticeably healthier! Collagen might already be an ingredient in your skin care products, but topical absorption for collagen is poor – when you use collagen internally, this protein works to significantly repair and improve your skin elasticity and appearance. It brings back the youthfulness, and is also beneficial for reducing cellulite and stretch marks!

Hair Game Thick

I’ve always had relativity thick hair, except for when I went raw vegan, which was, unfortunately, a horror story for my body – my was hair thinning at a rapid rate. While my lifestyle is still ‘plant based’, I no longer exclude high-quality, sustainable and pasture-raised animal products – I practice my balance and moderation always listen to my body. I didn’t know the effects of taking collagen were real until my friends, colleagues and hair stylist started making comments – asking what I was doing differently. I wasn’t just ‘seeing things’ – my hair is so much stronger, has a natural shine, less breakage and a fraction of the shedding.

Nails “On Fleek”

I’ve always maintained short nails for a simple reason; when I grow them out they break, split, bend and peel so easily. Not the case anymore. This was probably the first benefit I spotted when adding collagen to my routine – while filing down my nails isn’t my favorite past-time, I’m so grateful for my improved nail health.

Better Digestion

Beauty benefits are grand, but what makes me most excited about collagen isn’t the skin, hair or nail benefits. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Since adding collagen to my routine my digestion has noticeably improved. Collagen works to repair and heal the gut lining, a powerful addition to a Leaky Gut Healing Protocol. Stress is personally my biggest downfall and it plays the largest factor on my digestion, I can eat a steamed green bean and get bloated if I’m stressed out (digestion is not a prioritized function when you’re in fight-or-flight mode). While I definitely take my time to Recharge, since adding collagen to my routine my digestion has been the best it’s ever been. I’ve even noticed a decrease in digestive inflammation which hasn’t resulted so much in weight loss (maybe 5 lbs), but more going down in clothing sizes!

New Gym Partner

When you go on a longer distance run or for a weight lifting sesh, you are putting tremendous strain on the body – which naturally causes inflammation. Good inflammation, but the kind that leaves you with the ‘two days after leg day’ pain. Collagen works to promote a healthy inflammatory response by speeding up the repair of your damaged connective tissues. Adding just 2 tablespoons of collagen powder to my water, Bulletproof Coffee or herbal tea has been my pre-workout go-to and it has noticeably decreased my recovery time on harder training days. Collagen also works to build the cushion in your joints, so it is excellent if you feel stiffness or pain when you move.

I’ll admit it, I often forget to take my probiotics because they’re in the fridge, and my herbal tinctures which don’t all taste the best (sorry guys) – but collagen is something I keep up with because of how easy it is to use. I keep a bag in my workspace and a second in my kitchen. A good quality collagen powder such as the Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen will dissolve like cotton candy in water, whether it be hot or cold. There is no taste and no texture it’s also an easy way to add some more protein (8g in 1 tbsp).