For generations, various tricks and tips have served us to perform daily tasks and facilitate our lives in different ways.

Despite the time elapsed these are still valid, but many people have forgotten or simply have been fading from collective knowledge. Keep reading and re discover these incredible tricks that will be of great help.

Know the number of days of each month

With the closed fist counts the months by the knuckles. Each knuckle and each cleft between them represents a month. If the month falls on knuckle has 31 days, if it falls into a cleft has 30 or less.

Determine the time before sunset

Put your fingers together and stretch your hand so that the sun is on your index finger. Count the number of fingers to the horizon; each finger represents an approximate 15 minutes for the sunset.

Waxing crescent moon?

To know in which phase the moon compares it with the letters D, C, and O. Moon D is increasing, O is full Moon and C is waning.

Nemotechnique to learn Roman numerals

Use the following phrase: LaCa De Mamá. The letters L, C, D, M represent the numbers 50, 100, 150, and 200 respectively.

Check the charge of a battery

Raise the battery to one or two centimeters on a table and let it fall; if it staggers and falls it has no load.

The Nine Table with Hands

Put your hands with your palms towards you. Assign to each finger of the left hand a number, from 1 to 5, starting with the little finger; and from 6 to 10 to each finger of the right hand starting with the thumb. Now, to multiply, for example, 9 × 7, lower the assigned finger with the number 7; the number of fingers remaining to the left of that finger will be tens, and the number of fingers to the right units. In the example, 9 × 7 = 63.

How to know the degrees of an angle?

Extend your fingers as far as you can and place the palm on a flat surface. The pinky should be at the bottom and represents 0; the thumb represents 90 °, the index 60 °, the medium 45 ° and in the annulus 30 °

Notes on the staff

To remember the location of the notes memorize the following sentences. For notes on the lines: MY SUN IS ALWAYS REPEAT FAULUS. For notes in the spaces between the lines: FAbrica LA DOrada MIel.

The order of the planets

It is enough to remember the following phrase and use it as a mnemonic resource: “My Old Aunt Marta Never Knew Nothing to the Bread”; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Do You Know What Will Happen If You Put A Little Grated Potatoes In Your Socks? Read This And Find Out – You Will Be Surprised!

A fever is your body’s way of fighting an infection during a flu or infection. It also recovers and strengthens the immune system, which is especially important in the case of viral infection for which there are no adequate medicines.
Because of this you should not suppress your high fever immediately, because it is a simple and fairly reliable indicator of the overall state of the organism, and it may be even an indication of how the disease is really dangerous.
High temperatures can be dangerous for people with inflammation or damage of the brain and meninges. In this case it can damage your brain cells.
In this case, you can use grated potatoes that you should put in your socks
At first it is necessary to take a big potatoes and grate it. You don`t need to peel it, you only need to wash it.Put the grated potatoes  on the soles of your feet and then you should wear socks over it.It will help you to lower your fever and your condition will be significantly improved.
If you want to quickly lower your fever it is necessary  to get extra fluids to prevent dehydration such as water, and especially  hot tea because it stimulates sweating and prevents dehydration . You also need to take a lot of fruit juice, and freshly squeezed lemon and oranges because they contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.(Fluids without added sugar are best, but use whatever you have on hand because dehydration can occur very quickly.)
This method is very effective for adults, but it is especially efficient for children.

7 Reasons why you should drink carrot juice! – You’ll love number 3

Not everyone wants to drink vegetable drinks and this is a big mistake.If you want to keep your body in good shape and healthy and drinking vegetable juices can give you all the things your body needs especially carrot juice. Here are the benefits of carrot juice :
  1. Useful for the liver

Carrots can improve your liver function and assist the body in the removal of toxins.

  1. Prevents tumors

The juice contains a lot of carotenoids, which can prevent the development of several types of tumors.

  1. Reduces cholesterol

Carrots are rich in fiber which can bind to cholesterol and reduce its levels effectively.

  1. Improves your eyesightCarrots contain vitamin A and beta carotene which are ideal for your eyesight.
    1. Improves the quality of your skin

    Thanks to the high vitamin A content, carrots can protect your skin from damage and prevent it from drying out. According to several studies, carrots are also great for treating numerous skin disorders such as psoriasis.

    1. Boosts your energy levels

    Carrots are rich in many minerals including iron which your body needs to stay active.

    1. Improves the quality of your teeth

    Carrots are rich in several minerals with powerful antibacterial properties that can resolve numerous problems and improve your oral health.

Magical Cream To Lighten Your Dark Body Parts

Learn how to lighten dark knees and elbows, also lighten your dark underarms, this remedy is effective to lighten your dark body parts naturally at home. The ingredients used in this remedy are very effective to lighten your dark body parts very quickly and instantly, also if you have sun tan or sun burn then this remedy will work great this remedy has amazing results. If you are not willing to used any chemical products then use this amazing yet highly effective home remedy to lighten your dark body parts in natural way.

To prepare this cream you will need

  • Half lemon
  • Raw milk
  • Rice flour
  • Plain flour (Maida)

Steps to do:

  1. In a clean bowl take juice of half lemon
  2. Add 2 table spoons of plain flour (also called as maida)
  3. Add 2 table spoons of rice flour
  4. Add enough raw milk to get cream like consistency
  5. Apply this cream on affected area and rub it in circular motion for 20-25 minutes
  6. After this wash your skin with plain water

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The Fruit That Fights Hypertension, Cholesterol And Asthma

The English proverb ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ is the most recognizable expression which claims that apple consumption or fruit in general has very good health benefits. Such recent fruit that can be used every day to fight against abnormally high blood pressure or hypertension and many more health problems people face in modern times is the Atis or sugar-apple.

Atis or also most widely known as sugar apple, custard apple and sweetsop is a relative of the fruit guyabano. The typical color of this spherical fruit is pale green. It has creamy, smooth and sweet flesh with dark seeds. People love eating atis fruit as desert because it has some water and sour-sweet flavor which makes it a delicious refreshment for hot summer days. However, its nutrient and mineral package is what makes it so important for healthy human body.

Besides being packed with proteins there are also many other reasons why people should consume this fruit every day. Here are some of these benefits:

1. Atis fruit is good for people with asthma problems

Eating some sugar-apples can prevent asthma attacks. By consuming sugar-apple you can successfully avoid your asthma attacks and prevent them from happening because this fruit is rich in Vitamin C i.e. the amount of Vitamin C consisted in this fruit meets more than 150% of recommended daily vitamin value. People suffering from asthma fight with inflammation which occurs in their airways. Therefore, by including this fruit in their every day diet they could reduce inflammation because of the effect of the powerful antioxidant i.e. Vitamin C.

2. Atis fruit is good for people with hypertension

This fruit contains the mineral potassium which can control the negative effects of consuming too much sodium. It is much easier to regulate your blood pressure level by regularly eating sugar-apple because the amount of potassium that it contains is equivalent to 18% of recommended daily intake.

3. Atis fruit is good for people with high cholesterol

Sugar-apples are great source of niacin which is B vitamin. This vitamin is very effectively used for reducing the high blood pressure levels in the body, especially the worst one, LDL. That is another good reason for including this fruit in your daily diet.

4. Atis fruit is good for people who need more energy

You can have a snack of sugar-apples if you feel lack of energy , tiredness, sleepiness throughout the whole day. This fruit can convert your sugar intake into energy because it contains another nutrient known as thiamin.

5. Atis fruit is good for people who are at risk of heart attacks and want to maintain healthy heart

No wonder sugar-apple is described as heart-friendly fruit. It contains fiber and vitamin B6 which prevent the levels of amino acid increase because if your blood has high levels of acid , it will unable keeping healthy cardiovascular tract which could eventually lead to coronary disease and stroke.

6. Atis fruit is good for people with thyroid problems

Sugar-apples contain a very important element i.e. copper. Copper is a mineral which can help in the production of thyroxin which is thyroid hormone.

All things considered, it can be concluded that sugar-apples are extremely nutritious . For this reason they are often used as home remedies in many cultures. If you are looking for a natural way to gain health benefits and fight against common diseases such as hypertension, heart problems, muscle aches, asthma etc. then sugar-apple is the best choice for you.



Before the occurrence of diabetes the blood glucose levels in the human body are high even though not to that extent to be considered diabetes. Therefore, this period is called pre-diabetes.

As estimated, around 70% of people diagnosed with pre-diabetes are likely to develop type II diabetes. However, the progression of pre-diabetes and occurrence of diabetes can be avoided.

Although there are certain factors of risk which can not be controlled for example the person’s genes, past behavior or age, there are still many things which can be done to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. Here is a list of some of the things a person could do to reduce the risk of diabetes.

• Reducing the consumption of sugar and refined carbs

Sugars and refined carbonhydrates are the most common risk elements because they increase the blood glucose levels as well as the insulin ones. Therefore, it is very important to avoid them since that leads to reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

Many research studies prove this to be true. For example, such analysis based on 37 studies shows that persons with highest fast-digesting carb consumption have 40% bigger chances of developing diabetes compared to those persons who have lowest intake.

• Regular exercise

Regular physical activity is another way of lowering the risk of diabetes. Exercising increases the sensitivity of the cells to insulin which means that when we do exercise the blood glucose levels are easier to be maintained and the amount of required insulin is less.

A significant discovery regarding pre-diabetes was made by one particular study i.e. persons who do moderate exercise increase the sensitivity to insulin by 51% whereas those who do more exercise increase it by 85%. However, bear in mind that this research was conducted mainly on workout days.

Doing activities which reduce the levels of blood sugar and increase insulin resistance can help people successfully fight against pre-diabetes even overweight. Exercises which are recommended as most effective are strength training, short and intense exercises and aerobic workouts.

The benefits of these frequent workouts refer to improvement of function and insulin response. As shown in another study, if one wants to reach these benefits the best way is by burning over 2000 calories per week through doing exercise.

Most importantly, it is advised to choose activities which the person enjoys doing and is able to do them on regular basis without quitting.

• Water consumption

It is generally known that water is the healthiest and most natural drink. Therefore, making water your primary beverage is a must since all other unhealthy beverages contain sugar more than anything else without mentioning the preservatives they include.

It is believed that beverages like soda and punch have direct connection with the development of type 2 diabetes as well as LADA i.e. latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. One study which supports this, observed the risk of type II diabetes in 2800 persons and therefore, it should be carefully taken into consideration.

Another research focuses on the bad effects of fruit juice and other artificially sweetened beverages which eventually lead to non-prevention of diabetes. The last study which can be mentioned in this context comprises a 24-week observation of overweight adults who as part of their weight-loss regime replaced diet soda with water. As a result, the insulin levels decreased as well as the blood glucose levels enabling bigger insulin resistance.

• Losing weight if obese or overweight

The largest percent of diagnosed type II diabetes persons are those who are overweight. Also, people with pre-diabetes in most cases have too much fat around their abdominal area called visceral fat. This type of fat increases the risk of diabetes considerably by promoting both insulin resistance and inflammation.

A study conducted on 1000 persons has proven that the more weight you lose, the bigger your chances of avoiding diabetes. Of course, you do not need to starve yourself in order to lose weight. There are plenty of healthier methods to choose from like vegetarian and Mediterranean diets.

Another study discovered that people who lost weight and reached satisfactory levels of insulin and blood glucose, faced increase in the same levels after gaining back their weight even though it might have been a small portion of the entire weight.

• Stop smoking

Smoking has always been connected with a large number of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer (usually breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and the like), emphysema etc. Your health and body would immediately feel the benefits of you quitting smoking.

Even second-hand smoking is not excluded and can be a reason for development of type II diabetes. Another study which concentrated on the risk in adult male smokers concluded that five years after quitting their risk was decreased by 13%. But in a period of 20 years, their risk was equivalent to the risk of those who had never smoked before.

• Low- carb diet

Ketogenic diet or low-carb diet has shown very effective results in decreasing the risk of diabetes even to larger extent. There is also a lot of scientific evidence supporting this type of diet and its effects. A 12-week study proved that people had increase in insulin sensitivity and decrease in insulin and blood glucose levels.

Ketogenic diets have also shown to be very beneficial in reducing the fasting blood sugar. Therefore, it is commonly acknowledged that by limiting the carbonhydrate intake the blood sugar levels will not rise.

• Size matters

Besides limiting your carb intake you should also limit your portion size. Eating large portions at once leads to significantly higher insulin and blood sugar levels as opposed to smaller portions. This is especially important for overweight people since cutting the size of the portion is a certain precondition for reduced diabetes risk.

A 2-year study on men with pre-diabetes shows that those who combined healthy nutrition with small portions faced 46% decrease in diabetes risk. Another study proved the same for people who controlled their portion sizes thus lowering their insulin and blood sugar levels in a period of 12 weeks and eventually their chances of getting diabetes.

• Minimal sedentary lifestyle

Doing little or no physical activity is being described as sedentary lifestyle. Plenty of studies confirmed the link between this lifestyle and the bigger risk of developing diabetes. 47 studies claim that people who spend most of their days passively i.e. sitting down have had increase of 91% of diabetes risk. Extreme changes are not needed but short walks or moving around is enough.

This is especially recommended to people who do desk jobs – a couple of minutes every hour would be enough to do your health some good. Even though we are all aware that it is difficult to make lifestyle changes since we all know that old habits die hard, you should aim to improvements and set achievable and realistic objectives.

For example, instead of using the elevator you can use the stairs to get to your office or stand up while talking on the phone. Even though this seems as a good start for getting rid of your sitting habit, the researchers in one study noticed that after the study ended, the participants got back to their old habits and did not decrease their sitting time.

• High-fiber diet

Studies have also shown that fiber is essential for proper weight management and healthy gut by keeping the insulin and blood glucose levels low. Fiber can be soluble and insoluble. The soluble kind absorbs water whereas the insoluble doesn’t.

When in the digestive tract and mixed with water the soluble fiber forms a kind of gel which slows the food absorption rate. On the other hand, insoluble fiber has no connection with lower blood sugars and decreased risk of diabetes.

• Vitamin D

When controlling the blood sugar it is important to take into consideration the effect of Vitamin D. A lot of studies proved that people who are deficient in Vitamin D have much higher risk of getting diabetes. The recommended Vitamin D level is at least 30ng/ml.

The chances for getting diabetes decrease by 43% for those who have high levels of Vitamin D in their blood. A Finish study revealed astonishing results in observing children who were given Vitamin D supplements.

There are also other controlled studies which have successfully proven that people who are deficient in this vitamin and as a result take supplements show normalization of their insulin and blood glucose levels.

Good and in the same time natural ways in which you can avoid supplements but still get Vitamin D are eating food rich with this vitamin like fatty fish or cod liver oil and of course exposure to sun.

If these natural resources are not enough then you will need to go back to supplements in order to maintain the adequate amounts of Vitamin D in your body.

• Less processed food intake

This should be taken as advise by everyone not just people facing the above mentioned health problems. Processed food is never good for your body and thus your health. Its consumption may lead to problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

This food should be totally avoided and if you find avoiding it hard then the best way is to try and at least limit its intake. The bad effects of eating packaged food which is full with additives, refined grains or vegetable oil has been a matter of interest in numerous studies and therefore, instead, people should include other healthy alternatives such as plant-based foods, nuts, fruits and vegetables in order to get nothing but positive effects for their body. Another study shows that the risk of diabetes is increased by 30% if consuming poor quality or high-processed foods.

• Tea or coffee

Adding tea or coffee to your daily consumption of water can lower the potential of diabetes development. If you consume coffee on a regular daily basis the risk will be reduced by 8-54%. This is probably a result of the polyphenol content of both tea and coffee.

They are very strong antioxidants and can protect your body against diabetes. In particular, green tea has a special antioxidant ingredient called epigallocatechin gallate whose features are praised for increasing insulin sensitivity and for reduction of liver blood glucose release.

• Natural herbs

The following are some of the many herbs which have incredibly positive results in the reduction of diabetes risk:

– Curcumin: even though primarily used in India this herb has gained its popularity in the western world as well. It is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics which have very big effects against many diseases not just pre-diabetes.

– Berberine: it has been used in Chinese medicine for many years. It does not only have anti-inflammation properties but it also lowers the cholesterol and any other signs of heart disease. It is especially effective in aiding people with type II diabetes.

Many studies speak in favor of berberine especially in lowering the blood glucose levels. There have been some studies about its effects regarding pre-diabetes but more research needs to be done in this aspect. People need to be very cautious when taking berberine i.e. it is not wise to take berberine in combination with other diabetes medications unless the doctor agrees.

• Good fats

The type of fats you consume is also very important when it comes to developing diabetes. What you should avoid is trans fats which can be found in fast food, fried food and packaged baked products, and instead consume polyunsaturated fats which can be found in seeds, nuts , liquid vegetable oil and fish.

However, it has been suggested that the polyunsaturated fats in fish can protect you from heart disease but not from diabetes. This does not mean that you should exclude fish because there is a big percentage of diabetics who have cardiovascular issues.

• Moderate alcohol consumption

High alcohol amounts increase the risk of developing diabetes but we do not suggest cutting alcohol consumption completely or for those who do not drink we do not suggest that they should start drinking now.

Moderate consumption is helpful when it comes to protecting yourself from disease i.e. one drink a day or if you are non-drinker then other ways can help you reach the same result.

In conclusion, we can say that there are many scientifically-proven ways to prevent or manage diabetes. Pre-diabetes should not be pessimistically viewed instead, it should be a motivator for making positive lifestyle changes and in that way be able to stand up against diabetes.


Tea tree oil is one of the best natural cures a person would have. Also known as Melaleuca oil, the tea tree oil is collected from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves.

The secret behind its power and quality if often due to the fact that this oil consists of over 92 different components.

Tea tree oil is mostly grown on the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia and to Southeast Queensland.

When it first got discovered, by researcher Arthur Penfold in the 1920s, it was immediately subjected for analysis. Those found that this oil possesses extraordinary health benefits that escalated its popularity immediately. Today, there are a total of eight different tea tree species, all used in the medical and cosmetic industry.

One of the biggest pluses from using Melaleuca oil in the everyday life is its ability to filter and purify the organism from toxins.

Back in the day, ancient folks used the leaves to perform inhalation that served the purpose of cleansing. Also, the leaves were used as a wound treatment and could help with sunburns and irritation due to their cooling qualities.

Tea tree oil takes good care of the skin, leaving it refreshed, hydrated and young. If taken orally, it boosts the immunity and gives extra energy boost.

Qualities of Melaleuca alternifolia

Here are all melaleuca properties you need to know:

Immune stimulant
Tissue regenerative

To Use It Topically:

You can apply oil to toenails and fingernails after showering to keep them healthy.
Also, you can use a couple of drops and mix them with your regular face cleansing tonic to improve the complexion structure
To treat irritated skin, you can add a couple of drops of the oil mixed with another base oil such as jojoba oil, almond oil, or coconut oil
Getting rid of germs and bacteria can be achieved by mixing 30 drops of tea tree oil with 10 drops of lavender oil, clove oil, and 8 oz. of aloe Vera gel.
Clean your house and yard by mixing a couple of drops of this oil with water. Spray it around the house and clean with dry towel after.
The oil can also keep your dental hygiene in check. Just pour a few drops of the tea tree oil onto your toothbrush and clean it well.
To Use It Aromatically:

Cleanse the air you breathe by adding a few drops to a diffuser
Rub a few drops on your palms and breathe in the oil to enable expansion of the airways.
To Use It Internally:

Mix one drop of tea tree oil with 4 oz. water
To strengthen the immune system, combine one drop of the oil with water, warm tea, citrus beverage, or vegetable juice. You can also add coconut or olive oil to the mix.
More uses of tea tree oil:

Cold sores
Bacterial infections
Fungal infections
Congestion and respiratory tract infections
Vaginal infections
Insect bites and stings
Reminder: Store tea tree oil far from children’s reach and avoid eyes and ears contact. Pregnant women, breastfeeding moms or severely ill people should consult a doctor before using this treatment.

Cannabis oil helps autistic boy finally speak after only 2 days of use

CBD oil (Cannabidiol) has long been proven to combat negative effects of numerous diseases and health problems. Of course, due to the fact that it isn’t being peddled by the drug-pushing pharmaceutical companies, this information has been kept out of the hands of the average American citizen. Instead, they are still being led to believe that anything related to cannabis and marijuana is evil and should never be consumed.

Unfortunately for them, the facts don’t support their ridiculous claims. In fact, they completely disregard them.

Consider Kalel Santiago — a three-year-old boy in Puerto Rico suffering from severe autism. After years of not speaking, Kalel was given CBD oil, and after just two days of use, began talking to his parents. The Free Thought Project reports, “Kalel’s parents knew very little about autism at the time, and sought out a way to ensure that their child would be helped. They found measurable success from various schools and therapeutic techniques, including one that used surfing as a means of therapy. After trying various methods, the Santiago family was made aware of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a non-psychoactive treatment for autism.”

Once again, the powers that be have made it difficult for families and children in need to gain access to cannabis products for reasons that are entirely greedy and disgusting. They know that parents will do everything they possibly can in order to ensure the safety of their children, so they push chemical pharmaceutical drugs onto them as the only option — intentionally failing to mention that cannabis is a much healthier, much more reliable alternative.

The American people need to band together to demand that the federal government — and the big corporations that own the federal government — finally start telling the truth about cannabis. We have gathered the actual data ourselves and know that not only does cannabis not threaten people’s lives, it actually improves them in numerous ways. Sadly, those pulling the strings refuse to acknowledge that we have caught onto their game. Many people are taking CBDs, although there is rampant fraud in the industry. The best way to verify the CBDs are real, is to make sure they were lab validated. CWC Labs is quickly becoming the standard lab for the hemp industry.

People like Kalel Santiago benefit tremendously from CBD oil, without causing any harm, so how can the federal government in the United States justify keeping it from people like him? This is precisely why so many of us have begun rejecting the power of the government. We now know — without question — that they don’t have our best interests in mind, so why should we continue to protect their reputation by allowing them to get away with lying to us?

Pineapple Juice Found To Be 500% More Effective Than Cough Syrup

With winter on our doorstep, many of us end up with a nasty cold or cough. While most people run to the store for over-the-counter meds packed with artificial dyes and chemicals, I prefer to go all-natural and avoid the harmful side effects of commercially available cough syrups.

You would be surprised of how many natural remedies are in your pantry right now. Pineapple juice is one of these wonderful healing ingredients to soothe a persistent cough or sore throat.

In 2010 Indian researchers tested the effectiveness of natural substances such as pineapple juice to treat tuberculosis (find the study here). They found that a mixture of pineapple juice with raw honey, pepper and salt work extremely well to dissolve mucus and soothe a persistent cough. Patients recovered up to 5 times quicker with this all natural pineapple remedy compared to OTC cough syrup.

Benefits Of Pineapple Juice

Pineapple thanks its many health benefits to a powerful enzyme called bromelain which acts as an antioxidant to reduce inflammation and swelling of the sinuses. It eliminates bacteria and fights infections.

Only 1 cup of pure pineapple juice contains 50% of your daily recommendation of vitamin C, another powerful antioxidant to strengthen your immune system and soothe a sore throat or cough.

Next to bromalain and vitamin C, pineapple is also a good source of vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, manganese and potassium, which are all essential nutrients to keep your body healthy.

Powerful All-natural Cough Suppressant Recipe

If you have a juicer it is best to make your own juice, or opt for unprocessed natural pineapple juice instead. Most commercially available brands contain too much sugar and added flavors and are low in the actual real fruit.

• 1 cup pineapple juice
• ¼ cup fresh lemon juice
• 1 piece of ginger (about 3 inches)
• 1 tablespoon raw honey
• Pinch of salt
• ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
Blend or juice all ingredients. Take ¼ cup of this remedy up to 3 times a day and your cough or sore throat will be gone in no time.

Note: to improve digestion and effectiveness add a pinch of turmeric as well.

Know the Health Benefits of Bok Choy “Pechay” and How It Can Save Your Health!

If your doctor advises you to eat more leafy greens, then choose Chinese Cabbage. Also known as Bok Choy, this wonder veggie is packed with numerous nutrients that’ll take you to a better position, health-wise.

Let’s take a look at what this plant can offer:

Vitamin C

Even though it is commonly found in citrus fruits, vitamin C is also abundant in Bok Choy. As we all know, vitamin C is the shield against common diseases.


Antioxidants are essential in fighting foreign harm in our body, which ultimately prevents the likes of cancer. Bok Choy is rich in it. It can also promote a better heart.


Chinese cabbage is a great source of this nutrient but in order to maximize its health potential, consume it in right amounts, or as what the doctor suggested. This nutrient is good for the relief of heart and kidney disorders, anxiety and stress, and provides enhanced muscle strength and so much more.

Folic Acid

Folic acid plays an important role to women since it helps the baby’s neural tube develop into her brain and spinal cord.


Bok Choy has a low carbohydrate level which is good if you are on a diet. This veggie will make you feel full but minus the guilt.


Chinese cabbage doesn’t have high concentrations of fats and sugars that send the calorie count to high levels.