How To Make Your Brain Stop Worrying, According to Science

Did you know that we have ‘two’ brains?

Well, structurally we may have one; but cognitively we have two. You see, there’s the “thinking” brain and the “non-thinking” brain.

Our brains are wired to worry first and think second.

New York University (NYU) brain scientist, Joseph LeDoux, sums it’s up nicely: “connections from the emotional systems to the cognitive (thinking) systems are stronger than connections from the cognitive systems to the emotional systems.”

The system that Dr. LeDoux is talking about is the limbic system, which is a set of structures deep within the breath that evokes the emotional response. The limbic system, which includes the hippocampus and amygdala, is the oldest within the brain.

The thinking part of our brain, the prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the newest. This helps explain why, though we’re intelligent creatures, we sometimes make dumb decisions.

Maybe we’ll buy something on “sale” out of fear the sale will expire, or we’ll reach for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s though we need to “weigh in” the morning after.

The worrying brain will overrule the thinking brain every time if we don’t know to override it.

And make no mistake, it is essential to know how to overrule the worrying brain.

Because of the fast-paced, 24/7, “always on” society designed for us, we’re overwhelmed by stimulation. Stimulation, regardless if it’s positive or negative, activates the brain’s fight-or-flight (FoF) response.

Overstimulation plus overwhelm equals bad decisions. Remember this formula: (Os + Ow = Bd).

Overriding the limbic system

If you could see inside of your brain when your eyes meet some object of your delight (shoes, clothes, a handsome man, a beautiful woman), you’d see a massive amount of electrical activity firing from the limbic system to your cortex.

Your emotional brain is telling your thinking brain what to do.

Now, there’s some good (great!) news and some bad news. The good news is that you can override your limbic system’s tendency to let emotions control your life.

The bad news is that it takes time and effort.

But if you’re willing to invest that time and effort, you’ll reap some incredible rewards.

As an incentive, please take out a piece of paper and pen (I’ll do the same, I promise!)

Now, write down three benefits you can think of if emotions didn’t control your life. Take 2-3 minutes. Please don’t move onuntil you’ve written down these three benefits – it’s essential to the rest of this article.

(Left blank intentionally…you’re done, right?)

Okay then!

To show you this writer is true to his word, here are three items:

1. Be less stressed

2. Save more money

3. Be more productive

Keep this list somewhere you can see it! It’ll serve as a great motivator when things get tough.


To be clear, our goal is to reverse the brain’s default pathway from the limbic system to the cortex. That is, to get your brain’s cortex telling the limbic system what to do!

We’re going to discuss five steps which, if studied and regularly practiced, will help you control the worrying brain. It helps to keep a journal, as these steps will require delving into your thoughts.

Writing your thoughts on paper will do two things: (1) help you remember the five steps, and (2) provide context to fleeting thoughts.

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. and Professor Emerita of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, gives us a “five-step playbook” for successfully overriding the limbic system:


We often have illogical beliefs that lead us to see threat where no threat actually exists. Most of these beliefs involve our need to live up to life’s “must’s.” Find a more realistic balance between your ideal and your actual self, and your worries will retreat.


In cognitive-behavioral therapy, clients learn to counter their illogical thoughts with more clear-headed evaluation. Much of this process involves substituting the negative ways people think with more neutral or positive thoughts. 


We are easily swayed by emotional arguments. Trial lawyers make a successful business out of appealing to emotions of jurors, hoping they will let their sympathy for the victim outweigh their judgments about legal liability.

No human will ever be completely dispassionate in such situations, but the more you can separate logic from emotion, the more likely it is that you’ll make fair and reasoned choices.


Our emotions react quickly and forcefully to certain experiences, and try as we might, we can’t rein in those feelings. This is why sponsors are so crucial to programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

That other person can serve as your “cortex” when your own is heavily under the influence of an addiction that is ruling your limbic system.


According to the notion of self-efficacy, people can gain control over their problematic behaviors when they see themselves as able to exert that control. As you gain strength from good decisions, from conquering your worries, or controlling your impulses, you gradually find that those impulses and fears dominate you less and less.

10+ Foods That You Should Eat Daily For Clean Arteries

Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, and it is the condition of progressive clogging of the arteries.

The arteries are in fact blood vessels whose role is to transport oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Normally, they are elastic, flexible, and strong.

Cardiovascular disease, which includes strokes, heart attacks, and peripheral vascular disease, is the major cause of death in the U.S. and accounts for about 600,000 deaths annually. This is mostly a result of the fact that it kills silently, as it does not show any symptoms until the state is severe.

When it comes to clogged arteries, the symptoms depend on their type:

  • Coronary arteries: CHD, or coronary heart disease, is the state of clogged heart arteries, and the heart muscle cannot get enough blood. The main symptoms include angina, or pain felt in the chest, and pressure in the shoulders, back, neck, arms, and jaw, as well as shortness of breath and heartbeat issues.
  • Carotid arteries: Carotid artery disease is the condition of clogged arteries in the brain. These arteries are narrowed or blocked due to plaque, and the symptoms include severe headaches, blurry vision, loss of balance, dizziness, speech issues, breathing problems, confusion, sudden weakness, loss of consciousness, paralysis, trouble walking, and unexplained falls.
  • Renal arteries: Chronic kidney disease is a result of clogged arteries in the kidneys, and even though there are no symptoms at first, as the condition aggravates, one experiences nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, kidney failure, concentration problems, numbness or itchiness, and swelling in the feet or hands.
  • Peripheral arteries: Peripheral arterial disease is caused by the clogged arteries in the pelvis, legs, and arms. The common symptoms include pain, numbness, and infections.

Atherosclerosis is the hardening, thickening, and narrowing of the arteries. The arteries are lined with a thin layer of endothelial cells, which maintains their inside smooth and toned and supports blood flow.

Yet, these cells are damaged due to free radicals, platelet cells, high homocysteine levels,  and antioxidant deficiency.

When certain substances, like fat, cellular waste, toxic metals, cholesterol, and calcium, cannot migrate out of the atherosclerotic lesion, they cause accumulation of plaque, as well as fibrin, a material involved in blood clotting.

Atherosclerosis is a complex condition whose exact cause is still unknown, and the contributing factors to the damage of the inner layers of arteries include high blood pressure, insulin resistance, smoking, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes, as well as obesity, heavy metal exposure, chronic inflammation due to lupus, arthritis, diseases, or infections, high triglycerides, lack of exercise, or a type-A personality.

Atherosclerosis can also be a result of nutrient deficiencies or imbalances, oxidative stress through depletion of vitamin C or other antioxidants, and dietary factors such as a diet high in processed starches, sugar, and damaged fats.

Yet, in order to reverse it and unclog the arteries, and stop the progression of the accumulation of plaque, you should start consuming these 10 natural foods:


Garlic is extremely beneficial for unclogging arteries, lowering blood pressure, and preventing heart disease and atherosclerosis. The journal Atherosclerosis published a study in 1999, which showed that it effectively prevents plaque buildup in the arteries.

It was also proven to be able to prevent and treat atherosclerosis, and lower the risk of a heart attack and stroke by over 50%, due to its powerful blood-thinning properties.

Sesame seed

Sesame seeds are another effective way to naturally unclog a blocked artery and prevent the progression of atherosclerosis.

In 2006, a three-month animal study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food demonstrated that sesame oil was high in fatty acids that effectively inhibited atherosclerosis lesion formation, and lowered, triglycerides, blood cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels in mice.


It has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects, and the high amounts of heart-protective compounds such as shogaols and gingerols, prevent plaque buildup, lower cholesterol, and unclog arteries.

In 2000, the Journal of Nutrition published a study which found that ginger extract lowers aortic atherosclerotic lesion areas, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, LDL-linked fat peroxides, and LDL aggregation.


The turmeric extract lowers LDL cholesterol and prevents plaque accumulation in the arteries. This powerful spice has been commonly used in the Indian and Ayurvedic cuisine.  Its active ingredient, curcumin, has potent cardioprotective effects.

The findings of a 2011 study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research showed that curcumin lowers cholesterol and suppress early atherosclerotic lesions more effectively than the cholesterol-lowering drug lovastatin.

Pomegranate juice

This juice is rich in antioxidants and punicic acid which unclog arteries, reduce the formation of plaque, and treat atherosclerosis. Pomegranate juice is also loaded with nutrients that support heart health, like selenium and magnesium.

One randomized, double-blind, parallel study published in the American Journal of Cardiology in 2009, showed that the daily consumption of 240 milliliters (ml) of pomegranate juice for up to 18 months slowed the progression of carotid artery disease in patients at a higher risk of coronary health disease.


Cinnamon effectively reduces many risk factors linked to atherosclerosis and heart disease.

According to a 2003 study published in the journal Diabetes Care, the daily intake of either one gram, three grams, or six grams of cinnamon reduces LDL cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, and total cholesterol in type 2 diabetics.


Lemons reduce cholesterol levels and prevent oxidative damage. Moreover, the high vitamin C content soothes inflammation, strengthens arteries, increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and inhibits platelet aggregation.

Fermented cabbage

Researchers have shown that kimchi, which is a popular probiotic Korean recipe that contains fermented cabbage and hot peppers, slows down the atherosclerotic process.

Namely, studies have found that it has an active compound known as 3-94-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenyl, which prevents the development of aortic atherosclerosis in high-cholesterol-fed rabbits.

Fermented cabbage also degrades toxic chemicals, including bisphenol A and the insecticide chlorpyrifos.

Ground flaxseed

Ground flaxseed is rich in fiber and it unclogs arteries. Moreover, it is loaded in alpha-linolenic acid, which is an omega-3 acid that reduces blood pressure and inflammation and blood pressure.

Studies have also shown that the moderate flaxseed supplementation is a successful way to reduce hypercholesterolemic atherosclerosis.

Cayenne pepper

Its compound, capsaicin, lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood, boosts blood circulation, and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Researchers discovered that capsaicin prevents pulmonary and vascular complications linked to HAART drugs.

Other Natural Remedies for Clogged Arteries

To unclog the arteries, you can also consume coconut oil, chia seeds, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, and fenugreek seeds. D

ietary supplements and nutrients that are helpful in the treatment of atherosclerosis include methyl donators like folic acid, vitamin B6, choline, and vitamin B12, as well as antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, pine bark extract, lutein, zeaxanthin, and grape seed extract.

Vitamin D, L-arginine, vitamin B3, fish oils, and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) are also important nutrients, and other helpful supplements include selenium, copper, magnesium, resveratrol, chromium, and trimethylglycine.

Last, but not the least, do not forget to exercise regularly for at least half an hour daily, 5 times a week, in order to unclog your arteries. Try aerobic exercises, running, walking, yoga, tai chi, and meditation.

What Reveal Chapped Lips?

Most often chapped lips occur due to wind, cold air, but also because of inadequate water intake and the ugly habit of licking his lips. But it can also be a signal of some other disorders in the body.

Chapped lips can be a lot to discover on the health status, particularly if they are regularly caring for, a problem does not go. But it can also be a signal of some other disorders in the body.
Lack of necessary vitamins
Lack of vitamin B2 and B3 can cause dryness and cracking of the lips. Adequate intake of vitamin is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin B2 is responsible for proper operation of metabolism, regulation of the level of amino acids in the blood and the operation of all cells in the body. Lack of vitamin B3 can cause dermatitis, diarrhea and mental problems. Vitamin notes on the lips, tongue and even in the area of ​​the gums. If your lips are often dry and crumbling, be sure to consider taking supplements of vitamin B3.

Low water intake
Lack of water intake causes dehydration. One of the first symptoms of lack of water in the body is dry and cracking lips. Previous studies have shown that lack of water increases the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and plaque accumulation. The recommended daily amount of water is eight glasses, or more if you exercise regularly and increased sweating.

If you experience dryness and cracking of the lips after applying lipstick, gloss or balm, it is possible that you are allergic to any of the substances in the product composition. Allergies to these substances cause itching in the area of ​​the lips, skin and cracking. Some foods also can produce cracking of the lips. When you find what you’re all allergic, avoid these products and consult with a doctor about taking appropriate therapies with which to alleviate allergic reactions.

The reaction to some medication
Medications can cause a host of unwanted side effects, and one of them is the cracking of the lips. Medicines for hypothyroidism and regulation of blood pressure often causes cracking of the lips.

Excessive intake of vitamin A
Too much vitamin never good. Too much vitamin A can cause dry mouth, cracking, peeling and bleeding.

Chronic inflammation
If there is chronic inflammation or silent inflammation in the body will manifest itself in changes to the corners of the lips, cracking and increased salivation. People with sensitive skin are more prone to the occurrence of inflammation in the area of ​​the lips.

Why You Should Eat Grape Seed?

Surely you already know that grapes are the elixir of youth, fruit that strengthens the body and fills the soul. But did you know that its seeds are a real treasure trove of antioxidants, highly effective in preserving health?

The extract of the seeds was 20 times more potent antioxidant than vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than the vitamin E. Studies have shown that contains a concentrated drug compounds of this fruit, which achieve much better protective effect on cells than the combined intake of vitamin E and C.

The extract in tablet form or capsules sold as a dietary supplement dietary supplement. Entries by dividing the contents of the capsule poured into a glass of 2 dl water, and mixed drinks. The daily dose is 1 to 2 capsules, and must not be exceeded! Although cons indiction were observed even after prolonged use, it is not recommended for people sensitive to any ingredient of the extract, for young children, pregnant and lactating women.

Grape seed extract dilates blood vessels, strengthens capillaries, prevents heart attacks, reduces the risk of varicose veins and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, and the deposition of fat in the walls of blood vessels. Reduces the risk of damage to the eye tissue, as well as the possibility of macular degeneration and cataracts in old age. It also has a laxative effect, so it is recommended for prolonged constipation or prison.

The extract significantly help people under stress and heavy physical strain at work or sports activities. This elixir of Health recommended to children under physical strain or if you are recovering from an illness. Studies have shown that the ingredients proanthocyanidins protecting healthy cells from damage that can be caused by individual drugs, tobacco or chemotherapy.Other ingredients grapeseed suppress the activity of enzymes that destroy the collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other tissue structures. In fact, their means of slowing down the process of aging and degradation of the tissue. This is illustrated by the example of German research which included patients with chronic venous insufficiency, or disorders of the venous circulatory system, disease of today typical of many companies that developed sitting and standing, a small range. After six weeks of taking the extract as a treatment, it was found that the reduced leg swelling and pain patients, as well as their subjective feeling of “heavy legs”.

Although highly effective, the extract is not recommended for diabetics, and neither grapes due to the high concentration of sugar.

Has a high value and oil seeds. A beneficial effect on blood vessels, which is why it is considered medicinal. Reduces the possibility of agglutination of platelets, prevents high blood pressure, increases good cholesterol and lowers bad. Contains remarkable amounts of vitamin E and omega-6 acids. Since it has a perfect taste and smell, nutritionists recommend it for salads, sauces and stews.

In addition to cooking oil, grape seed is recommended for massaging. It has been proven to slow down skin aging, it has regenerative properties, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks


You surely have heard of or even tried the amazing health benefits of the turmeric golden milk, but today, we intend to present another miraculous homemade antibiotic with turmeric- the turmeric golden honey.

According to Ayurveda scriptures, it is the strongest antibiotic, and it is a mixture of turmeric, raw honey, and black pepper.
This potent antibiotic fights bacterial and viral infections, strengthens the immune system and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that soothe seasonal allergies. It improves digestion, supports the beneficial gut flora, and has no side-effects.

FASEB Journal published a research in July 2010, which explains the way in which honey destroys bacteria.

Namely, researchers have found that bees produce a certain protein known as defensin-1, which is included in honey. This protein might be added to drugs in the future, to help the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections.

On the other hand, numerous animal and test-tube experiments have confirmed the potent antimicrobial capacity of turmeric to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Read on to find out the recipe for this natural health bomb!

Golden Honey Mixture


1 tablespoon turmeric powder
100 grams (3.5 oz) raw honey
A pinch of black pepper
Black pepper improves the absorption of turmeric and its bioavailability. For additional health benefits of the recipe, you can also add:

2 tablespoon unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon lemon zest

Add the turmeric and black pepper to the honey, and mix well. Add the additional ingredients if you decide to use them. Then, transfer the mixture in a glass, air-tight container and keep it there up to 2 weeks. If you notice a metallic taste of the recipe, it is no longer good to consume.


The dose of the remedy depends on the health issue you are using it for.

In the case of a common cold and flu, you should take:

1st day: half a teaspoon every hour
2nd day: half a teaspoon every 2 hours
3rd day: half a teaspoon 3 times daily
You should take a tablespoon of it daily in the case of seasonal allergies, or if you just want to boost the immune system.

Take half a teaspoon of the remedy three times daily to treat respiratory conditions, like lung problems, asthma, and bronchitis.

You should keep the dose of the mixture in the mouth until it is entirely dissolved. You can also add it to your smoothies, or as a toast topping for breakfast.

Moreover, you can use it to prepare a cup of tea or warm tonic. Just add a tablespoon of this healthy mixture to a cup of hot water, and drink it during the day.

The Indo-Tibetan medicine suggests using turmeric according to the health issue, as follows:

Before meals, if you suffer from throat or lungs issues.
With meals to help digestion.
After meals in the case of kidney or colon issues.

Turmeric offers numerous positive effects, but it is not recommended in the case of gallbladder problems, as it leads to contraction of the gallbladder muscles.

You should also avoid it if you have problems with blood sugar or you already have low blood pressure, as it lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Make At Home Healing Oil Against Rheumatism And Bone Healing

Joint pain can be very unpleasant and painful, so we suggest you try a natural remedy for rheumatism, which increases blood circulation and relieves symptoms of the disease.

The oil helps with rheumatic pains is made from red chili peppers and is very effective in the treatment of radiculitis, myositis, neuralgia, rheumatism and joint pains.

The oil of hot peppers expanding capillaries, increases blood circulation in the superficial parts of the skin, boosts metabolism and affects the activation of regenerative processes in the skin.

Ingredients for the preparation of oil:
– 10 fresh red hot peppers
– 2 cups of olive oil
– a jar of a liter

Wash the peppers Cut the stems and mince the peppers in a blender. You’ll get about one cup of finely chopped mixture. Pour the mixture into a clean glass jar and drizzle with oil. Let stand in a dark place. After 7 days, strain through cheesecloth contents of the jar.

Minced peppers can remain in the refrigerator and used as a spice, and the oil rub into the skin.


When you start with the application of this treatment, gently rub the oil into your skin several times a day, when you have joint pain or other parts of the body.

After rubbing, wear warm socks or tights, if you have foot pain. Aggregating and other parts of the body depending on the place that hurts you: hands, neck, back. After applying oil, you will feel the heat and burning sensation on the skin, but it is bearable, even pleasant, and does not cause burns.

Over time you can reduce the incidence of oil. After one or two months, the method can be administered once a week, for example, if sometimes feel pain in the joints due to changes in weather conditions.
Keep the oil in a dark place.

Vitamin C And Zinc: The Best Combination For Strengthening The Immune System

The immune system is the defense mechanism of the body to fight disease and infection. Immunity protects the body from external impact of bacteria, viruses, allergens and other microorganisms. Nutritional deficiencies, and lack of exercise and too much stress can weaken the immune system, increasing the risk of disease. Vitamin C and zinc have an excellent combination for the strengthening of the immune system, and protection from the harmful free radicals.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in your daily diet. It is required for cell growth, the proper functioning of the circulatory system, wound healing, collagen formation and maintenance of overall health.

Vitamin C not only strengthens the body’s immune system, but it is necessary for skin elasticity and healthy teeth and bones. It is also involved in the production of the hormone of happiness, which takes care of the good mood. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and prevents damage caused by free radicals in our body. Free radicals are considered the main cause of aging.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C varies according to age and gender. The recommended dose for adult women is 75 mg per day, while men need something more; about 90 mg per day.

Most people think that the citrus main source of vitamin C, but there are other fruits and vegetables that also contains a large amount of this vitamin.

Zinc is one of those minerals that are very important for the body and health. It is important for strengthening the immune system, the degradation of the enzyme, regulating cell growth, reduction in the production of histamine and defense against free radicals. Zinc is effective in the prevention of allergies, relieves depression, stimulates growth and accelerate wound healing.

One of the most important functions of zinc strengthening the immune system. It is known as the “window of immunity” because it has antibacterial and antiviral effect. Taking zinc tablets or zinc-rich foods can alleviate cold symptoms and shorten its duration.

Lack of zinc in the body can cause stomach problems, impotence, hair loss, weak immune system, lifeless hair, dry skin and other disadvantages. Since the human body can not produce zinc, it must be taken regularly through diet or supplements. Zinc can be found in many foods, and some contain it in large quantities.

When You Are In This Condition Then You Should Not Use Garlic, Find Out What It Is …

Garlic or garlic is very healthy, but it is not recommended in all conditions. Sometimes it can hurt you.

Here’s when you need to avoid:
-It weighs on your stomach because otherwise if you have problems with the stomach or the digestive system in general, do not consume it.
-Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
-If you have problems with low pressure certain drugs and drink, do not eat, it can further decrease.
-If you have liver problems, avoid it because it can slow the breakdown of certain drugs and substances.
There are anticoagulants, which means that it prevents the formation of clots, which is good to treat the problem and prevent stroke. But if you drink certain medications for blood clotting or have trouble because you do a lot of blood clots, do not use garlic.

Super Foods That Regulates Cholesterol

Not only are they delicious, pistachios are very healthy.

They improve cardiovascular health and metabolism, reduce cholesterol and slow the aging process.

Here’s why you should eat pistachios every day:
Pistachios contain powerful antioxidant lutein. It prevents fat accumulation and inflammation, and consumption of pistachios a period of a few days reduced cholesterol by 20%.

They are rich in fiber, which improves digestive function of the body. Only 10 gr pistachios will provide you with a daily dose of fiber.

One cup of pistachio contains 60% of the recommended daily amount of phosphorus. It stimulates glucose tolerance and is important for the interpretation of the proteins into amino acids.

If consumed every day can boost sexual power of men and up to 51% thanks to the essential fatty acids that stimulate sex hormones and increase blood flow to the genitals.

If you are afraid of aging, you need to enter at least 5-10 pistachios every day. They are a natural botox mails contain numerous antioxidants.

To avoid overeating, buy pistachios in the shell and each open Count the pistachio.

Garlic Can Remove 14 Cancer Types and 13 Infections

 Garlic has been used as a remedy since forever.
It can aid in the treatment of numerous ailments, and we give you some of them:
  • Klebsiella infections
  • MRSA
  • Vibrio
  • Yeast and candida
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis, clostridium
  • Viral issues like vaccina virus, human rhinovirus 2, vesicular stomatitis, parainfluenza 3, herpes simplex 1 and 2
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Mycotoxy aflatoxicosis
  • Fungi in mouth or thrush
  • HIV 1
  • B streptococcus
  • Psudomonas aerigonosima
  • Cytomegalovirus

There is a lot more to add, but everyone is amazed with the anticancer power of garlic.

Hippocrates used it to treat his patients, and

Crush 6 garlic cloves, and let them rest for 15 minutes. This step is of essential importance. Garlic is rich in allinase, an enzyme that gives garlic its anticancer effect. But, crushing the clove is the only way to get it.

Eat your garlic raw and roasted. It makes for an excellent addition to dishes and sandwiches.

MEDLINE offers over 4,000 studies based on the power of garlic.

Garlic shows great efficiency in the treatment of DNA damage, diabetes, plaque buildups in arteries, mercury poisoning, and liver malfunction.

Scientists have found that garlic can treat and cure over 150 issues.

Garlic is cheap, that’s why it isn’t promoted as a potential cure for cancer.