Here’s how to get rid of stretch marks naturally

Stretch marks are actually pale scars that appear on the skin surface as a result to rapid weight loss or weight gain. These marks also appear during pregnancy or certain hormonal changes.

Often considered as a frustrating esthetic problem, almost every woman on Earth wants to get rid of her stretch marks and have a smooth, healthy looking skin. Some people claim that the damage caused by stretch marks is irreversible, but studies have shown that there are many natural ways you can use to solve your problem.

 We suggest that you try this natural recipe, and we guarantee that it will help you get the results you desire. All you have to do is combine a few natural ingredients that you always have on hand, and rub the mixture on the affected area. The stretch marks should disappear within a month.


  • 8.8 oz / 250 grams salt
  • 8.8 oz / 250 grams sugar (you can also use brown sugar)
  • 3.3 oz / 100 ml of some vegetable oil


Combine all the ingredients together. Rub the paste-like mixture gently on the affected area. Rinse well.  After you have done this, apply your regular moisturizing cream or lotion.

Potato Remedy To Treat Skin Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation of the skin can cause uneven color and dark patches. Excessive production of melanin is responsible for this condition.

Hyperpigmentation can occur on almost any part of the body, including the face, neck, hands, arms and legs. The root cause of pigmentation is generally attributed to internal factors like hormonal changes in the body, pregnancy and various health problems. External factors like excessive sun exposure, skin injury, burning, emotional stress or contact with certain chemicals can also cause hyperpigmentation.

Today in this post I will share one remedy to cure dark skin spots caused because of hyperpigmentation

For this remedy you will need just 2 ingredients

Potato and Lemon

First wash potato very well
Now cut potato in small pieces and grind it. Your potato pulp is ready
Strain this potato pulp to collect potato juice
In a clean bowl take 4 tea spoons of potato juice
In this add 2 spoons of lemon juice
Mix it well and your skin pigmentation ready to use
With help of cotton ball apply this lotion on affected area
Let it dry completely and then apply a 2nd layer. Repeat this step and apply a 3rd layer
Now leave this overnight and wash it off with plain water next morning
Do this treatment daily and within a week you can see the result

Remove Skin Fibromas With Just One Ingredient!

Fibromas are small skin growths that are actually benign tumors of the connective tissue. They look like small soft nodules on the skin, and vary in size from a few millimeters to a centimeter or so. Fibromas don’t usually have a distinctive color, but can be brightly pigmented. They are not malignant, but throughout life they grow and become more noticeable, therefore represent an aesthetic problem.

Fibromas usually appear during middle age. They usually grow on the neck, face, armpits, stomach, eyelids, groin, breasts, but can also occur elsewhere on the skin. In fact, almost everyone has at least one on the skin, so this issue is not rare.

Good thing is that you can remove them without any cutting them or scarring your skin, with only one ingredient and that is apple cider vinegar.


It is thought that apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for many health conditions, and the removal of fibromas is one of them.

Note: Apple cider vinegar should never be used for removing fibromas on the eyelids!

Carefully wash the place around the fibromas with water and soap. Dry. Soak a cotton swab in the apple cider vinegar and drain the excess. Place it directly on the fibromas and fixate it with a plaster or bandage. Leave it for 15 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure three times a day, for seven days. Fibromas should first get darkened and then start to dry out and eventually fall off.


Depending on the size of the fibromas or how he is deep in the skin, can leave little spots, so they should be treated with calendula oil or Aloe vera gel.


7 Myths About Acne That Won’t Help You to Get Rid of It

Acne spoils not just the appearance but the mood as well. Acne treatment is tightly connected with lots of myths that will not help to defeat this problem…and they might even make things worse.

Bright Side presents the most widespread myths and shares how to protect your skin from harm and get rid of acne as quickly as possible.

7. Eating patterns do not affect the spreading of acne.

There is old research that claims there is no connection between diet and acne, but modern science proves the exact opposite.

Sugar stimulates insulin production, and its overabundance can cause acne. Avoid products with a high glycemic index, such as white bread, soda, chocolate, and beer.

Acne may also appear because of hormones contained in milk, which increase sebum production. Its overabundance clogs pores and causes acne.

Eat products that will help you keep your skin clear:

  • Products with a low glycemic index, such as whole wheat bread, cashew nuts, cauliflower, and cucumbers will help to reduce acne spreading.
  • Zinc is contained in eggs, meat, mushrooms, and seafood and can help to restore the skin.
  • Vitamin A facilitates the healing of acne. It is a reason to include carrots, cabbage, and spinach in your diet.

6. Smoking facilitates the spreading of acne.

Many people think that smoking causes acne. Undoubtedly, tobacco use is a bad habit, but it doesn’t evoke acne spreading.

Smoking worsens skin regeneration, and acne heals more slowly.

If you quit smoking, you will see that you look better: the oxygen flow to the skin will increase, and the recovery process will go faster.

5. Decorative cosmetics cause acne.

Not all cosmetics are bad for the skin. Use products that are marked as noncomedogenic as they are produced specially for problem skin. Avoid cosmetics containing alcohols and oils. Alcohols dry the skin and cause skin irritation, which, in turn, causes acne to spread. Oils make the skin greasy and clog the pores.

Remember that cosmetics should contain:

  • aloe;
  • retinols;
  • peptide 10.

These components improve acne healing as they stimulate collagen production.

4. A suntan helps to get rid of acne.

UV rays stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands, causing the emergence of new acne. That’s why a tan is forbidden if you have acne. Use a sunscreen for problem skin — it will protect the skin from sunrays and acne spreading.

3. Stress causes acne.

New pimples are not a result of stress. But if you already have acne, stress can worsen the situation: the wound and post-acne healing slows down.

2. If you wash your face more often, acne will go away.

Acne, as well as blackheads, is caused by the clogging of pores with an excess of sebum. That’s why you may wash your face as many times as you want, but the acne will not be reduced. Thorough face washing will cause further irritation: sponges and facial brushes traumatize the skin and don’t clean it. It’s also a reason not to wipe your face with a towel. Just pat your face dry with a towel or a napkin.

Sulfate-containing (SLS, SLES) soaps and cleansers overdry the skin.

1. Toothpaste helps to get rid of acne.

Toothpaste contains baking soda, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, menthol, and triclosan which can certainly dry acne but can also cause irritations and rashes.

It is better to use a benzoyl peroxide-based acne treatment, which is developed to cure acne.


Everyone knows that it’s bad to pop zits. You can damage an infected follicle and aggravate the inflammation. If you need to clean the skin up and have no time to visit a beauty parlor, you can use dental floss and scrape all the blackheads away. The pores will be unclogged. Don’t forget to treat your skin with an antiseptic.

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Grow Beautiful Eyebrows

For several seasons wide, thick, and — most importantly — natural eyebrows have been in fashion. However, there’s no need to rush off to the nearest makeup salon. You can attain this stylish look at home.

Today Bright Side presents a selection of top recipes that’ll help you transform your eyebrows in no time at all!

1. Exotic oils mixture

With this recipe, you’ll not only strengthen and lengthen your eyebrows but your eyelashes as well. In a small bottle, mix equal amounts of coconut and castor oil, and then add 1 tsp avocado oil. Stir everything together. Apply the mixture to your eyebrows using a mascara brush or your fingers.

2. Gentle gel with vitamins

This mixture will help to restore and strengthen your eyebrows, making the hair smooth and shiny. Mix 1 tsp aloe gel, 2 tsp castor oil, and 2 capsules of vitamin E. Apply the mixture with a brush or your fingers before going to bed. Rinse off in the morning.

3. Onion juice

Onion juice nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, accelerates hair growth, and adds shine. Take one small onion, chop it finely, and extract the juice. Apply the juice to your eyebrows, and massage it in for 5 minutes. Rinse off with your regular cleanser and cool water. Or you can simply wipe your eyebrows with an onion slice, as shown in this video.

4. Milk facial mask

Milk contains protein, vitamin B, lactic acid, and calcium. It restores and protects your hair while stimulating collagen production. Dip a cotton swab in whole milk, and wipe your eyebrows, as shown in this video. Let the milk dry, then rinse it off with your regular cleanser.

5. Lemon juice

Lemons are a valuable source of vitamins and antioxidants, essential for strengthening hair and making it grow. But be careful — lemon juice may have a noticeable lightening effect.

Wipe your eyebrows with a slice of lemon, like in this video, wait for 15-20 minutes, then rinse the juice off. Alternatively, you can make an infusion using lemon slices and a quarter cup of coconut oil. Leave the mixture for 15 days in a cool place, then start applying it to your eyebrows every day before going to sleep.

6. Essential oils

For the best effect, we recommend tea tree oil or lavender oil, which are known for their soothing, strengthening, and moisturizing properties. They are best used together with a base oil (coconut, olive, or castor). Be sure to test each component for any allergic reaction by applying small amounts of the oil to the crook of your elbow. Make a mixture of essential and base oils, and lightly massage it into your eyebrows. Repeat the treatment daily.

7. Egg yolk

Egg yolks are a rich source of vitamins and proteins that strengthen and thicken the eyebrow hair along its whole length. Take one egg yolk, whip it, and apply it to your eyebrows. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off.

8. Vaseline

Vaseline is used for moisturizing and conditioning eyebrows. It’s also great for making them grow and giving them an attractive shape. Apply pure Vaseline to your eyebrows, as shown in this video, having previously removed any makeup and washed your face. You can also mix Vaseline with castor oil, olive oil, aloe vera, essential oils, or milk.

9. Massage

Using a clean mascara brush, comb your eyebrows thoroughly with up and down movements, going from the bridge of your nose to your temples and back again. Next, proceed to massage your eyebrows lightly with your fingers. After that, switch to intense stroking movements, pressing and pinching the skin. Press at a spot in the middle of an eyebrow and, without releasing your finger, begin making circular movements,gradually widening the radius. Repeat with the other brow. This massage will not only improve blood circulation and promote the absorption of nutrients but also remove headaches and eye fatigue.

10. Proper nutrition

It is useful to review your diet as well. You should always include foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins, and amino acids (such as nuts, meat, poultry, salmon, fruit, vegetables, eggs, greens, and onions).


Shape 1, Thick Lips

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Shape 3, Thick upper lip and thin lower lip

There is less number of girls with these special blessed lips. They are adorable and lovely persons. Such girls are interesting and do crazy things that would make you fall in love with her. These girls will fascinate you with her exceptional and amazing thinking and charisma.

Shape 4, thin upper lip and thin lower lip

Very romantic but very loyal too.They want to feel very special when they are dating someone. These girls are very sensitive in nature and can cry over small things if they get hurt.


10 Natural Recipes to Remove Facial Hair at Home

Women usually struggle with hormonal imbalance and ovarian syndrome. This is often the cause of abnormal hair growth, especially on the face.

This is why this problem is a nightmare for most women. Even though women use chemicals or waxing procedures to get rid of the wanted hair, they can cause irritation and skin burns.

That is why it is the best choice for your skin to pick natural and painless ways to remove unwanted hair.

Some of these masks look easy to use but don’t forget to apply them in the direction of the hair growth if you want them to work.

1. Coffee and Baking Soda

Coffee can be a great exfoliator for the skin, especially if you combine it with baking soda. Baking soda, on the other hand, is immensely popular for its amazing health benefits, but it can also soften the skin and remove it from the root.

This way you can achieve the ideal smooth and soft skin.


Mix 3 tablespoons of water with 2 tablespoons of instant ground coffee and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. When you get a paste, apply it on your face and let it rest for 5 minutes, not more. Plus, this mask will dry quickly.

When it is ready, rub it off and wash your face. Also, make sure you do this process a few times to regulate the hair growth on your face.

2. Potatoes and Lentils

This remedy is popular in India. Therefore, if you want to purchase lentils, you might need to visit your local Indian oriented food store.


Let the lentils soak overnight. In the morning blend them well into a paste. After that, peel three potatoes and grate them. Make sure you extract as much potato juice as you can.

Next, mix the potato juice and lentil paste together with a tablespoon of honey and 4 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Combine it all well and make a smooth paste.

Apply the paste anywhere you like and let it rest for 20 minutes. After it is dry and tight, rub it off and wash your face.

3. Green Gram Flour and Rose Water

Green gram flour can naturally remove hair with exfoliation. However, if you combine it with rose water, it can be a useful cleanser for sensitive and acne-prone skin.


Mix together 2 tablespoons of green gram flour, 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 and a half tablespoons of rose water. Mix them well until you get a fine paste. Apply the mask all over the face where you have hair.

Let it rest for about 20 minutes and scrub it off. After that, wash your skin with warm water and dry it off. You can use this three to four times a week if you want to get ideal results.

4. Egg Whites

Eggs are an ideal source of protein which is crucial for the skin. On top of that, they produce collagen and make the skin look younger and fresher.


For this hair removal mask, you will need one egg white mixed with half a tablespoon of cornstarch and one tablespoon of regular sugar. Beat the egg well until it combines with all the ingredients. Use the foamy paste on the area where you have hairs.

When it dries completely, you can rip it off. However, try to do this slowly not to hurt your skin.

5. Oat Meal

Oat meal is a great ingredient for creating a great hair removal mask. Just follow these instructions if you want to make one.


Start by grinding half a teaspoon of oatmeal and mix it with 8 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Plus, add a full tablespoon of honey to the mixture. Mix them all well until they combine evenly. Apply it on the face in circular motions and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

When it is ready, rub the mask off against your hair growth.

6. Coconut Oil and Whole Meal

This is an easy, quick and painless mask for removing facial hair.


Mix together 3 tablespoons of whole wheat flour and half a teaspoon of coconut oil with some water. Massage the mixture into the skin and cover the hairs with a nice layer of this mask. Make sure you apply it downwards and let it dry for 15 minutes.

When it is ready, rub it off and wash it with some warm water. But, make sure you don’t forget to apply moisturizer or a toner in the end.

7. Raw Honey

Honey is the perfect ingredient if you want some healthy nutrients for your skin. That is why we recommend this easy mask for removing hair.


Only apply a bit of honey on your face. Let it stay for half an hour and wash it off with water. Easy right?

8. Unflavored Gelatin

This mask may bleach tiny hairs and eliminate the rest of the hairs without irritation. In the end, your skin can feel softer and healthier.


For this face mask, you will need one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin powder, 3 tablespoons of whole milk, a few drops of lemon juice and a drop of lavender essential oil. Put the entire mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Be careful; it might be hot. Apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for 5 minutes. This extremely sticky substance is the mask and may prove difficult to work with. Stay away from your eyebrows and eyelashes if you want to keep them.

When the mask is dried up, simply peel it off. Also, you will see some dead skin cells and blackheads fall off.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric has the power to loosen up facial hairs with no pain. However, the results are not immediate. But, in the long term, turmeric can thin the hairs and prove useful.


You will need half a cup of gram flour, 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder, half a cup of cold milk and a teaspoon of salt. Mix the ingredients well until you get a fine paste. Apply the paste on the face where you have hairs and let it rest for 5-10 minutes.

After the paste dries, rub it off in circular motions and wash the area with warm water.

10. Apricot and Honey

This face mask contains a ton of minerals and vitamins which are ideal for the skin.


You will need half a cup of apricot powder. To make it, dry the apricots first and blend them. To the powder add only a teaspoon of honey and mix the two ingredients well. Your mask is now ready for you to apply.

Let it rest on the skin for about 10 minutes, rub and scrub it off ones it dries. Lastly, wash your face with warm water.

If you want a painless, cheap and easy method for removing unwanted facial hair, make sure you try these natural face masks and tell us your results. Pick the one that suits you the most.

It Only Takes 1 Ingredient To Remove Pores On Your Face At Home

They truly are a sore sight for the eye and do damage to the skin, so no wonder people that with this problem are trying to shrink them and dry them out, in any way possible.

Remove Pores on your Face

There are hundreds of medical treatments, but they are either too expensive or really hard to find. So, here there are a couple of home remedies provided, you can make them in your own home and eliminate this terrible trouble.

Baking soda is the way to go

Each of these small recipes are easy, but this one is probably the easiest. You just have to mix two tablespoons of water with two tablespoons of baking soda.

Create a paste, apply on your face and leave it to dry out for 15 minutes. Then, wash your face with cool water.

Variations with Lime juice

Here there will be two recepies, and the first one contains tomato juice. A couple of teaspoon, combined with several drops of lime juice will do the trick for you.

Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on your face. Of course, leave it like that for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. The acid, present in the tomato juice will tighten your skin, can also fight against oily skin and close your pores.

The second one is a paste, which you have to make out of almonds. You will take several almonds and put them in a small bowl with water.

Leave them to stay like that through the night, then mash them up the following morning. After creating a paste out of it, add a teaspoon of lime juice, mix it up, then apply it on your face. Leave it for thirty minutes and wash with cold water.

Cucumber also helps

Because of it’s refreshing properties, you can find the cucumber very useful for curing this problem. Take one cucumber, nicely peel it and mash the flesh.

Add 5-6 drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon of rosewater to get the mixture you need. Put it in a clean cloth, fold it and apply it on your face. Stay like that for a while, and then wash off your face with cold water.

Lemon juice is useful too

A couple of drops if lemon juice, combined with two egg whites make up a pretty good face mask. Just apply the mixture on your face, wait for it to dry, and rinse off with cold water. This mask will remove all the dead pores and tighten your skin.

And for the final recipe, take the juice of a half lemon, squeezed. Only this time, combine it with a cup of pineapple juice.

Soak a cloth in this liquid remedy and apply it on your face, leaving it on for about five minutes. Wash it off with cool water.

The pineapple juice here has the ability to tighten and clean the skin, especially when mixed with the acidic properties of the lemon juice.

One of these masks will definitely help you, and when so, indulge in your healthy, shiny and clean face.

Unique Homemade Cream To Gets Rid Of Scars Completely Within 2 Weeks

Scars are something nasty that affects your pretty look.

It can be a stain on a person’s overall personality. Scars are painless. A lot of potions and creams are available in the market for sale to fade the scars. If you don’t want to spend on these products and want to heal the scars naturally, you can opt for home remedies.

Stop hiding your scars with the help of a concealer and try out the following natural remedies for removing scars at home.

We will introduce you an excellent homemade ointment that will effectively eliminate scars in only 2 weeks!

Home Remedy for Scars


  • 1 tablespoon natural raw honey
  • 1/4 olive oil
  • 3-4 drops lavender oil
  • ¼ cup cocoa butter


  • Melt the cocoa butter over a hot water bath and add the same amount of olive oil to it.
  • Then, add 1 tablespoon of honey and 3-4 drops of lavender oil.
  • Leave the mixture to cool down and put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.
  • When cool, put it in a jar and close it tightly. Your homemade cream for removing scars is ready!


Apply the ointment on the scars every morning and every evening. The results will surprise you! Moreover, apart from eliminating your scars, the cream will also nourish your skin.

Guaranteed! Whiten Your Yellow Teeth In Less Than 2 Minutes!

Coconut oil doesn’t contain any foaming agents and thus, protects your mouth from canker sores. Furthermore, coconut oil is packed with antibacterial properties, which eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, it provides the following benefits for the oral health:
Reduces inflammation;
Whitens teeth;
Soothes throat dryness;
Prevents cavities;
Heals cracked lips;
Boosts immune system;
Strengthens gums and jaw;
Cures tooth decay;
Eliminates bad breath;
Heals bleeding gums;
What’s more, coconut oil toothpaste is inexpensive and it can be very easily prepared. Here’s how to prepare it in the convenience of your home:

Coconut Oil Toothpaste


about ½ cup coconut oil
2-3 tablespoons of baking soda
15-20 drops of essential oils (optional)
2 small packets of stevia (optional)

First, take a jar and add the semi-hard coconut oil and add all the other ingredients. Then, mix well using a fork. You should dip your toothbrush in and scrape a small amount onto bristles. Brush your teeth as you would normally do. Moreover, you can also try oil pulling using coconut oil.