One tomato can remove all unwanted hair from your face

Today I will share one peel off mask that can easily remove all unwanted hair from your face. The best part is that this mask is suitable for all skin types, it will not only remove unwanted hair but will also make your skin fair

To make this peel off mask you will need:

1 Tomato + Gelatin powder + Raw milk

Preparation and Application:

1. Take juice of 1 ripe tomato
2. Ina bowl take 1 tbsp tomato juice
3. Add 1 tbsp of gelatin powder
4. In this add 1 tbsp of raw milk
5. Mix it well
6. Boil it with help of double boiler method
7. Add few drops of honey, mix it and peel off mask is ready to use
8. Apply thick layer of this mask and let it dry completely
9. Now peel it off slowly in upward direction and you’re done now


How To Remove Tons of Blackheads and Whiteheads Instantly! (Home Remedy)

Blackheads sometimes referred to as “open comedones”, are small dark spots on the skin. A “closed comedo”, on the other hand is a whitehead. What are blackheads? – Well, they’re blocked pores that get filled with keratin, skin debris and sebum – an oily substance.This is the first stage of pimples of acne, as blackheads can grow to become pimples. They’re not really a health threat, but can be very frustrating as they come up on the most visible part of our body — the face. They can often be found on the nose, which naturally doesn’t look very good. You’ll definitely want to remove them, as soon as you notice them. It’s essential to know how to get rid of blackheads on nose safely and quickly.


There is no conventional way to get rid of blackheads, sadly. There are some creams and solutions, but they can only remove the ugly scar left behind. Luckily fantastic home remedies exist that can work wonders on your skin. And the best thing about them is, they’re all natural. As a result, they have no side effects. Today, we’ll give you several remedies that can help you get rid of blackheads.


Use egg whites to a mask to treat your pores. Not only will it get rid of blackheads on your nose, it will also prevent future outbreaks. Egg whites are good for your skin, as they’re rich in nutrients.

Get this:

  • A single egg;
  • A clean towel;
  • A small bowl;
  • Some toilet paper or a facial tissue.

Do this:

  • Separate the yolk from the egg white;
  • Rinse your face;
  • Pat your face to make it dry;
  • Apply the egg white on your skin (the layer should be thin);
  • Keep the toilet paper or facial tissue on the egg whites and press this gentry on your face;
  • Keep it for some time so that the layer can dry;
  • Now apply a second layer over the paper or tissue. The tissue or paper shouldn’t slide off;
  • Give it more time so that this layer can dry as well;
  • You can apply a third layer too — this is optional;
  • Your face will feel tight when your mask is dry;
  • Peel off the mask, and get rid of any residue;
  • Pat yourself dry and apply some moisturizer.


This is a real potent combination, as there are many anti-bacterial agents in honey. These agents keep the bacteria which causes acne, away.It will also pull out anything that is clogging the pores. Cinnamon on the other hand improves circulation. This combination will leave you with glowing, healthy, smooth, and blackhead free skin.

Get this:

  • Organic and raw honey;
  • Cinnamon powder;
  • Clean cotton strips.

Do this:

  • Mix the cinnamon and honey together;
  • Apply a layer on your blackhead, but be sure tokeep the layer thin;
  • Press some cotton over it;
  • Keep it on for three to five minutes;
  • Now remove the layer and rinse your face;
  • Apply some moisturizer.


Sometimes, all you need is some decent exfoliating and moisturizing. What exfoliating does, it removes dead skin cells that clog your pores. As a result, you’ll have improved circulation, as well as glowing skin. Use jojoba oil (as it is), to close the body’s own sebum. Apart from jojoba oil, you can also use olive, grape seed or sweet almond oi

Get this:

  • Jojoba oil —4 tablespoons;
  • White or brown sugar— 1 cup;
  • One airtight glass jar;
  • Some essential oils — optional.

Do this:

  • Mix the jojoba oil and sugar. Stir it until there are no grains left;
  • If you like a fragrance, then add some essential oil to it. A few drops should do the trick;
  • Store it in a glass jar, and be sure tokeep it in a dark and cool place
  • Stir the mixture before applying it.
  • Always apply it on a wet face;
  • Massage your skin with circular motions;
  • Keep it on for 30 minutes;
  • Rinse it off with water;
  • Apply moisturizer.

Note: You shouldn’t use the scrub for more than two times a week, as you can cause a skin irritation.


This scrub is great for this problem, as lemon juice contains certain vitamins and nutrients that are really effective against blackheads.

Get this:

  • Lemon juice;
  • Honey;
  • Yogurt;
  • Salt;
  • Rosewater or milk;
  • A jar or a bowl.

Do this:

  • Mix the honey, yogurt, salt and lemon juice;
  • Now scrub the area affected. Apply the mixture evenly;
  • You may also mix rosewater or milk with your lemon juice to make a facial cleanser;
  • Apply this every day, for up to 10-12 days.


Green tea is great for our health in many ways. It can improve brain function, help you achieve weight loss, it lowers the risk of various types of cancer, it lowers the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, it improves dental health, and fights type 2 diabetes as well. Green tea is also great against blackheads.

Get this:

  • Green tea leaves;
  • Water;
  • A Teaspoon;
  • A soft towel or napkin;
  • A bowl.

Do this:

  • Keep your dry green tea leaves in a bowl;
  • Pour some water on them;
  • Mix these two to create a paste
  • Rub this paste over the blackheads;
  • Keep rubbing for 2 to 3 minutes;
  • Rinse off using lukewarm water;
  • Pat yourself dry with a soft towel or napkin
  • This scrub is going to deep clean your oily skin and unclog all those pores.


Techniques to remove blackheads of ear:

Step number 1:
Rinse your ears well with a gentle acne wash. This will dispose of oil from your hair, dirt, wax and dead skin cells that can block your view of the blackhead. Flush your ear well with warm water.

Step number 2:
Make a press out of a washcloth absorbed in warm water. Press this fabric on the clogged pore in your ear for a few minutes, re-soaking the material as required. This will soothe the material inside of the pore and make your pore extend and open.

Step number 3:
Immerse a cotton pad, ball or swab in alcohol. Completely wipe the blackhead with the alcohol to eliminate microscopic organisms and give a clean surface on which to work.


Blackheads are caused by dirt
Just in the event that you missed this part in the introduction, blackheads are not created by dirt. In the event that you have bigger pores, the dead skin/sebum develops responds with oxygen turning the substance dark. Voila-a blackhead. A whitehead happens when the pores’ opening is miniature and the sebum stopper does not respond to the oxygen.

You can shrink your pores:

It is unrealistic. Pores are not muscles, in this manner they cannot open or close. They are just openings that house the hair follicles and sebaceous organs that are covering your body. A few things, in any case, can make pores seem miniature, for example, lemon juice, which is an astringent and reasons constriction of skin tissue. Something else, keeping them clear from blockages that can extend them more extensive is the best approach. Genetics, age, and exposure to the sun can all assume a part in how huge your pores show up, yet there is no enchantment trap to making them “shrink.”


How annoyed are those tiny, red spots and blackheads that appear on the face? Probably a lot, especially in the summer days when you sweat and your skin is slick.

To quickly and effectively solve them, be sure to try this mask of honey and spices.


  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon ground nutmeg

All the ingredients mix in a small bowl until you get dark, smooth mixture.

Place the mixture on the entire face and leave on for half an hour. Remove with a wet towel.

After the first time you will see what you get silky shine. Therefore I recommend that you do once a week

GOODBYE Grey Hair: Natural solution against gray hair (RECIPE)

If you use coconut oil on a regular basis you will definitely eliminate the gray hair and give your hair a healthy, beautiful, and shiny hair.

The gray hairs do not always indicate old age. Numerous people suffer from premature hair graying and are pretty embarrassed about it. However, most of the people who tend to solve this problem in an easy and fast way by dyeing it with harmful chemicals actually contribute to permanent damage to the hair.

This is why it is always better for you to choose natural solutions. The natural solution to this problem is coconut oil. This ingredient is th secret of a long, strong, and beautiful hair.

The coconut oil is known to contain a great amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that give the hair the care it needs. Numerous civilizations have been using coconut oil and have proven that it is a great remedy for the hair. If you use the coconut oil on a regular basis, your hair is going to become strong, healthy and shiny.

RECIPE: take two or three tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it for about twenty seconds. Then, start massaging gently the root of your hair with it, and leave it on for about ten minutes so that the oil has enough time to work its magic. Then, rinse using warm water.

In the end, shampoo your hair as you always do and finish with applying the conditioner and rinsing. You can repeat this process every day in order to get the desired effects. If you use this method on a regular basis, you will definitely eliminate the gray hair and give your hair a healthy, shiny, and beautiful looks.

Gray hair is usually caused by several factors:

  • Genetics – in case that in your family there is a history of premature gray hair, it is pretty possible that it is going to transfer to the following generations as well
  • Stress – the everyday way of living comes with a lot of stress. Stress is present everywhere around us: at work, at home, while we travel. If you combine stress with lack of sleep, then you contribute to strands of gray hair in the early years of your life.
  • Lifestyle – if you do not eat and sleep well, you are likely to face problems with gray hair. Lack of sleep and consumption of unhealthy food can contribute to premature gray hair as the body does not get the nutrients it needs.
  • Aging – the process of aging causes the occurrence of gray hair, because with age, the body stops producing melanin, which leads to gray hair.


This Green Paste Will Remove Acne Scars From Your Face in Just 3 Days

We look at the photos of models or popular actress and become jealous of their beautiful skin. The most appealing thing about the flawless skin is the spotless appearance.

We all want an even toned, clean and clear skin. But acne is the first and most annoying thing which destroys our dream.

Acne not only troubles us during our teenage but also remains with us for a long time in the form of acne scars. The nasty acne scars seem to be impossible to remove.

However, there is an amazing recipe which can help you to remove the acne and acne scars in just 3 days.

Want to try it?

Here is a simple recipe of cream based green salad (celery leaves) face pack for you.

Things you need:

  • Green salad- 2 leaves
  • Baking soda- 1 tsp
  • Water- 300 ml
  • Honey- 2 tsp


  1. Take 2 leaves of green salad and wash it carefully.
  2. Chop the leaves and put the fine pieces of leaves in a kettle.
  3. Now, pour 300 ml of water and heat the kettle on low flame.
  4. Allow it to boil for 1 hour or so and then strain the liquid to remove the solid part.
  5. Allow the liquid to cool down and then add 2 tsp of honey to it.
  6. Add 1 tsp of baking soda and mix it properly.
  7. Pour the solution in a glass jar and store it in the fridge.
  8. Apply the liquid on your face using cotton balls before you hit the bed.
  9. Leave the liquid on your face overnight and in the morning rinse off the face with warm water.
  10. Use this remedy 3 days in a row and the acne scars along with acne will be gone.

This face mask of green salad works wonderfully for the health of your skin. It helps to get rid of nasty acne and provides impeccable skin.

It nourishes the skin by providing vitamins A,B,C and E. Also, it is a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium and copper which enhance the health of the skin.

The regular use of this face mask every night provides a glowing skin with an even tone. It also works well to cure the skin infections and dry skin issues.

It helps to keep the skin hydrated o

How to Whiten Your Skin in 5 Days Without Spending a Lot – Very Simple Yet Effective!

Do you want to know which methods you can apply to lighten skin quickly at your own home? If your answer is “Yes”, then continue reading this.

Many people work hard to achieve fair and flawless skin. On the other hand, the market is flooded with skin-lightening creams and lotions.

But such products have harmful chemicals that can ultimately damage your skin. Oftentimes the products are expensive, too.

You can save yourself some time and money by using natural remedies that will effectively brighten and lighten your skin complexion.

1: Lemon

Lemon juice contains citric and ascorbic acid which forms a source of vitamin C which is effective for skin whitening. Here is how to use:

  • Cut a lemon into two halves and buff it gently onto your face and neck.
  • Rinse your face after 10 -15 minutes. D it regularly and see your skin lightening up overnight day by day

Caution: While using lemon juice, avoid contact with the eyes. If the lemon juice mixture is too irritating, add water to dilute lemon juice. Avoid getting out with lemon juice on your skin, as with sun-exposure lemon juice can irritate your skin.

2: Milk

Milk contain lactic acid that helps in diminishing skin pigmentation hence a bright complexion.

  • Place cow’s or goat’s milk in a bowl.
  • Soak a soft cloth in the milk.
  • Buff the milk on your face and neck using the soaked was cloth and rinse after 20 minutes.

3: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera diminishes hyperpigmentation and creates a bright smooth skin complexion overnight. This natural ingredient also helps in the repair of skin damaged tissues and rebuilding of new cell for a smooth beautiful skin.

  • Cut the outer layers of an aloe Vera leaf.
  • Squeeze out the thick, jelly-like substance.
  • Apply the gel thoroughly on your skin.
  • Leave it on for about 30 minutes, and then wash it off with water. Do this at least twice daily for two weeks for effective outcome.

4: Papaya

This is a natural ingredient that contains skin bleaching properties. Regularly eat papaya as a fruit. This will help to cleanse the skin of free radicals that causes darkening.

  • Gently rub the skin of papaya directly on your face.
  • Wash your face after 15 minutes with cold water and pat it dry. Do it on daily basis for effective outcome.

5: Turmeric

Turmeric is a strong antioxidant that also has antiseptic properties. It however helps in cleansing of the skin impurities that causes uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

  • Make a paste by mixing turmeric powder with milk cream.
  • Apply it on the skin and allow it for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your face and neck with lukewarm water. Repeat twice a week for effective outcome.

All the remedies mentioned above, is only for the informational purpose and it is not aimed to give medical advice. Consult your doctor first especially if you have sensitive skin.

Tomato Ice Facial For Clear Spotless Skin

I have told you tomato facial before. But this is little bit different, today we will tell you how can you do tomato ice facial at home that will not only give you glowing spotless skin but will also improve your blood circulation with instant cooling soothing effect.

Step 1 – Tomato scrub

Honey + Sugar + Tomato

  • Take 2 tsp sugar with 1 tsp honey
  • Mix it and now apply this gel on tomato slice
  • Rub your face with this tomato slice for 10 minutes
  • Wash your face with cold water

It will remove all damaged and dull skin layer

Step 2 -Tomato ice cube massage

For this you need tomato ice cube, to prepare this cube you need tomato juice, add few drops of lemon juice in this and now freeze this mixture in Ice tray

Simply take one ice cube and rub this all over your face for 10 minutes

It will improve blood circulation with instant cooling effect

Step 3 – Face Pack

Take 2 tsp of fullers earth power. Add 1 tsp yogurt with 1 tsp curd. Mix it well and your pack is ready.

Apply this pack all over your face. Leave it for 15 minutes.

Wash your face with plain water.


But, we have a solution for you!

Forget about those foot care products which will cause you a fortune! We got for you an amazing remedy which you can prepare at your home.

It is really simple and easy and all you need are two ingredients which you probably have in your kitchen.

So, follow the instructions below:

Needed Ingredients:

  • 4 cups of milk
  • 3 tablespoons of baking powder


Heat the milk and pour it into a bowl appropriate for your foot size. Add the baking powder and mix well, but make sure that the temperature is comfortable.

Then, soak your feet for 10 minutes and relax. After finishing, rinse your feet with warm water and dry them. In order to get the best results, repeat this treatment on a daily basis.

Try this and you will be amazed by the results! It will improve the condition of your feet, making them more soft and smooth. Finally, you can wear your favorite sandals again!

The Surprising Reason You Have Wrinkles (and it isn’t the sun)

You simply can not look yourself in the mirror without noticing those tiny wrinkles and saggy skin. Glycation is the name of the major cause of aging skin.

What does glycation mean? Experts will agree that glycation is actually part of the aging process, but it does not necessarily have to result in deep wrinkles and loose skin, meaning many people can actually grow old and have barely notable wrinkles. Their knowledge does the magic… Namely, glycation is the name of the chemical reaction when sugar attaches to proteins in the body.

The abundance of proteins and sugar flowing naturally in the body create another feature of the glycation. Experts name it as Advanced Glycation End products or AGES.

The latest studies have shown that the sun is not the only cause of aging skin, but the glucose that circulates in the body can be also held as responsible for those wrinkles. Sugar or glucose plays an important role as the fuel our body needs for its vital functions, but over time the excess sugar can actually cause some pretty nasty damages.

People diagnosed with diabetes who do not observe their sugar level often struggle with a number of age-related health conditions and this should be the best lesson you can get regarding the chronic glucose exposure.

Glycation may be also referred as caramelization of the bodily tissue, or even ‘Browning Reaction.’ Roast potatoes and fried chicken can be excellent examples of what really happens in your organism, just at a slower pace. Same as these foods, you too have sugar and proteins that create this chemical reaction.

AGES does not apply to your physical appearance only, but also to the number of health issues, including heart diseases, kidney failure and cataracts. The most damaging aspect of glycation is its ability to change the shape and function of the bodily tissues.

For example, glycation caused by excess sugar can stiffen and harden blood vessels — arteries, simply through the circulation of the excess sugar in the body.

Flexible cardiovascular system is crucial for optimal health. The molecules in protein and fat have fixed structure and even a minor change in that structure, for example with glycation, can disrupt the normal function of both fat and protein.

What causes AGES?

  • Excess sugar (in all forms)
  • Excess carbohydrate intake – all forms
  • Cooking on high temperature, including frying, baking, roasting, grilling, etc., meaning all those crispy potatoes, meat chunks…
  • Insufficient intake of veggies, nuts, seeds, fruits rich in antioxidants that protect tissues
  • Insufficient intake of supplements important for the prevention of oxidized cells and glycation

The Best Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

If you cover the dark circles under your eyes with a concealer every morning, we offer you an alternative solution that you will definitely like.

It is cheap, easy to make, efficient and long-lasting.

All you need is a couple of fresh mint leaves and some olive oil. Blend the leaves and add a couple of drops of olive oil.After you have blended the mint and olive oil combination, apply the freshly made cream under your eyes before you go to bed and leave it overnight. Repeat the procedure until you notice some improvement.

Dark circles appear as a result of improper diet, excessive intake of toxins and lack of sleep.

In addition to this, try sleeping at least 8 hours a day, drink at least 1liter (34 oz) of water and reduce the amount of alcohol and cigarettes you smoke.