11 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive

In an emergency, the first thing that comes to mind is the advice of our friends and family. However, even the most well-known recommendations may lead to grave consequences.

Health4u  collected 11 common myths about first aid so that you won’t feel confused about what to do when someone needs help.

11. Applying ice to a bruise

Why it’s wrong: Ice indeed helps reduce bruises, but don’t apply the pack directly to the skin or you’ll get a cold burn.

Doing it right: Put a cloth between your skin and the ice. Apply cold for 20 minutes, remove the ice, and wait 20 more minutes. Repeat several times.

10. Rubbing a person with a fever with alcohol or vinegar

Why it’s wrong: Vinegar and alcohol are absorbed into the blood. Alcohol rubbing may create intoxication, while vinegar will raise acidity too much. It’s especially dangerous for children.

Doing it right: A fever can be alleviated by drinking a lot and cool air in the room (61-64°F). If these conditions are observed, the patient will get over the fever, if it’s not too high, by themselves.

9. Lifting up an unconscious person

Why it’s wrong: If someone faints, don’t try lifting them or sprinkling cold water on them — it’ll just aggravate the spasm. After they regain consciousness, don’t let them drink coffee or energy drinks: caffeine will lead to dehydration.

Doing it right: Lift the person’s legs up, unbutton any tight items of clothing, and don’t let them stand right after they come around.

8. Using butter or sour cream to treat burns

Why it’s wrong: The only reason you’ll feel better after this is because the substance is cold on the burn. The danger here, though, is that butter or sour cream dries and creates a film, disrupting thermal exchange (heat goes deeper and does more damage).

Doing it right: Hold the burned area in cool water for 15 minutes. Never burst the burn blister as that will remove the protective layer and leave the wound open for infections that may lead to festering.

7. Setting a bone on your own

Why it’s wrong: You shouldn’t set a dislocated joint on your own as it may result in additional injuries.

Doing it right: Immobilize the injured limb, and get the victim to the hospital. The limb mustn’t be set forcefully. Instead, bandage it in a comfortable position, immobilizing not only the place of possible fracture but the 2 closest joints as well.

6. Applying warmth to a sprain

Why it’s wrong: A warm cloth won’t help if your muscles are sprained. On the contrary, heat will strengthen the blood flow, leading to a more severe swelling.

Doing it right: Apply cold in the first days after an injury. It will lessen inflammation and pain. Ensure a minimum load on the injured limb for 48 hours.

5. Making yourself vomit in cases of poisoning

Why it’s wrong: The standard recommendation for poisoning is to make yourself vomit. However, it is strictly prohibited if you’ve been poisoned with acid, alkali, or other caustic substances.

Doing it right: Call an ambulance immediately. If you’re still sure vomiting will do you good, don’t use manganese, baking soda, or milk to induce it. Instead, drink lots of warm water.

4. Dealing with a foreign object in the eye

Why it’s wrong: You risk a wrong movement of your hand and resulting injuries.

Doing it right: Cover the eye with gauze, and call a doctor. Only if it’s a chemical burn should you immediately wash the eye with water.

3. Pulling out objects from wounds

Why it’s wrong: You may pull a splinter from a finger or a small glass shard from your hand, but never attempt to pull objects from serious wounds. Doctors keep them in place until the patient is in surgery. Otherwise, bleeding will occur that may lead to death.

Doing it right: However scary a knife in a leg or a huge shard in the chest may look, take the person to the hospital instead of helping them pull the object out of their body.

2. Applying ointments to a wound

Why it’s wrong: A wound will better heal in fresh air, while ointments create unwanted moisture.

Doing it right: Clean the wound in cool water with soap, and dress it with a dry clean bandage.

1. Using stitches instead of skin glue to close cuts and wounds

Why it’s wrong: Putting stitches on wounds is a long and painful procedure which requires removing the stitches later. The use of skin glue has 2 main advantages: it is quick and virtually painless.

Doing it right: First, stop the bleeding by applying pressure. Then close the edges of the wound, and apply a skin glue. Wait until it dries.

10 Simple Ways to Give Thin Hair More Volume

If nature gave you thin hair, it can be hard work trying to give it volume and keep it looking the way you want after you leave the house each morning. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to achieve this.
Bright Side put together a list of the best tips to help your hair look fabulous every day.
10. Play around with the length of your hair.

Many stylists agree that the optimal length for thin hair is no lower than your shoulders, since short hairstyles like this give the impression of greater volume. Hair this long is also much easier to arrange. Given the choice, volume over length might be the better option.
9. Give yourself a multi-layered hairstyle.

Another hairstyle that helps give the impression of greater volume is a multi-layered one with an uneven or messy fringe. Another advantage of this kind of haircut is that it suits virtually every type of face and hair.

8. Add some color.

You can add volume to your hair using not only scissors but also color. This might be ordinary highlights or the shatush method, where you use several different shades of one color.
7. Wash your hair the right way.

Even something as simple as washing your hair a different way can add volume. All you have to do is follow a few basic rules:
1. Start by rinsing your hair with hot water. It will open the cuticles, which is good for removing any dirt or product trapped in the hair. When your hair is rinsed in warm water, it loosens the oils through the scalp and opens the cuticles so they are able to absorb the oil.
2. Apply shampoo only to your roots. Then spread the lather along the length of your hair. The ends of your hair are always drier and more brittle, so you shouldn’t rub them.
3. Apply conditioner or a mask only along the length of your hair. Moisturizing shampoos, when applied to the roots, only make them heavier and flatten out your hair.
4. Wash your scalp on a regular basis. This will improve blood circulation and get rid of dead cells.
5. Try not to wash your hair every day. This can remove a protective layer from your hair that results in it being weaker, in turn depriving it of volume. It’s also better to use dry shampoo.

6. Lift up your roots.

Nowadays, there’s a multitude of options available for you to give your roots more volume, beginning with special sprays and hair tongs and ending with the curlers our moms and grandmothers used. If you don’t have any of these to hand, try using ordinary hairpins. Just place them in your wet hair and allow it to dry before removing them. Your roots will be slightly raised, but without giving you too much volume that looks unnatural.
5. Avoid using too much styling foam.

An excessive amount of styling foam can glue your hair together and make it heavier, in turn making it very difficult to achieve that additional volume. Apply the following rule: for styling short hair, all you need is a ball of foam about the size of a walnut. For medium-length hair, it should be approximately the size of a hen’s egg, and for long hair the size of a tennis ball.

4. Apply the principle of “creative chaos.”

Smooth, carefully combed hair often looks far too smoothed-out and flat. A little bit of chaos, on the other hand, can be your best friend if you’re seeking more volume. This can be achieved by styling your hair in light waves, holding it back only loosely with a hair band, or using styling foam.
3. Use dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver for those who have no time to wash their hair or spend hours styling it. It removes dirt from your roots and also helps lift them, helping to give volume as well as cleanliness. The same effect can be achieved by using baby powder.

2. Dry your hair from below.

An ordinary hair dryer can also help give you extra volume. Simply lower your head so that your hair hangs down in front of your face, and direct the hot air from your roots to your tips. Alternatively, simply lift the upper part of your hair and dry it in a vertical position.
1. Adjust the parting in your hair.

Instead of applying your habitual center parting, try doing it differently. You have lots of choices here: a zig-zag, a side parting, a low side parting, or even going without one at all. This simple trick can add volume to your roots.

16 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep and an Easy Awakening

Have you ever had a situation like this: you spend the whole day dreaming about coming home and collapsing into bed, but, as soon as this finally happens, all traces of sleepiness immediately disappear? If so, you are not alone. Constant stress causes thousands of people to suffer from sleep disorders on a daily basis.

The staff of health4u  advises you to not despair. Instead, follow the helpful tips compiled in this article. They’ll not only help you defeat insomnia but enable you to always get up easily in the mornings!

Bonus: Don’t leave your bra on.

If your bra is too tight, you can restrict the blood supply to your breasts, lymph nodes, and nerves.


Menstruation is the worst nightmare for women – during this period, a woman can get depressed and definitely feels more vulnerable.

Although it’s not easy, there are many things you can do that will reduce the pain and ease the discomfort during your period.

Besides keeping your hygiene at a high level, here are 9 habits you should avoid doing during your menstrual cycle:

  1. Never wear the same hygienic pad for the whole day. This is the main cause for vaginal infections and odor. Change the pads every 3-5 hours and you should be fine.

  1. When you’re already in pain, don’t make it worse. This means that you should plan a root canal or any other painful procedure while on your period.

  1. Having unexpected sex during your period can increase the risk of infections, so it’s best to stay away from it.

  1. Strenuous exercise during periods is a big no-no as it may cause further problems.

  1. Never skip meals during your period – this will only make you eat more and make you gain weight!

  1. Late night meals and snacks should be avoided as they will make matters worse.

  1. A good night sleep is crucial if you want to be more relaxed. Menstrual cramps can make it hard to fall asleep, but you should do everything you can to relax and have a peaceful night.

  1. Dairy products contain a lot of arachidonic acid which can increase the pain and cramps overnight, so make sure to avoid them.

  1. Finally, you should avoid watching sad and depressing movies or listening to depressing music during your period. This will put you in a worse psychological state than you are and make your life harder

This 3-Question IQ Test Can Determine Your Intellect

In 2016, research carried out by evolutionary psychologists examined how population density affects an individual. It was found that people with high IQs showed strikingly similar characteristics.

health4u  offers you 3 questions that will help you find out if you’re one of them. We should remind you that the test is entirely subjective.

1. Could you live in a heavily populated part of a big city?

  1. No, lots of people stress me out.
  2. I wouldn’t mind it; I’d feel at home.

2. Do you feel sad or lonely and experience “withdrawal symptoms” if you aren’t in constant contact with your friends?

  1. More or less.
  2. Not really.

3. Do you agree with the answer?

1. Not at all.

2. Yes, it’s true.


  • If you chose the first option in every question, then you’re probably high on the “happiness index.”
  • If you chose the second option in every question, you possess the typical qualities of someone with a high IQ.

    As research has shown, those with powerful intellectual abilities are the most capable of solving evolutionary tasks, and they adapt more quickly to new environments (in this case, highly populated areas of major cities). Because these people are better at managing the stress of living in a metropolis and don’t need support from their friends, they’re more independent and can survive on their own. In addition, the ability to see things in different ways is very important. So if you look at the pencils from a different angle, you will see that in perspective the middle pencil is the longest.

  • If you chose differing options, then you’ve probably found a happy medium between happiness and intelligence.

12 Cancer-Causing Products In Your Home You Should Be Aware Of

We all want to ensure that our family is as healthy and happy as possible so, many of us want to provide the highest-quality and safest things for our household. Unfortunately, many of the products you bring into your home on a regular basis contain cancer-causing substances.

There are a huge number of known carcinogens in our homes of which many people are completely unaware. We assume that if it’s for sale in the store, it must have been tested and proven to be safe, right? This can be a dangerous assumption, and it’s one that no one should make in today’s world.

As we said, the list of carcinogens is a long and ponderous one, and we could not possibly list them all here. However, we have made a list of 12 of the most common carcinogens found in the average American household.
Keep reading and see if your home has any of these cancer-causing items so that you can remove them and make your home safe again.


Shampoos are loaded with chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, ammonium laureth sulfate, synthetic colors and parfum. Parabens are known carcinogenic and are linked directly with four types of cancer. A study found 99% of tissues from breast cancer patients had contained parabens.

While chemicals like ammonium laureth sulfate won’t be the cause of any health problems but these can be easily contaminated if not handled with extreme care during the manufacturing process with impurities like 1,4-dioxane. And according to the Department of Health and Human Services, it is an anticipated human carcinogen.

2.Non-stick cookware

Non-stick cookware comes with a synthetic coating of what is commonly known as Teflon (polytetraflouroethylene) which releases toxins dangerous for human health when heated at 450F or higher.

According to research by Environmental Working Group, it was observed that Teflon coatings can begin to break apart after just 2-5 minutes of the utensil on the stovetop. This releases fluoride-based gases and toxic particles, some of which are believed to be carcinogenic. An alternative would be to switch to ceramic and glass cookware.

3.Artificial sweeteners

These are used in a variety of artificially sweetened products and the most commonly used one is aspartame. It is added to diet sodas, protein shakes, teas, energy drinks and other beverages with artificial flavors. While these increase the risk of diabetes, they have also been found to have been linked with cancer according to this study. Natural alternatives to artificial sweeteners can be organic cane sugar, honey, and maple syrup.

4.Plastic containers and bottles

Food containers and bottles contain many harmful chemicals. When you eat food or drink something from plastic bottles and containers, you also consume these chemicals and eventually gets digested in your body along with it. One of the chemicals is Bisphenol A, which is used to harden plastic in products such as water bottles, tupperware, and many other food and drink containers.

A lot of studies proved that this chemical is toxic, and cause problems in the brain, behavior, and prostate glands, in the fetus, babies, and young children. Replace those bottles and containers with glass, and metal bottles and containers. Not only are you saving the environment, but you’re saving your body as well.

5.Air fresheners

A study by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found out that air fresheners contain chemicals which aggravate conditions like asthma and affect the reproductive development of humans. All the air fresheners we see around us whethe, in our homes, cars or bathrooms are fragranced with artificially produced chemicals called perfum which are basically a cocktail of toxic chemicals.

None of this is displayed on the labels to keep the particular composition from being replicated by other companies. However, certain harmful ingredients are also hidden by doing so. According to a study by Anne Steinemaan of the University of Washington, all tested products gave off potentially harmful chemicals including carcinogens.

6.Commercial cleaners

The average household usually has a variety of cleaning products for many different parts of the house. For the windows, under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom. Although cleaning substances are necessary to keep your house free from the build up of harmful bacteria, most commercial cleaning products have been linked to respiratory disorders such as asthma.

Also, other studies have found that many cleaning products contain substances that are known hormone disruptors. These include substances such as parabens, triclosan, phthalates, and BPA.

Luckily, vinegar and baking soda provide natural antimicrobial cleaning properties without the same side effects as commercial cleaners. One study found that they were effective against a variety of bacteria including staph, salmonella, and E.coli.

7.Soaps and detergents

Laundry detergents have a crazy mixture of ammonia, naphthalene, phosphorus and phenol among others which cause itchiness, rashes, and dryness of skin as well as acne and sinus problems. Chemicals like MEA, DEA, and TEA which are found in almost all liquid laundry detergents can react with nitrites in water resource or as a preservative in another product to form carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Recent research by the FDA shows that anti-bacterial hand soaps, dish soaps or body washes, liquid or otherwise contain Triclosan which is a potential carcinogen as found in a study by Michael T. Dinwiddie, Paul D. Terry, and Jiangang Chen.


You have seen numerous “Dentists approved” toothpaste commercials over the years. However, one of the worst ingredients to be found in toothpastes is fluoride, which is a known carcinogen. It is so toxic, that a Fluoride Action Network has been established to raise awareness about its potential dangers. The FDA now requires a poison warning on every tube of fluoride-containing tube sold in the US.


Chemicals have the tendency of easily making their way into your body via your skin. While it is advisable to alter your eating habits and be watchful of processed foods, it would also be a wise decision to take a look at your vanity. Makeup has heavy metals in its composition and women need to be especially watchful of this one.

According to the Heavy Metal Hazard: The Health Risks of Hidden Heavy Metals in Face Makeup report, makeup bags of six different Canadian women were tested by Environmental Defence. They isolated 49 face makeup items including foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers, mascara, eye liners, eye shades, and lipsticks. The results were not, ironically, pretty:

  • 96% had lead
  • 90% had beryllium
  • 61% had thallium
  • 51% had cadmium
  • 20% had arsenic

According to scientists, if you use heavy makeup on a daily basis, your skin ends up absorbing a total of 5 pounds of chemicals per year. The Environmental Working Group has a wide database to help you find organic and safe alternatives to a heavy metal containing makeup products.


Sunscreens contain Retinyl Palmitate. In a research by Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, it was established that Retinyl Palmitate (RP) causes an increased chance of growth in cancerous tumors and skin lesions. The Environmental Working Group has also issued a warning against sunscreens with RP due to their photo-carcinogenic properties. Experts recommend applying a clear zinc sunscreen and to ditch the other ones altogether.

11.Moth balls

There is an entire page on the National Pesticide Information Center warning against the health issues Moth balls may cause including headaches, nausea, dizziness, hemolytic anemia, diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain and painful urination. It is advisable that clothing packed with naphthalene balls should be washed before use especially for younger children.

12.Talcum powder

According to the American Cancer Society, the mineral talc, used for manufacturing talcum powder, in its natural form might contain asbestos a substance which is known to cause cancer. Talcum powders are used in baby powders, adult facial and body powders as well as in a range of other consumer products.

Due to awareness, all talcum-based products in the US have been asbestos-free since the 1970s. Very recently, Johnson and Johnson paid a Californian woman $70 million in a lawsuit against the company on the claim that their baby powder caused her ovarian cancer.

17 Photos That Reveal the Whole Truth About Online Shopping

Online shopping has a lot of advantages: you don’t need to leave the house to buy things, there’s a wide range of goods, and the prices are rather attractive as well. But the things you buy this way can be really different from their photos.

Health4u  gathered some convincing examples showing that shopping online can be full of surprises. As a bonus, you’ll see photos proving that even the weirdest things can find their own customers.

1. Chinese fashion as it is.

2. Wait a minute! These sneakers cost $750.

3. The word on the cup expresses the customer’s reaction brilliantly.

4. The print is ALMOST the same as in the picture.

5. It seems I didn’t know something about cats.

6. I bought some tights for Halloween.

7. Well, it’s one more reason to lose weight.

8. Ready for the red carpet!

9. It seems that even artificial Christmas trees shed needles.

10. She just wanted to look sexy.

11. How sellers from online shops suffer from gigantomania.

12. Delicately pink…or a floor rag?

13. I ordered a jigsaw puzzle, and it was already put together.

14. Go-home-’cause-you’re-too-drunk cape

15. Ariel’s miserable life

16. That’s why you shouldn’t order a dress for a graduation party online.

17. A swimsuit is meant to be tried on before purchasing.

Bonus: Sometimes even the weirdest things can find an owner.

One of the satisfied buyers left feedback: “Messed about in this mask for half of the morning. Got fired. But the mask is awesome.”

18 Genius Tricks for Girls You Can Use Every Day

Every woman knows how hard it is to always be perfect and how much time and effort is spent on it.

Luckily there are life hacks that can make any lady’s life easier. health4u gathered some of the most valuable tricks that will help you look like a million dollars.

Mascara will conceal growing hair roots.

Ladies who dye their hair dark know how bad growing roots look.You can deal with this problem with the help of mascara: just apply it to the roots.

Natural curls can be achieved without tongs.

To make natural-looking waves in your hair, you don’t have to own special tongs. You canjust twist your dry hair and heat it with a hair dryer. If you’ve got thick hair, it’ll take more than one twist.

A pencil is good for curling hair.

Another useful life hack for your hair: if you don’t have round curling tongs, twist your hair over a pencil and heat each lock with a flat iron.

A tissue won’t let your hair electrify.

If you attach a tissue to your brush like this, it’ll stop accumulating hair. This also helps avoid electrified locks after combing.

Starch will solve the greasy hair issue.

Many ladies have trouble with their hair becoming oily too quickly. Few know, however, that it’s easy to solve: your hair will remain clean for longer if you apply starch or talcum powder to the roots.

A toothbrush will add volume to your hair.

You can add volume to your hair without special shampoos or difficult styling. Just comb it layer by layer with a toothbrush from the ends to the roots. The change will be obvious.

Lavender oil will give you luxurious eyelashes.

Two drops of lavender oil added to your mascara will help separate the lashes and make them longer. It’s worth mentioning that lavender oil also accelerates hair growth, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised after using such a mascara for a few days.

Scotch tape will help with eye makeup.

Use Scotch tape as a guide to put on eye makeup, making it several times faster. To make the tape less harmful for tender facial skin, apply it to your hand first and then unstick it.

A Q-tip turns everyday makeup into an evening look.

To quickly turn your natural daily makeup into evening ones, simply shade the eyeliner with a Q-tip. Then add your favorite colors to the picture.

Your makeup brush can change its shape.

To apply quality makeup, you don’t have to buy all kinds of brushes. This powder brush can become broad if you clasp it with a pin or narrow if you clip it with a rubber band.

Forget all about lipstick on your teeth.

Lipstick on the inner part of your lips stains your teeth and spoils your smile. Get ridof excess lipstick by putting your finger, a pencil, or even a spoon into your mouth and pulling it out through closed lips. The lipstick you don’t need will be left on it.

Aspirin will strengthen your hair and get rid of red spots.

An aspirin scrub will make your skin smooth and help dispose of red spots. Take a couple of tablets, wet them in a small amount of water, apply to your face, and wash off in five minutes.

The same goes for your hair: crush two tablets of aspirin and mix them into your favorite shampoo. Wash your hair as usual, and soon your hair will become stronger, shinier, and rid of dandruff.

A Band-Aid can fix your earrings in place.

Earrings on a hook are never in the same place and constantly turn. To fix them in place, stick the tip of the hook to the inner part of your earlobe with a piece of Band-Aid.

Bra wires can also be concealed with Band-Aids.

The sprung wire of a bra can damage your skin and cause a painful injury. To protect yourself, stick a piece of Band-Aid to the torn part of your bra to hold off the sharp metal.

Antiseptic will solve your sweat issues.

Deodorant doesn’t always completely conceal sweat odor. An unpleasant smell may occur because of bacteria spreading. You can prevent it by applying some antiseptic to your armpits or any other problem area.

Hair spray will prevent sliding of your feet.

Choosing the perfect shoes is a nearly impossible task: these will chafe, and those will have a gap in the back. To solve the latter issue, just apply some hair spray onto the soles of your feet, and it won’t let them slide forward.

Use freshly ground coffee as a scrub.

Everybody knows that using coffee for exfoliating dead skin cells is a good idea. However, many girls scrub themselves with used coffee grounds. In fact, it is more effective to use fresh coffee. It is rich in caffeine that lifts skin and antioxidants that help to nourish it. After all, fresh coffee leaves a nice scent on your skin after you wash the crumbs off.

18 Painful Photos Every Girl Can Relate to

Every woman is a whole universe, fathomless and infinite. The problems that each girl has to struggle with are equally infinite.

health4u  decided to bring up some rough moments that happen to us every day to remind you once again: you are not alone.

18. This is what a broken heart looks like.

17. When you’re trying to hitch up your jeans…

16. Your size is always the most sought after.

15. Oh, the faces you make trying not to smudge your lip gloss!

14. The agony of choosing

13. This is even more painful than breaking up.

12. After every shower…

11. Your hair is everywhere.

10. Always at the worst moment imaginable…

9. One thought in your head: “Don’t blink!”

8. When you forgot you were wearing mascara:

7. Happens to absolutely every hair band.

6. All girls are familiar with this struggle.

5. Every time you try to slip into your new stylish jeans:

4. It’s hard to not be thin.

3. Being thin is no easier.

2. The worst thing that can happen in the middle of the day:

1. Or perhaps this one is the worst?


19 People Who Have Too Much Free Time

There are a million ways to use your time productively. And no fewer ways to spend it completely pointlessly.

Health4u  has collected for you a selection of ideas from the true kings and queens of procrastination.

19. While stuck in a traffic jam…

18. My ex on our first date…and when I got to know him better.

17. Animal Cosplay Competition among the zoo staff. Guys, you are animals!

16. Minnesota Human Zoo again

15. When a schoolteacher has too much free time and an unlimited supply of markers:

14. Because cooking is also an art.

13. Abraham Lincoln’s face carved on an Oreo. Because the whole world is a canvas for true talent.

12. When Granny asked you to cut wood and you are an artist deep inside:

11. When you have read all the magazines and still need to entertain yourself with something:

10. You’re not my father!

9. When there are no other ways left to entertain yourself:

8. A box of potato chips and a bored engineer

7. Mike Tyson in Excel is far more interesting than work.

6. Because just leaving a tip is boring.

5. Ready for battle!

4. Well, first, it’s beautiful.

3. This kid’s a future civil engineer.

2. Who said it’s easy to be bored at work?

1. Another piece of banana art