11 Baking Soda Miracles You Probably Don’t Know!

Despite the fact that you’ve definitely already heard about the numerous advantages which baking soda can provide, most are still confused by the wondrous health advantages. Quite simply, the use will go far past the kitchen or even bathroom.

It is the most significant part by far is exactly what benefits it provides your body. And certainly no deficit of those.


Baking soda’s recognized name is actually sodium bicarbonate. Also, you may thank this compound for assisting your own dough increase. It is also within other food preparation aspects, for example, helping improve certain kinds of food.

This method of baking bread by using baking soda is a hundred of years old.

Baking soda also passes another title: nahcolite. This can be a derivative of the mineral known as natron.

Are you aware that the Ancient Egyptians utilized nation to clean up their houses? Even these were aware of baking soda’s effectiveness!

Flash ahead from olden days to the year 1846, whenever John Dwight and Doctor Austin Church came up with the baking soda everyone knows and use for this day!

Nevertheless, it was not until the twentieth century which baking soda started becoming utilized for medicinal reasons. We will be focusing on all those this time. Listed below are 11 functions of baking soda with regard to naturally enhancing health.

Want to know the best part about it? is it is definitely cheaper compared to many other medications and has actually been utilized in cosmetics! Listed below are the many purposes of it, besides treating mishaps and accidents. We shall right now start the actual countdown.


The antiperspirant, cleaner, cosmetic, you are utilized to buying within supermarkets as well as stores consist of unhealthy chemical substances such as lightweight aluminum and parabens. It is simple to prevent such weighty compounds through opting for baking soda.

Nothing is easier than just brushing baking soda on the feet, underarms or any type of another difficult area you may have for getting reduce the perspiration or any uncomfortable smell.


An easy mixture of baking soda plus some water can make an excellent paste which effectively reduces any kind of itching brought on by insect attacks. All you need to do is use this homemade paste within the affected region.

Besides itches, additionally, it is helpful for soothing as well as naturally dealing with rashes brought on by poison flowers.


Baking soda is No.1 in terms of dealing with heartburn, gastric acid, ulcer ache, and indigestion.

What you should do is blend half a tsp of baking soda within half a cup of drinking water. Drink this particular healthy blend every two hours, however in case you might be over sixty, this may be too big of a dosage for you, therefore tone it down a little.


All of us previously mentioned you need to use some baking soda on the feet to get rid of any kind of foul odors, but which is not the only utility they can take advantage of. Just blend 3 tbls. of baking soda using some heated drinking water as well as soak feet in the remedy.

Another technique you can test which is just as efficient is making a substance as well as rubbing this straight on the feet. Whatever is most effective for you. Applying the second one as a feet scrub provides you with all the advantages without any negative effects, so be quick to give it a shot.

This cleanses the skin like a charm.


While we are on the subject of bathing, why not relax the entire body? Actually, combining apple cider vinegar along with baking soda is a wonderful technique for achieving an all-natural bath ‘salt’ which washes, relievers as well as nourishes the skin!

Anyone can benefit from this, particularly sufferers from skin allergic reactions and those who have issues with hives.

Surprise-surprise, you are able to leave this particular solution for any little bit within the tub even though you got out. This way, you’re efficiently cleaning your own tub too!


It may even be the DIY organic soap. Simply combine 1 part of drinking water with 3 parts baking soda after which use it to wash your hands of just about any dust or undesirable odors.


That’s correct! This is something baking soda can also be great for. What you should do is include 1 tbls. of baking soda in a glass full of water. Make use of this mixture within the affected region twice each day. It will usually a few days for your splinters to normally come off.

You will not have to be troubled with performing hurtful ‘home surgery’ (which may only result in further problems) again!


We are all aware how unpleasant that can be. Here is a nice homemade solution for this. Add a split cup of baking soda in warm water. After that pour this particular mixture right into a bathtub as well as lie within the tub in order to soothe any kind of sunburns.

Or, in case of soaking is not really your thing for whatever reason, you can always make use of this other technique. Dip the cloth or even towel within the same blend and instantly apply it towards the affected region.


Are you aware that a huge selection of professional sports athletes uses baking soda pills to improve their own performances? They may be a well-known power booster, in the end. Still, if you would like to try this, better do a little appropriate research initially.


You may also be acquainted with the actual teeth-cleaning technique using baking soda because of all the advantages it has. Nonetheless, you need to be extremely conscious not to overuse it.

Baking soda, though very healthy, is really a rather harsh substance that, if consumed in large quantities as well as too often, can harm your oral health instead of enhancing it.

But do not get frightened, all you should be is careful, and it is best to not clean your teeth by using it more than once per week. It’s outstanding for eliminating plaque and ridding of all sorts of unhealthy dental bacteria, a lot more than every other toothpaste purchased in any grocery store.

All you have to do is blend one part salt along with 6 parts baking soda. Put them in a blender up to 30 seconds after which fill the tube with it. You do not even need a brush, just make use of your index finger in order to massage your own gums with these for a brief while.

After that wait for 15 minutes for your paste to perform its miracle before completely rinsing the mouth area. Once more, just be sure not to overdo it!


Yes. Therefore, besides the benefits all of us pointed out above additionally, it gives your own pearly whites a level ‘pearlier’ appearance. You need to mix one fresh strawberry along with half a tsp of baking soda.

Use straight on your teeth. Let this sit up to 5 minutes prior to once again rinsing out once again thoroughly. To be able to prevent damaging the teeth enamel of your teeth, once per week is more than sufficient.


Here’s an enjoyable fact which you might or may not possess known: the actual baking soda has been utilized to clean the Sculpture of Freedom back throughout its repair in 1986! Therefore surely it really is good enough to use in your kitchen area, for all kinds of unclean surfaces!

A combination of apple vinegar and baking soda is the ideal chemical-free cleansing agent for the bathroom too! Then there is cleaning your grill or any type of toys for those who have young kids. You may also sprinkle this on carpets and rugs before doing all your regular cleaning for greater results.

Just ensure to leave it to take about 15 minutes. Even your own silverware, as well as cutlery, may regain their own nature as well as sparkle by utilizing baking soda to clean all of them. The possibilities tend to be nearly limitless.

So choose a life slightly simpler by keeping baking soda around. In fact, you don’t know whenever you’re should retain some – whether for the home or even yourself!

Guaranteed! Whiten Your Yellow Teeth In Less Than 2 Minutes!

Coconut oil doesn’t contain any foaming agents and thus, protects your mouth from canker sores. Furthermore, coconut oil is packed with antibacterial properties, which eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, it provides the following benefits for the oral health:
Reduces inflammation;
Whitens teeth;
Soothes throat dryness;
Prevents cavities;
Heals cracked lips;
Boosts immune system;
Strengthens gums and jaw;
Cures tooth decay;
Eliminates bad breath;
Heals bleeding gums;
What’s more, coconut oil toothpaste is inexpensive and it can be very easily prepared. Here’s how to prepare it in the convenience of your home:

Coconut Oil Toothpaste


about ½ cup coconut oil
2-3 tablespoons of baking soda
15-20 drops of essential oils (optional)
2 small packets of stevia (optional)

First, take a jar and add the semi-hard coconut oil and add all the other ingredients. Then, mix well using a fork. You should dip your toothbrush in and scrape a small amount onto bristles. Brush your teeth as you would normally do. Moreover, you can also try oil pulling using coconut oil.

12 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Browsing the store shelves, we usually take what catches our eye. But is it really the right thing to do? Pretty looks don’t guarantee good taste or health benefits.

Bright Side shares some recommendations that will help you choose only healthy and natural foods.

Hard cheese

When buying hard cheese, pay attention to its color, holes, and texture: it should be uniform and without a white crust; the holes should be evenly distributed on the whole chunk; if the cheese doesn’t restore its shape after you squeeze it a little bit, it’s better not to take it.


Fresh meat is pink, not bright red or even brown. Note the fat streaks: they should be glistening and very light. Good meat will also return to its original shape and not stick to your hands.

Ground coffee

Opt for coffee with an average price: the cheap one won’t be good, while the expensive one’s taste is the same. Good ground coffee is never stored in plastic jars, only in glass or metal ones. Look at the “best before” date too — it shouldn’t be more than 18 months.


Natural honey is transparent and of a uniform color. Quality honey is very sweet and has a specific fragrance. Rub a drop of it between your fingers: if it’s easily absorbed by your skin, it’s fine.

Ice cream

Always read the contents of ice cream. Berry flavored ones are rarely natural, so it’s better to choose those containing only nuts, candied fruit, or gumdrops. Popsicles, on the other hand, are never made of anything natural.


First and foremost, pay attention to the contents of chocolate. The shorter the list, the better your bar is. Quality chocolate must contain cocoa, while any derivatives are a sign of an artificial product. In addition, it’s better to pick a bar that has cocoa oil in it, not vegetable oil.


A fresh fish has bright eyes; clouded and bulging eyes are indicative of an old fish. The gills should be bright red or, rarely, light pink (in cases when blood was drained through the gills). When you take the fish in your hands, its tail should hang freely.


Fresh bread shouldn’t be tough, so always touch it at the store. Note that plastic bags let the bread stay fresh for longer, but it will lose its taste in just a couple of hours in such a package.


Picking good carrots is easy: just take the one that is less bright, has no spots, and is small.

Bell pepper

Two or three sections in a bell pepper indicate that it’s a little bitter and has fewer seeds. If there are four sections, it will be sweet with lots of seeds. Also, pay attention to the lower part of the pepper where it bulges.


Look at the border between the white and green parts of the scallion: if it’s distinct, the product is good; if it is gradual, the scallion will be too tough.


It is no secret that gelatin is made by boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones of pigs and cows with water.

As a good alternative in your cooking, you should use agar-agar — it is vegan and keeps your food solid at room temperature.


Although each of our senses is important because they fulfill functions that no other can do, the sight plays a more than crucial role.

Seeing allows us to be connected with the world, and with all the wonderful things that surround us; The landscapes, the faces of the people we love, the places we are familiar with and everything that happens around us.

But we often neglect this very important sense, especially when we are young and we submit to efforts or jobs that involve working the sight more than we should.

When we strain our eyes in front of the screens of the mobile devices, or the long hours of study in dim light, or watch TV at close range we notice that after a few hours our sight is tired, irritated, with watery eyes and often up to with blurred vision.

All these things can generate what we call the effusion. This usually occurs in people who suffer from the heart, especially if the stroke occurs in the left eye, as it also happens in people who have high blood pressure.

The stroke itself is not as serious as it shows that we may suffer from a heart condition, either because the heart works too much, because of an intense physical activity or because of stress.

To favor the heart and help you more relaxed we recommend that you sleep on the right side so you do not have to put up with too much pressure. Another thing you could do is avoid eating fats, something that damages the heart and your body in general. Also the consumption of alcoholic beverages, the cigarette and the sedentary life threaten against your cardiac health.

A way to take care of the heart and at the same time the sight has to do with changes in the lifestyle that will result in a general benefit for your body.

4 Remedies To Treat Ingrown Toe Nails At Home

Anyone who has suffered from an ingrown toenail knows that they aren’t pleasant. This injury is small, but it can cause some major pain and annoyance.Ingrown toenails occur when the nail begins growing into the skin in a curved pattern. This growth irritates the skin, causing redness, tenderness, and swelling. In some cases, it can also cause an infection.What causes an ingrown toenail? Heredity, a recent foot injury, or improperly fitted footwear can all contribute to an ingrown toenail. They are extremely common and can be hard to prevent. Luckily, if you are currently dealing with an ingrown toenail, there are home remedies that will ease your pain and discomfort. Consult a doctor before attempting any of these remedies and your feet will be back on track in no time.

Soak your foot in warm bath containing epsom salts

Epsom salts help to disinfect your foot from bacteria and will soothe irritated skin. Use lukewarm (not hot) water and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. The water will also help soften the nail.

Use floss or a cotton ball to relieve pressure between your toe and your nail

Use tweezers (or dental floss wrapped around the nail) to carefully lift your nail enough so that you can place a sterile cotton ball underneath. Don’t try to jam the cotton under the nail. Place it gently so that the nail rests comfortably on top. Be sure to change the cotton ball regularly as it will become a magnet for bacteria. This is only a temporary solution and should only be done if you have consulted a doctor.

Apply antibiotic ointment

Regularly apply antibiotic ointment to the area to prevent infection. Our feet come in contact with a lot of germs, so keep the area clean, especially when your skin is vulnerable and sore. Apply a bandage to keep your toe sterile.

You can also use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant. Use just a few drops on your toe to remove the bacteria that can make your ingrown toenail worse. These home remedies should ease the discomfort caused by an ingrown toenail. Do not attempt to cut or trim your toenail before receiving medical advice, as it could cause more damage to your toe. Consult your doctor for the best and safest way to remove an ingrown toenail. 

10 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Good For Diabetes Patients! Must Read!

Sweet potatoes are just similar to the usual type of potatoes that is commonly used in some food industries just like potato fries and other junk foods, but there is a small difference between them due to its kinds such as family, sweetness, taste as well as the appearance. Additionally, sweet potatoes are different from their range of colors.

The most shared and common grown crops of sweet potatoes are those which contain white cream and yellow-orange color. In other countries such as Japan, they have sweet potato that contain a purple flesh inside of it.

Sweet potatoes are well known due to its abundance in antioxidants which makes it the best. It highly possess all of the excellent nutritional values that a certain food should have.

Facts about Sweet Potato that you should know:

1. This vegetable is best appropriate for those people who suffers from diabetes because it has the ability to naturally make the sugar levels steady as well as to control the insulin resistance for the diabetic persons.

2. Sweet potatoes are loaded with fibers that will completely help you in having a healthy digestion and also a detoxification.

3. Sweet potatoes contains a huge amount of Vitamin A that enables the regeneration of the respiratory system especially for those people who excessively smoke.

4. It is also packed with Vitamin D that is really good in making the some parts of the body healthy and strong just like the teeth, bones, skin, heart and it also improves the energy levels which makes the thyroid glands works normally.

5. Sweet potatoes can evenly dispense potassium levels on your body for the development of the function of the heart. The potassium can actually help you in lessening the impact of the sodium when it is consumed by our body.

Potassium is well known for its ability in regulating the blood pressure as well as helping out in balancing the electrolytes.

6. Additionally, the potassium that it contains is extremely excellent for a healthy tissue and muscles. It has the ability to lessen the swelling and cramps which provides a strong energy and relaxation for the muscle. It can also regulate heartbeat and heartrate.

7. Sweet potatoes also contains Beta-carotene that can work as an antioxidant for the body which prevents various diseases such as arthritis, asthma and gout. It can also protect the entire condition of the lungs as well as preventing breast cancer from getting severe.

8. It is packed with folic acid which is needed to the development of a healthy fetal. It is extremely good for all the pregnant woman.

9. Sweet potatoes can give a huge number of Vitamin C that your body needs.

10. Lastly, you can apply the broth water from the boiled sweet potatoes in order to treat some skin conditions especially the irritated ones. It has the ability to cleanse all the pores and also to eliminate all the impurities.

source: http://www.homeremediescorner.com

Natural mask of rice – Look 10 Years Younger

Fortunately, the secret is out, and eventually you will have the same ally in the fight against aging and wrinkles! You will no longer spend money on expensive cosmetic treatments, but you will have a natural ally for these treatments in rice.

Rice has a very good medicinal properties and nutrients to your skin. Rice is a natural emollient action of the UV rays, but also nourishes the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Make a mask of rice under this recipe:


– 3 tablespoons rice

– 1 tablespoon milk

– 1 tablespoon honey

Way of preparation:

After cooking the rice, drain it, and put aside the water in which rice is cooked. In rice, add a tablespoon of heated milk and mix. Once you get the mixture, add honey.

How to use this mask of rice?

Apply the mask to clean, dry skin and allow drying. After that, remove the mask and wash your face with water in which rice is cooked.

Rice water has antioxidant and healing properties that moisturize and improve circulation. This water will give you a healthy and moisturized skin. Also, it provides you with a slight sunscreen.


Very well, today we are going to show you that some foods that we consume frequently have the power to delay the aging of the brain and even to recompose its functions.

Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, or vine leaves, have vitamin K that takes years away from our brain.

A survey showed that older people who regularly consumed these vegetables had cognitive abilities compatible with a brain 11 years younger. These cognitive abilities are related to memory, thinking, language and problem solving, so it could prevent the development of Alzheimer’s that precisely arises when these skills are reduced.

Also, these vegetables have other properties such as vitamins A, C, iron, calcium, manganese that protect the eye from cataracts, produce red and white blood cells and form antibodies in the immune system.

Other green leafy vegetables:

• Chard
• Celery
• Cry
• Broccoli
• Spinach
• Mustard greens
• Beet greens
• Leaves of carrot
• Lettuce
• Parsley
• Leek

source: http://www.worldhealthguide.ph

If You Are a Banana Lover, Read These 6 Shocking Facts (Number 5 is Very Important!)

Bananas have a lot more going for them than simply an affordable price and sweet flavor.

It might be the perfect fruit. They’ve got a built-in protective covering with a convenient tab for removal. They’ve got a delicious taste that nearly everyone enjoys. And perhaps most important they’re packed with beneficial nutrients.

No wonder bananas are Americans’ favorite fruit.

Whether you’re already a banana lover or someone who needs more reasons to up his or her fruit intake, here are eight big benefits of regularly eating bananas.

1. It Makes You a Smarter Person

Bananas are proven to boost brain functions and in effect your cognitive and reasoning ability. This is because bananas have a high potassium content which is essential for proper brain activity.

2. It Helps Prevent Kidney Cancer

Bananas has the ability to promote calcium absorption in the body thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones. It will also boost teeth and bone health as a result while offering protection for your eyes from macular degeneration.

3. Bananas Help to Combat Anemia

Bananas are rich in iron which will boost and strengthen your blood and also help you combat anemia.

4. It Will Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Bananas help to regulate your blood sugar levels and this is good if you suffer from diabetes. They also help to fight depression, PMS symptoms and generally improve your mood.

5. It Can Protect You From Heart Attack and Stroke

When you consume bananas often you are less likely to have a heart attack or suffer from stroke, this is because bananas are rich in potassium and low in sodium.

6. It Fights Depression

Bananas are rich in tryptophan that when consumed gets transformed into serotonin which is a brain neurotransmitter that regulates your mood to happy.

source: http://www.worldhealthguide.org