Read on and learn 6 new ways how to use garlic.

  1. Garlic as a Remedy for Pimples

Triturated garlic is a common ingredient in many face masks and lotions, but the most effective and simple way to get rid of pimples and acne is to rub them with garlic juice. The pimples and acne will soon dry and disappear.


  1. Treat Fungus on your Feet

The garlic has strong antifungal properties. You can make a garlic bath with 10 garlic cloves. Crumple the garlic cloves and add them in 1 liter of water. Massage the affected area with this mixture and soon you will get rid of this problem.

  1. Treating Toothache

This is a very old folk remedy.

Put small garlic clove between the gum and the inner part of your cheek, near the aching tooth. Your toothache will be gone pretty quick.

  1. Removing Thorn

The thorn will come off by itself if you apply crumpled garlic on the affected place. Fix it with gauze and leave it to stay for 1 hour.

  1. Crack on the Glass

Cut the garlic cloves finely and rub the crack on the glass. Of course, the glass will not regenerate, but you will surely prevent the crack from spreading.

  1. Very Effective Remedy For Colds, Viral Infections and Improving Immune System

The Chinese traditional healers are using garlic for complete recovery of the organism. Put one garlic clove in your mouth and dangle it with your tongue for 30 minutes. You will be amazed from the effect! The spit is enriched with the useful nutrients from the garlic and ends up in the bloodstream, cleansing the blood vessels and the lymph. Also, the garlic improves the oral health and stops the bleeding from your gums.

Spit the garlic and wash your mouth. If you don’t like the smell, chew one coffee bean or a little bit of fresh parsley.

Why Should We Consume Garlic?

  • Garlic cleanses our blood
  • Stimulates our appetite
  • Protects us from flu and respiratory diseases
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps in the fight against anemia
  • Helps in treating chronic bronchitis
  • Helps in treating kidney diseases and bladder
  • Purifies our skin

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