Easiest Method To Get Instant Glowing, Shiny And Smooth Hair

For this, you need only one ingredient that is-
Tea powder

1. Prepare the black tea, to make black tea, boil the one glass of water with 2 tbsp of tea powder for 5-10 minutes. And then strain the black tea.
2. Store black tea in a spray bottle and its ready to use, you can store black tea for one week in the freeze.
3. Spray this black tea on your hair after shampoo when your hair dried for best results. First comb your hairs very well and then spray black tea on your hair.
4. Massage your hairs very lightly using hands.
5. Do not wash your hair with water when black is dried, leave it on your hairs.

After few minutes, your hair will instant glow, shine and your hair will be more smooth, glossy and manageable. But this solution is not permanent your hair will come back to normal when you apply hair oil and shampoo your hair. Then you can again spray black tea on your hair because it’s completely natural and safe. After few weeks, your hair will be permanent glossy, smooth and shiny. You can use this method when you are going to a function, and you need instant glow on your hair.

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