Guaranteed! Whiten Your Yellow Teeth In Less Than 2 Minutes!

Coconut oil doesn’t contain any foaming agents and thus, protects your mouth from canker sores. Furthermore, coconut oil is packed with antibacterial properties, which eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, it provides the following benefits for the oral health:
Reduces inflammation;
Whitens teeth;
Soothes throat dryness;
Prevents cavities;
Heals cracked lips;
Boosts immune system;
Strengthens gums and jaw;
Cures tooth decay;
Eliminates bad breath;
Heals bleeding gums;
What’s more, coconut oil toothpaste is inexpensive and it can be very easily prepared. Here’s how to prepare it in the convenience of your home:

Coconut Oil Toothpaste


about ½ cup coconut oil
2-3 tablespoons of baking soda
15-20 drops of essential oils (optional)
2 small packets of stevia (optional)

First, take a jar and add the semi-hard coconut oil and add all the other ingredients. Then, mix well using a fork. You should dip your toothbrush in and scrape a small amount onto bristles. Brush your teeth as you would normally do. Moreover, you can also try oil pulling using coconut oil.

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