Food Expiration Dates Are A Lie To Get You To Spend More Money. What You Need To Know

When we go shopping in grocery stores, we always check whether we picked the right package of food with the “sell by date” that is furthest in the future.

Many people have an opinion that those dates are printed on packaging in order to tell us when food is going to go bad and indicate which food will last longer.


The dates are not accurate. You are the one who should judge your food quality.

People usually live by the sell by or expiration dates so when we notice it is just a day or two after those dates, we will throw the food away without question.

But you should know that just because one of these dates has passed does not mean the food is expired. We might be throwing away our hard earned money.

According to the National Resource Defense Council, these dates are not reliable measures to determine if food is spoiled or not.

They are just present to indicate when the food will not be at its optimal peak freshness. The food may very well still be safe to consume

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