Learn How To Make Your Own Stove and Cook Whatever You Want Just With a Can of Soda

The base element to “make” this kitchen is an aluminum soda can. You can use it for a night of camping, an afternoon hike or simply to meet with friends in the garden of your home.

To use something made with our own hands, it has a special taste, a particular satisfaction. To think that we and others can enjoy and take advantage of something done with our time and effort, it is rewarding.

And who has not happened to be in a situation where you think: “If I hand this or that …”. Well, today we’re going to teach you to make a stove or home cooking with simple elements and simple way that could be of much use.

For your home cooking, you’ll need:

– 2 aluminum cans of any refresh.

– one knife

– 1 marker

– 1 small sandpaper

– Fiberglass

– Alcohol

First, you should keep in mind that aluminum is a very sharp element and handling necessary with extreme caution.

1) Take a brand cans and 2cm from the bottom up. Mark a circle around the can and make a cut along this line.

Care that can no dents, holes or cuts.

2) Once you’ve cut the can, it will be a kind of low container. Housekeeping round the edges or sanded so there are no sharp edges.

3) Take the other can and insert into which you cut to widen a bit, since that first can serve as a basis.

4) Make another can with the same measurement procedure and cut and places a piece of fiberglass in the can base; then, you will place the other base as a cover. Do this carefully as they must click into place so that there are no sharp edges or openings.

5) Once you have a can within the other, with the help of a nail executes a hole in the center, at the top and several part in the contour, simulating the effect of a burner.

6) Carefully place alcohol through the top hole, you could try to be a little wider than the others.

7) Light from the center hole. Once the flames appear through the holes made with the bald, you can put a coin into the top hole to give more strength to your “kitchen” and turn it into a real burner.

You have your kitchen camping to enjoy with family and friends.

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