A Drink That Changes Life Better: You Will not Believe What Everything Can Apples cider vinegar!

In addition to baking soda, apple juice simply needs to be in the home or on the road at any moment. It works better than drugs, and is 100% natural.
Here’s how you can use apple juice:

1. Neutralizes smells

If you feel an unpleasant smell in your house, which will never disappear, place a small amount of apple juice in a pot where the smell is felt and soon you will enjoy a pleasant aroma that penetrates the space, writes “Satisfactory” …

2. Kills weeds

Mix two liters of apple juice, one quarter of a cup of salt, and half the dishwasher detergent jug. Sprinkle the weed with this mixture and watch it rusty and yellow. Be careful not to sprinkle the flowers you want to keep.

3. Clean the face

Due to its antibacterial properties, apple juice is also ideal for facial cleansing. It can help remove the pimple as well as balance skin pH. Dissolve a little bit of water in the water, dip a piece of wad and wipe the face.

4. Removes bruising

Rub a little bit on the place where you hit or the bruise has already appeared. It will function counter-active, and will reduce discoloration.

5. Removes an unpleasant smell

Spend a small amount of apple juice in your mouth and this will help eliminate the unpleasant smell. Siren will kill the bacteria that cause the smell.

6. The hair gives a touch and shine

Pour one third of apple juice into four sprigs of water and then rinse the hair after shampooing and then with cold water. If you have a dump twice a week sprinkle your head with a mixture of equal amounts of wafers and water. Wrap your hair in the bath and leave it for an hour. Wash your hair as usual.

7. Serves as a deodorant

You can not find a healthier deodorant than apple juice. Apply a little wrap under the armpits and wait for it to dry, after which the smell of walnut will not feel.

8. Brushing teeth

Dissolve an amount of apple juice in two volumes of water and shake the liquid in your mouth. Wash the teeth as usual.

9. Removes the unpleasant odor of the foot

Wipe your feet with paprika pepper sunk into apple juice.

10. Helps in Weight Loss

The apple juice makes us more pure, and the acid in it prevents accumulation of fat deposits.

11. Helps with inflammation of the throat

As soon as you feel the pain in your throat, shake a mixture of equal amounts of warm water and apple juice to stop further complications. Repeat every hour.

12. Clean your sneezes

The apple juice removes the secretion that accumulates in the sinuses and makes breathing more difficult. Its antibacterial properties also prevent inflammation of the sinuses and colds. Drink some water mixed with apple juice.

13. Helps digestion

If you have problems with bad food, every morning on an empty stomach, take a solution of water and apple juice. One brandy cup drifts into one glass of water. Pectin in the intestine facilitates the intestinal function.

14. Remove viral warts

Dip a piece of wedge into the syrups, patch it over the warts and leave it overnight. Repeat every night as long as the nipple does not waste.

15. Returns energy

Potassium and enzymes in the apple juice help to raise energy. Add a little salt water and drink. You can drink it during training so you can get exhausted. Amino acids in whey prevents the formation of lactic acid after exercise.

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