Unique Homemade Cream To Gets Rid Of Scars Completely Within 2 Weeks

Scars are something nasty that affects your pretty look.

It can be a stain on a person’s overall personality. Scars are painless. A lot of potions and creams are available in the market for sale to fade the scars. If you don’t want to spend on these products and want to heal the scars naturally, you can opt for home remedies.

Stop hiding your scars with the help of a concealer and try out the following natural remedies for removing scars at home.

We will introduce you an excellent homemade ointment that will effectively eliminate scars in only 2 weeks!

Home Remedy for Scars


  • 1 tablespoon natural raw honey
  • 1/4 olive oil
  • 3-4 drops lavender oil
  • ¼ cup cocoa butter


  • Melt the cocoa butter over a hot water bath and add the same amount of olive oil to it.
  • Then, add 1 tablespoon of honey and 3-4 drops of lavender oil.
  • Leave the mixture to cool down and put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.
  • When cool, put it in a jar and close it tightly. Your homemade cream for removing scars is ready!


Apply the ointment on the scars every morning and every evening. The results will surprise you! Moreover, apart from eliminating your scars, the cream will also nourish your skin.

5 Things You Use Every Day That Can Harm Your Health

Very often companies use targeted methods of influence to make us buy things we don’t need. However, some of them may not only be unnecessary but also quite dangerous for our health.

Bright Side made a list of things most of us have at home. We rarely think about their quality, but the harm they cause has been proved by different researchers. Should we continue using them at all?

5. Plastic food containers

It’s not the plastic itself that harms us but the chemical components that manufacturers use to make the containers solid. Often washing, heating, and contact with food components make the situation worse. The plastic becomes very toxic and dangerous. Do not use plastic food containers for more than 5 months, and make sure you avoid using them in the microwave.

4. Crocs

Millions of people love wearing this simple pair of shoes every day, but Crocs do not provide a very necessary stability for the heel. An unfixed heel can lead to many different problems, such as toe deformities, the formation of calluses, and foot pain. Another reason to wear something more comfortable is the fact that the shank (the part of the shoe which provides support between the toes and the heel) becomes very soft after prolonged usage. It’s crucial for any footwear to have a very solid shank so that you don’t feel any discomfort while walking.

3. Mascara

Pay close attention to the ingredients of mascara when you buy a new one. Some of the components, like parabens, aluminum powder, and propylene glycol, may be very dangerous for the health of your eyes. Avoid using your friend’s mascara because it can cause the formation of bacteria and fungi and lead to the growth of an infection.

2. Nonstick cookware

The perfluorinated chemicals used to create the nonstick cover on your frying pan are not so dangerous by themselves. However, when the temperature exceeds 230ºC, the frying surface extracts a certain amount of the volatile substances. Danish researchers found that the presence of these poisonous chemicals in human blood can lead to the formation of cancer cells.

1. Antibacterial soap

The law regulated the amount of triclosan, the antiseptic used in antibacterial soap, to 0.1-0.3%. However, the harm is so much bigger: triclosan weakens the immune system and makes our body resist the absorption of antibiotics. It also can cause a hormonal imbalance and muscular dystrophy. In fact, antibacterial soap is no more than a marketing trick. Research shows that any bacteria can be washed off your hands with a simple soap.

Only 2 Ingredients And You Can Say Goodbye To Diabetes Forever! No More Medications And Insulin!!!

When the body loses its ability to produce enough insulin or to use it effectivelydiabetes is a chronic condition which happens.

Insulin is a hormone that is made in the pancreas and allows glucose from food to pass into the body’s cells, where it is converted into energy for the muscles and tissues to function.

Diabetes is a very serious condition, which causes potentially life-threatening health complications.

Many people with diabetes may have relatively normal lives. And if we have a good treatment the truth is that, we can live with it as normal. However, not all people with diabetes can pay for medical treatments. On the other hand, some people find it annoying to have to inject insulin every day.

That’s why in this article we are going to show you how you can treat diabetes in all-natural way without using medications. Actually, we are going to present you this cheap, easy and 100% natural remedy that works much better than any other medications for diabetes. You need only 2 ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchenfor its preparation. Here’s how to prepare a powerful syrup to fight diabetes.


  • 6 lemons
  • 300 grams of celery


  • Wash the celery thoroughly and grate it. Then put it in a pot.
  • Add the squeezed lemon juice.
  • Cover the pot and put it in another large pot filled with water (water bath)
  • Boil the water in the large pot reaches a boiling point.
  • Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer at low temperature for about 2 hours.
  • Remove the containers from the stove and do not open the pot until the mixture has cooled completely.
  • Transfer the mixture into a vial.
  • Close the jar and put it in the refrigerator.


  • Take one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • This amount is sufficient for two months, after which you have to start normalizing blood sugar levels.


Get a Flat Tummy in 14 Days With This Magical Drink

If you’re still struggling to lose those last few pounds, there’s one thing you may have never considered as a great fat-burning remedy. It’s almost everywhere thanks to its numerous health benefits. No wonder top models, famous athletes, and even world organizations recommend coconut water as a healthy drink.

We at Bright Side have found 8 seriously impressive reasons why you should try drinking coconut water every day!

8. You lose weight more easily and quickly.

Try to substitute soft drinks and other sugary beverages for coconut water if you’re planning on losing weight and keeping it off for good. It’s a natural low-calorie drink that makes you feel full for longer. Try having a glass of coconut water before a meal — you’ll eat less.

7. Your body stays well hydrated.

Coconut water helps restore energy and maintains the optimal balance of fluid in the body. No wonder it’s widely used among athletes who recommend using coconut water before, during, and after a workout.

6. No more digestion problems.

Due to its high concentration of fiber, coconut water helps prevent indigestion. The World Health Organization even recommends using coconut water to cure diarrheain children.

5. Blood pressure becomes stable.

Studies show that coconut water has a significant effect on blood pressure, lowering the systolic pressure by 71% and the diastolic pressure by 29%.

4. You get radiant and smooth skin.

Being a great source of antioxidants, coconut water can flush out toxins and provide vital nutrients at the same time. Besides drinking it, you can also try applying it to your face every day. It’ll fight impurities and leave your skin healthy and beautiful.

3. Mood swings and stress will stop bothering you.

Coconut water contains a variety of vitamins. In fact, B-complex vitamins help you reduce stress and prevent mood swings. Magnesium increases the production of serotonin, a deficit of which may cause depression.

2. You get an all-natural hangover remedy.

If you had a little too much fun last night, try coconut water to bring you back to life. It’s rich in nutrients that can help rehydrate your body and replenish lost vitamins. Coconut water is actually 95% pure water, so it’s the best drink to restore water balance.

1. You can slow down the aging process.

Coconut water is a natural source of cytokinins, plant hormones that work wonders for our health. Not only are they responsible for cell division, giving an anti-aging effect, but they also reduce the risk of age-related diseases, such as cancer and thrombosis.

8 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

We all know that our health greatly depends on the food we choose to eat. That is why it has to be not only tasty but also good for our bodies. However, sometimes the wrong combinations of ingredients can undermine all the healthiness you were trying to achieve!

Bright Side will tell you about 8 food combos that you’re better off avoiding. We’ll also give you several great nutrition tips at the end of this article! Enjoy!

8. Cocoa + milk

Cocoa is rich in oxalic acid, which blocks calcium absorption. When combined with calcium, this acid contributes to the formation of oxalate crystals, which are bad for your kidneys in excessive amounts. Of course, one cup of hot chocolate a week won’t hurt you, but be careful with it, especially if you have kidney problems.

  • Tip: Fats facilitate oxalate absorption, so if you are prone to kidney stones, make cocoa with skim milk.

7. Salad + lemon or vinegar dressing

Many vitamins and other valuable nutrients (like carotenoids) that are found in veggies and greens require fats for proper absorption. Whenever we dress our salads with lemon or vinegar only, we deprive ourselves of a great deal of healthy food elements.

  • Tip: If you are not a fan of vegetable oils (even though they are so amazing, helping us stay young and pretty), you might consider adding other high-fat products to your salad — an avocado, olives, or some nuts.

6. Cheese pasta + tomatoes

The starchy carbs that pasta is so rich in start to digest right in our mouths. This is done with the help of a special ferment, ptyalin, that is found in our saliva. Tomatoes, on the other hand, contain acids (malic, oxalic, citric), which, even in small amounts, break this ferment down. This leads to the hindering of starch digestion. The proteins found in cheese can also worsen this situation.

  • Tip: Nonacidic fresh or baked veggies and greens (such as basil) can be a great addition to your pasta!

5. Eggs + bacon

This combo we all love so much is rich in protein, and scientists believe that this is not so good for our health. Our body spends a lot of energy on digesting such products. That’s why, having had eggs and bacon for breakfast, we deprive ourselves of the energy we need so much at the start of the day.

  • Tip: Substitute bacon with tomatoes. The antioxidant selenium, found in eggs, is better digested with the acids brought by tomatoes. And the lycopene in tomatoes has better health effects for you when it’s combined with the vitamin E from the egg yolk.

4. Bran + milk

The phytic acid found in bran forms insoluble compounds when it’s combined with calcium and magnesium. It also makes these minerals inaccessible for your body. This acid is also found in wheat grits and oatmeal but in smaller amounts. That is why it’s not recommended to combine these products with milk too often. Moreover, scientists advise you to drink milk separately, 1-1.5 hours after your meal.

  • Tip: Boil bran beforehand because heat treatment breaks down phytic acid.

3. Cereal + orange juice

Cereal combined with orange juice, especially in the morning, won’t bring you the boost of energy you expect but may cause discomfort and heaviness in your stomach. The acids in orange juice drastically lower the activity of the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. For this same reason, it’s not recommended to combine grains with any other sour fruits or berries.

  • Tip: It’s better to have your glass of orange or other fruit juice an hour after your meal.

2. Pizza + soda

The combination of carbs, proteins, and starch takes up a lot of your body’s energy for digestion. Plus, the sugar in your soda slows down stomach processes. This results in stomach heaviness and bloating. In addition, the sugar can’t get to your intestines, where it should be dissolved, because of your full stomach. The combination of these factors can lead to stomach problems if you have this type of meal too often.

  • Tip: Any high-sugar foods should be consumed 1-1.5 hours after you eat.

1. Wheat bread + jam

Refined wheat flour combined with sweets is a double dose of fast carbs that cause a rapid glucose surge. It will provide you with a boost of energy for just a short time, followed by exhaustion and bad moods. Another argument against this combination is unrest in your bowels, caused by the alliance of yeast-fermented dough and sugar. It’s usually not recommended to have wheat bread with jam on an empty stomach.

  • Tip: Substitute wheat bread with whole wheat bread, especially if it’s non-yeasted. You’re even better off trading jam for honey, since it doesn’t cause bowel unrest and is generally a healthier product.

What health benefits tanglad (Lemongrass) can do to ones body when they eat it!

Tanglad or also known widely as Lemongrass, is often used as one of the flavoring agent in the south east Asian cuisines. It can be dried, powdered or even used fresh.

Nevertheless, besides being used as a spice, lemongrass has become a great source of Vitamins A and C, folate, folic acid, magnesium, copper, potassium, iron, phosphorus and manganese.

Tanglad has been traditionally utilized in folkloric herbal medicine to  help fight several numbers of medical conditions such as rheumatism, fever, acne, anxiety and a lot more. Lemongrass tea is most often used in home remedies for various health issues. You can brew the tea by steeping one teaspoon of fresh or dried lemongrass in a cup of hot water for about 10 minutes.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Lemongrass:

Helps in digestion

It contains antiseptic compounds that can effectively kill all the bad bacteria as well as parasites in the digestive tract.

This in turn helps ease digestive health problems like indigestion, constipation, heartburn, diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, stomach spasms, vomiting and cramps. Plus, lemongrass has antimicrobial properties that help relieve gastroenteritis.

For a healthy digestive tract, drink lemongrass tea on regular basis. Lemongrass tea, however, is not recommended for small children.

Controls Cholesterol Levels

The anti-atherosclerosis and anti-cholesterol works of lemongrass can help in lessening the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines. Plus, it helps in the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol in the blood, which in turn helps prevent atherosclerotic plaque buildup.

A University of Wisconsin study in 1989 found that people with high cholesterol who took 140-milligram capsules of lemongrass oil daily noticed reduction in cholesterol levels.

They also experienced a significant decrease in blood fats. The high potassium content in lemongrass also helps lower and regulate blood pressure.

Cleanses and Detoxifies

Consistent consumption of lemongrass tea can help in cleansing and detoxifying your body.

It contains diuretic nature that can help in getting rid of the toxins, uric acid, and bad cholesterol from the body simply boosting the occurrence and amount of your urination.

Plus, the cleansing properties of this herbal tea help purify the liver, kidneys, bladder and pancreas. It also plays a key role in increasing blood circulation, which is important for overall health.

Helps you to get over Colds and Flu

Lemongrass contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties that can help your body in getting rid of coughs, fever and other cold and flu symptoms. Additionally,

it is packed with Vitamin C that can make your immune system stronger in order to fight these infections.

Another study published in 2009 in the journal Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacology found that citral in lemongrass slows the growth of breast cancer cells in the laboratory.

It can help in a person’s fights againts Cancer

Based on the research that was conducted at Ben Gurion University that is located in Israel, lemongrass tea has the ability to help a person’s fight against cancer.

A component that was called as citral can be found in lemongrass which causes apoptosis that can help the cancer cells commit suicide without even damaging the healthy cells.

Plus, lemongrass can be effective in breaking down mucus and phlegm buildup, which can alleviate problems with breathing. This is mainly beneficial when suffering from bronchitis or asthma.


You can also create this easily if you have all the ingredients and follow the preparation in the instruction.


  • 6 large stalks of fresh lemongrass
  • 6 tablespoons of sugar
  • 8 cups of water
  • Pandan leaves for added flavour (optional)


  1. Wash the lemongrass properly.
  2. Cut the lemongrass into quarter length and pound the white part.
  3. Get a pot and boil the water in it with the lemongrass.
  4. Lower the heat and seethe for about 15 minutes.
  5. Turn off the fire and leave it for a couple of minutes.
  6. Strain it.
  7. Heat the sugar and 3 tablespoons of water until the sugar completely dissolve.
  8. Add the Pandan leaves if you like it better. Leave it to cool down.
  9. Fill a glass with ice and add the lemongrass juice in it.

Furthermore, lemongrass is also widely known to be an effective and great pain killer. It provides great relief against several numbers of pains including toothache, joint pain as well as muscle pain.

Here are the other health benefits in consuming lemongrass juice:

  • Helps in menstrual disorder
  • Helps in preventing colon cancer
  • Helps in lessening fever
  • Effective remedy for both cough and fever
  • Soothes rheumatism and arthritis
  • Relieves nausea
  • Help enhance immune system
  • Help decrease cellulite

This Japanese Method Will Help You Quickly Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you are one of those people who have been looking for a solution on how to get rid of the annoying belly fat and if you have tried countless ways to do so, you have come to the right place. We are writing this article today to present you with a method that will help you get rid of the belly fat. Just keep reading.

The method was invented by the Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke. He discovered this method and it helped him lose 13 kg (28.7 lb) and 12 cm (4.7”) from the waist in just a few weeks. The result happened as a side-effect of a back pain relief exercise which was prescribed to him by a doctor. The best thing about the exercise is that it only takes 2 minutes a day.

You can freely try this technique at home and lose the weight. Now, we will show you what you have to do.

How Does the Method Work to Get Rid of the Belly Fat?

Ryosuke called this a long-breath diet. The technique entails you taking a certain position, taking a three-second breath and a strong exhalation for seven seconds.

A lot of European doctors use these breathing exercises for weight loss. This is how they think they work: the fat consists of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the oxygen we breathe in reaches the fat cells, it will split them into components (water and carbon). Thus, the more oxygen your body uses, the more fat we will be able to burn.

How to Perform It

The only thing you will have to do is perform the exercise as follows for 2-10 minutes.

  • First, stand up and push one leg forward and the other one back.
  • Then, strain the buttocks and transfer the weight to the back foot.
  • Start to inhale for 3 seconds while you lift the arms above the head.
  • Exhale forcefully for 7 seconds and strain the body’s muscles.

That is it! Just perform the method and lose the weight easily. Experts even say that the method will strengthen the body’s muscles and increase the metabolism. Thus, get to work!

11 Baking Soda Miracles You Probably Don’t Know!

Despite the fact that you’ve definitely already heard about the numerous advantages which baking soda can provide, most are still confused by the wondrous health advantages. Quite simply, the use will go far past the kitchen or even bathroom.

It is the most significant part by far is exactly what benefits it provides your body. And certainly no deficit of those.


Baking soda’s recognized name is actually sodium bicarbonate. Also, you may thank this compound for assisting your own dough increase. It is also within other food preparation aspects, for example, helping improve certain kinds of food.

This method of baking bread by using baking soda is a hundred of years old.

Baking soda also passes another title: nahcolite. This can be a derivative of the mineral known as natron.

Are you aware that the Ancient Egyptians utilized nation to clean up their houses? Even these were aware of baking soda’s effectiveness!

Flash ahead from olden days to the year 1846, whenever John Dwight and Doctor Austin Church came up with the baking soda everyone knows and use for this day!

Nevertheless, it was not until the twentieth century which baking soda started becoming utilized for medicinal reasons. We will be focusing on all those this time. Listed below are 11 functions of baking soda with regard to naturally enhancing health.

Want to know the best part about it? is it is definitely cheaper compared to many other medications and has actually been utilized in cosmetics! Listed below are the many purposes of it, besides treating mishaps and accidents. We shall right now start the actual countdown.


The antiperspirant, cleaner, cosmetic, you are utilized to buying within supermarkets as well as stores consist of unhealthy chemical substances such as lightweight aluminum and parabens. It is simple to prevent such weighty compounds through opting for baking soda.

Nothing is easier than just brushing baking soda on the feet, underarms or any type of another difficult area you may have for getting reduce the perspiration or any uncomfortable smell.


An easy mixture of baking soda plus some water can make an excellent paste which effectively reduces any kind of itching brought on by insect attacks. All you need to do is use this homemade paste within the affected region.

Besides itches, additionally, it is helpful for soothing as well as naturally dealing with rashes brought on by poison flowers.


Baking soda is No.1 in terms of dealing with heartburn, gastric acid, ulcer ache, and indigestion.

What you should do is blend half a tsp of baking soda within half a cup of drinking water. Drink this particular healthy blend every two hours, however in case you might be over sixty, this may be too big of a dosage for you, therefore tone it down a little.


All of us previously mentioned you need to use some baking soda on the feet to get rid of any kind of foul odors, but which is not the only utility they can take advantage of. Just blend 3 tbls. of baking soda using some heated drinking water as well as soak feet in the remedy.

Another technique you can test which is just as efficient is making a substance as well as rubbing this straight on the feet. Whatever is most effective for you. Applying the second one as a feet scrub provides you with all the advantages without any negative effects, so be quick to give it a shot.

This cleanses the skin like a charm.


While we are on the subject of bathing, why not relax the entire body? Actually, combining apple cider vinegar along with baking soda is a wonderful technique for achieving an all-natural bath ‘salt’ which washes, relievers as well as nourishes the skin!

Anyone can benefit from this, particularly sufferers from skin allergic reactions and those who have issues with hives.

Surprise-surprise, you are able to leave this particular solution for any little bit within the tub even though you got out. This way, you’re efficiently cleaning your own tub too!


It may even be the DIY organic soap. Simply combine 1 part of drinking water with 3 parts baking soda after which use it to wash your hands of just about any dust or undesirable odors.


That’s correct! This is something baking soda can also be great for. What you should do is include 1 tbls. of baking soda in a glass full of water. Make use of this mixture within the affected region twice each day. It will usually a few days for your splinters to normally come off.

You will not have to be troubled with performing hurtful ‘home surgery’ (which may only result in further problems) again!


We are all aware how unpleasant that can be. Here is a nice homemade solution for this. Add a split cup of baking soda in warm water. After that pour this particular mixture right into a bathtub as well as lie within the tub in order to soothe any kind of sunburns.

Or, in case of soaking is not really your thing for whatever reason, you can always make use of this other technique. Dip the cloth or even towel within the same blend and instantly apply it towards the affected region.


Are you aware that a huge selection of professional sports athletes uses baking soda pills to improve their own performances? They may be a well-known power booster, in the end. Still, if you would like to try this, better do a little appropriate research initially.


You may also be acquainted with the actual teeth-cleaning technique using baking soda because of all the advantages it has. Nonetheless, you need to be extremely conscious not to overuse it.

Baking soda, though very healthy, is really a rather harsh substance that, if consumed in large quantities as well as too often, can harm your oral health instead of enhancing it.

But do not get frightened, all you should be is careful, and it is best to not clean your teeth by using it more than once per week. It’s outstanding for eliminating plaque and ridding of all sorts of unhealthy dental bacteria, a lot more than every other toothpaste purchased in any grocery store.

All you have to do is blend one part salt along with 6 parts baking soda. Put them in a blender up to 30 seconds after which fill the tube with it. You do not even need a brush, just make use of your index finger in order to massage your own gums with these for a brief while.

After that wait for 15 minutes for your paste to perform its miracle before completely rinsing the mouth area. Once more, just be sure not to overdo it!


Yes. Therefore, besides the benefits all of us pointed out above additionally, it gives your own pearly whites a level ‘pearlier’ appearance. You need to mix one fresh strawberry along with half a tsp of baking soda.

Use straight on your teeth. Let this sit up to 5 minutes prior to once again rinsing out once again thoroughly. To be able to prevent damaging the teeth enamel of your teeth, once per week is more than sufficient.


Here’s an enjoyable fact which you might or may not possess known: the actual baking soda has been utilized to clean the Sculpture of Freedom back throughout its repair in 1986! Therefore surely it really is good enough to use in your kitchen area, for all kinds of unclean surfaces!

A combination of apple vinegar and baking soda is the ideal chemical-free cleansing agent for the bathroom too! Then there is cleaning your grill or any type of toys for those who have young kids. You may also sprinkle this on carpets and rugs before doing all your regular cleaning for greater results.

Just ensure to leave it to take about 15 minutes. Even your own silverware, as well as cutlery, may regain their own nature as well as sparkle by utilizing baking soda to clean all of them. The possibilities tend to be nearly limitless.

So choose a life slightly simpler by keeping baking soda around. In fact, you don’t know whenever you’re should retain some – whether for the home or even yourself!

Guaranteed! Whiten Your Yellow Teeth In Less Than 2 Minutes!

Coconut oil doesn’t contain any foaming agents and thus, protects your mouth from canker sores. Furthermore, coconut oil is packed with antibacterial properties, which eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, it provides the following benefits for the oral health:
Reduces inflammation;
Whitens teeth;
Soothes throat dryness;
Prevents cavities;
Heals cracked lips;
Boosts immune system;
Strengthens gums and jaw;
Cures tooth decay;
Eliminates bad breath;
Heals bleeding gums;
What’s more, coconut oil toothpaste is inexpensive and it can be very easily prepared. Here’s how to prepare it in the convenience of your home:

Coconut Oil Toothpaste


about ½ cup coconut oil
2-3 tablespoons of baking soda
15-20 drops of essential oils (optional)
2 small packets of stevia (optional)

First, take a jar and add the semi-hard coconut oil and add all the other ingredients. Then, mix well using a fork. You should dip your toothbrush in and scrape a small amount onto bristles. Brush your teeth as you would normally do. Moreover, you can also try oil pulling using coconut oil.

12 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Browsing the store shelves, we usually take what catches our eye. But is it really the right thing to do? Pretty looks don’t guarantee good taste or health benefits.

Bright Side shares some recommendations that will help you choose only healthy and natural foods.

Hard cheese

When buying hard cheese, pay attention to its color, holes, and texture: it should be uniform and without a white crust; the holes should be evenly distributed on the whole chunk; if the cheese doesn’t restore its shape after you squeeze it a little bit, it’s better not to take it.


Fresh meat is pink, not bright red or even brown. Note the fat streaks: they should be glistening and very light. Good meat will also return to its original shape and not stick to your hands.

Ground coffee

Opt for coffee with an average price: the cheap one won’t be good, while the expensive one’s taste is the same. Good ground coffee is never stored in plastic jars, only in glass or metal ones. Look at the “best before” date too — it shouldn’t be more than 18 months.


Natural honey is transparent and of a uniform color. Quality honey is very sweet and has a specific fragrance. Rub a drop of it between your fingers: if it’s easily absorbed by your skin, it’s fine.

Ice cream

Always read the contents of ice cream. Berry flavored ones are rarely natural, so it’s better to choose those containing only nuts, candied fruit, or gumdrops. Popsicles, on the other hand, are never made of anything natural.


First and foremost, pay attention to the contents of chocolate. The shorter the list, the better your bar is. Quality chocolate must contain cocoa, while any derivatives are a sign of an artificial product. In addition, it’s better to pick a bar that has cocoa oil in it, not vegetable oil.


A fresh fish has bright eyes; clouded and bulging eyes are indicative of an old fish. The gills should be bright red or, rarely, light pink (in cases when blood was drained through the gills). When you take the fish in your hands, its tail should hang freely.


Fresh bread shouldn’t be tough, so always touch it at the store. Note that plastic bags let the bread stay fresh for longer, but it will lose its taste in just a couple of hours in such a package.


Picking good carrots is easy: just take the one that is less bright, has no spots, and is small.

Bell pepper

Two or three sections in a bell pepper indicate that it’s a little bitter and has fewer seeds. If there are four sections, it will be sweet with lots of seeds. Also, pay attention to the lower part of the pepper where it bulges.


Look at the border between the white and green parts of the scallion: if it’s distinct, the product is good; if it is gradual, the scallion will be too tough.


It is no secret that gelatin is made by boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones of pigs and cows with water.

As a good alternative in your cooking, you should use agar-agar — it is vegan and keeps your food solid at room temperature.