50 Surprising Things You Can Do With Vaseline (Or Petroleum Jelly)

It may be surprising for you to find out that even young ladies use Vaseline for their consistently beauty routine.

Vaseline is not dangerous and it is safe for your skin, hair, and nails.

In the event that you need to know precisely what petroleum jelly does, take a look here.

These are the numerous amazing things you can utilize Vaseline petroleum jam for.

1. Put a coat on your eyelashes before you go to bed. Many people swear by this – and say it will make your lashes develop longer and thicker after some time.

2. Put a layer of Vaseline on your feet around evening time, cover them with socks and wake up to softer feet – consistently! Along these lines, you do not need to be bashful each time you go to get a pedicure.

3. Put Vaseline on your elbows each day – they will stay soft and smooth.

4. Put Vaseline on your cuticles a few times each day for gentler and better looking cuticles each day. It additionally enhances your nail beds.

5. Put Vaseline on dried lips and it feels great!

6. Utilize Vaseline as lip gloss. It truly makes your lips look fuller and more delicious, alongside a wonderful shine.

7. Blend a little Vaseline with a little Kool-Aid powder and make a shaded and flavored lip gloss, as well.

8. Melt Vaseline and one chocolate chip in the microwave, blend and let re-solidify for chocolate lip gloss. Many young ladies have done this and swear that it additionally makes your lips gentler than plain Vaseline.

9. Keeps up perfume scent longer when applied at perfume points before spritzing the fragrance. Simply rub a little touch where you plan on spraying and enjoy a new aroma throughout the night.

10. Can be utilized as a cream for skin inflammation sufferers. Many people think that it blocks your pores however this is not true. It does not stop pores however fills the gaps in lipid obstructions, which is the thing that we need for glowing, wonderful skin.
11. Saturates extreme dry skin. It is an astonishing feeling to utilize it after a shower.

12. Use Vaseline on your knees to keep that dry, ashy look and make your legs alluringly attractive under that tiny skirt.

13. Blend with sea salts to make a scrub! It truly feels great and is an excellent addition to a steamy shower.

14. Applying Vaseline on your teeth keeps lips from sticking to teeth. Many famous people utilize this tick for a beautiful smile on the red carpet.

15. Applied on teeth before applying lipstick keeps lipstick from sticking to your teeth.

16. Have your sweetheart rub your shoulders down with some warm petroleum jelly and melt with it.

17. Warmed up, it can be utilized as a night cream.

18. Makeup remover! You simply dip a Q-tip into some Vaseline and gently rub it away.

19. Protects the skin exposed to unfavorable climate. In the event that you have an issue amid cold windy days, put Vaseline on before going out.

20. Applied under eye shadow, it can make a shiny impact. You know, that provocative look those young ladies have at the club? It nearly makes your color metallic.
21. Applied on cheeks for a dewy look! This is beautiful for warm summer nighttime’s.

22. Can be utilized to smooth and mitigate skin after shaving.

23. Utilized as a part of nail treatments under cuticles. It makes your fingers less sore and it makes your nail beds look one Hell of a lot prettier.

24. Disposes of dry skin lines which can arise from washing. You know those minimal layered looking lines you get after you get dry off? Vaseline fills those lines with vitamins to decrease this impact.

25. Lubricates ear lobes and aids in making earring insertion simple and painless.

26. Keeps fingernails malleable and resilient. Applying Vaseline gives your nails the vitamins they have to stay solid.

27. Use with your lipstick to make a cream blusher for your cheeks! Yet, make sure the lipstick you utilize is safe (ideally natural) to utilize anywhere on your face.

28. It also helps to ease off stuck on rings.

29. Tame unruly eyebrows! Simply utilize a clean disposable lash wand and brush your brows to keep them set up.

30. Characterizes eyelashes and leaves them with a glossy and waterproof look. In the event that you do not want to utilize, utilize a spotless lash wand and some Vaseline will make your lashes look normally darker and more characterized.
31. Conditions scalp pre-shampooing. Rub a dime-sized drop of Vaseline through your roots before shampooing and love your glossy hair!

32. It can help prevent chaffing. In the event that you like to jog in the dry heat or you plan on wearing tight clothing to the club, utilize a touch of Vaseline rather than moisturizer on those “delicate” regions and you should not worry over that wretched chaffing!

33. Helps with recuperating after cosmetic surgery strategies.

34. Lessens scaling and tingling associated with dandruff. Utilize the same method as #31 and relax in the help. You can even do it subsequent to showering if your scalp is ultra dry.

35. When applied to lesions caused by poison ivy it is therapeutic.

36. Can enhance state of those with atopic eczema. Specialists suggest Vaseline for individuals who endure with this condition.

37. Heals and protect new tattoos. It likewise feels nice and cool when you rub it on a fresh piece.

38. Can secure against unsafe hair dyeing, straightening chemicals when utilized as a mask around the hairline. In case you are tired of peculiar blotches or the blazing sensation from bleach, simply put Vaseline around your hairline and on your ears before dying. It is totally safe and at last viable.

39. Utilize a small touch to put a quick shine on your shoes and bags. Simply utilize a cotton fabric and a little squeeze and rub away that grime.

40. Smear a little bit on your hands and scrunch through your hair for a messy bedhead look.
41. Utilize only a touch on the ends of your hair in order to hide dry and split finishes. In the event that you detest resembling a Dresden doll, just delicately massage the Vaseline into your finishes.

42. Get rid of makeup stains from clothing. Yes, truly. If you cannot blanch it and you cannot wash it out, rub some on your clothing and flush, and then watch it vanish.

43. You can rub Vaseline on the neck of your nail polish bottles, and they will not get stuck to the caps.

44. By rubbing a small amount over the polish, you can make your week old nail polish look new again.

45. Utilize a touch of Vaseline blended with powder eye-shadow pigment to create new colors, or a more solid eye-shadow to create richer texture and color.

46. You can stretch your favourite lotion by blending it with Vaseline.

47. Put Vaseline on your lips, leave it to stay for a few minute then scrub your lips with a toothbrush but gently to exfoliate and leave them smooth as a baby’s ass.

48. Get rid of false eyelash glue from your lash line.

49. Apply a small amount on dry spots on your body before fake tanning lotions are applied, and prevent uneven tanning.

50. You can apply Vaseline all over before taking flights in order to combat associated dryness.

12 Brilliant Uses for Baby Powder You’ve Never Considered

Many of us love the fragrance of baby powder and wish we could use it more often. Honestly you can, it has many uses which can help you in your daily chores, here are some of them:

• Thickens eyelashes
Dust your lashes with baby powder before using mascara, this will act like a primer and make your lashes look fuller without falsies

If you are out of dry shampoo sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on your roots, the powder will absorb the excess oil. For dark hair you can mix cocoa powder with it, for red hair mix a little cinnamon. Evenly spread the powder through your hair using your fingers.

• Clean off sand
When we go to the beach we often bring lots of sand along in our clothes and bags as a return gift. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on you and your kids’ sand-covered hands before you enter the house. The powder will absorb the moisture and make it easy to clean off the sand from hands.

• To treat oily stains
Sometimes the oils in food spoils your favorite clothing which is irritating. Just dab the oil-based stain with baby powder to absorb the grease before you wash as usual.

• Bed Sheets
Make your bed sheets feel cool in hot weather by using baby powder. It also helps cool your body from the day’s heat by absorbing excess perspiration, your sheets will feel soft and luxurious!

• As pet shampoo
Baby powder works great on your pets too. Help your furry friend feel refreshed between baths by rubbing the powder on your pet’s fur. Leave on for 5 minutes then brush. It will help their fur look fresh and the fragrance will eliminate any smell.

• Keeps your feet clean
Sometimes we get smelly feet when we wear shoes without socks for long periods or work hard. Try rubbing some baby powder on your feet and sprinkle some in your shoes every morning. Powder will absorb the sweat and keep your shoes clean and feet fresh.

• On your dish washing gloves
Some of us wear gloves while we wash dishes or clean dirty areas to protect our hands, but hate the struggle from slipping them on and off. Next time you need them sprinkle some baby powder on your hands to prevent the gloves from sticking to your hands.

• Clean playing cards
Keep your cards from sticking together by using baby powder. Put your cards loose in a box of a powder and cover it, shake a few times then remove the cover. The cards will be smooth and easy to use.

• Dusting flower bulbs
Use baby powder to dust your flower bulbs before planting. Place 4-5 bulbs and 3 Tablespoons baby powder in a sealed bag and give it several gentle shakes. The baby powder will reduce mold in the bulbs, lessening chance of rot.

• Aftershave
Use baby powder as aftershave, this is good for men and women. It’s a cheap way to keep your skin soft and supple after a shave.

• Untangle knots
Stop wasting time on tangled jewelry! Sprinkle baby powder on necklace chains to loosen the knot, then use a pin to untangle.

source: http://www.healthguide.ph

Every Parent’s Nightmare: How To Save Your Baby From Choking in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

It is not unusual for babies to take items placed next to them and put them in their mouth. Walnuts, seeds, peanuts or even coins and buttons – these are some of the things that frequently end up in babies’ mouths.

These seemingly harmless items can turn into very dangerous items for the baby because they usually trigger choking. So, what can people do in case they notice something like this?

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to prevent or save your baby from choking.

Step #1 – Evaluate the Situation

In case the baby starts making some weird sounds like wheezing or it starts experiencing lack of breath or coughs when he tries to open the mouth, it is very likely that the baby has put a foreign item in the mouth.
In case the baby stays with his mouth wide open and his face urns purple or red, this means that it cannot breathe due to an object stuck in the mouth/throat and you should intervene right away to help him.
In case the baby is crying and coughing intensively at the same time, it is very likely that he will cough out the foreign object, but is the coughing is mild and at the same time it looks like he is choking, he will need your assistance.

Step #2 – Removal of the Foreign Object from the Airways

Tapping on the back.
-Sit down, put the forearm on the thigh and keep the palm up.
-Put the baby’s torso on the forearm and let the stomach lean on your arm and use your hand to hold the jaw. Remember that the head of your baby should be slightly lower than his body.
-Tap the baby on his back for five times and don’t hesitate to use more force.
-In case this doesn’t work, use ab pressure. If you want to do this, you must keep the baby in the lap and hold his head with your hand.

The head of your baby must be lower than his body
-Put 2 fingers (from your free hand) on the middle of his chest just under the nipples.
-Add pressure 4 cm in depth and perform this movement 5 times.
-Repeat this for five times and the airways should be cleared.

Step #3 – In Case Nothing Else Provides Results, Practice CPR (Artificial Respiration)

Just watch this video to find out how to give proper CPR on a baby.

10 Fashion Items That Secretly Damage Your Health

It has been proven that 73% of women’s back problems come from the clothes and accessories they wear. Many items from your wardrobe are not as harmless as they may seem.

Bright Side wants to warn you about these 10 everyday pieces of clothing and accessories that can have a negative impact on your health.

1. Tight pants

Due to the effect of compression, these super popular “skinny jeans” are a real threat to your health. They can cause many problems including poor blood circulation, dilated veins, and even slow digestion. Moreover, because of the additional pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, overly tight pants can cause numbness and pain in the thighs.

So next time you look for new skinny jeans, make sure they not only highlight your curves but are also safe for your health.

2. High heels

In the latest study, researchers at Auburn University concluded that women have four times more foot problems than men do. Joint pain, calluses, ankle sprains, osteoarthritis, and nerve damage, just to name a few. If you have any of these problems, blame it on the high-heeled shoes you love so much. The higher and narrower the heel is, the worse.

Try to limit the amount of time you wear your heels, and next time go with a pair of more comfortable ones. Your feet should feel supported and balanced, especially if you plan on a long-distance walk.

3. Thongs

If you often wear thongs, you should know that this piece of underwear can lead to serious intimate health problems such as vaginal infections, hemorrhoids, irritation, and skin chafing in the genital area.

Try not to wear thongs very often, especially in summer. If you do, choose 100% cotton.

4. Heavy earrings and necklaces

According to recent studies, 20% of all ear piercings develop a bacterial infection. Plus, if a procedure was carried out incorrectly, it can lead to the spread of infection in the future and put your life at risk. The use of large and heavy earrings often cause damaged earlobes, a problem that requires plastic surgery to be fixed.

The same thing with necklaces. A heavy one can cause neck pain and even difficult-to-treat contractures.

5. Ties

Women are not the only ones who suffer from their clothes. According to a Cornell University study, 67% of men buy shirts that are smaller than their necks.

As a result, small shirts and tight tie knots reduce blood circulation, increase intraocular pressure, cause headaches, limit neck movement, and increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders.

6. Poorly fitted bras

The wrong bra size or poorly fitted bras can cause numerous problems such as back, shoulder, and spinal pain.

Every time you buy a bra, try it on before leaving the store. If you have big breasts, avoid wearing bras with thin straps. If you have a smaller bust, make sure that the metal underwires don’t damage your skin.

7. Flip-flops

Despite being an essential accessory for the beach, flip-flops are not as safe as you think. They actually put your feet at risk: this type of footwear can cause scrapes on your feet that can be easily infected.

Moreover, being very flat, flip-flops make your heels hit the ground with more force which can end up causing discomfort and back pain.

8. Shapewear

A tight girdle can cause shortness of breath, muscle pain, and blood circulation problems.

Always choose the right size for you, and look for shapewear made with Lycra to provide an adequate balance of support, compression, and comfort.

9. Extra-large handbags

Like any other woman, you most likely fill your handbag with everything you could possibly need. However, carrying too much weight on one shoulder can cause muscle pain and end up damaging your joints.

If you can’t give up your favorite XXL handbag, try not to fill it with unnecessary stuff. Just the things you really need.

10. Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts, or pipe skirts, bring your legs too close to each other, so there’s always a possibility of losing your balance and falling. They limit all your movements, from walking to getting into the car, but the worst thing is that such skirts can cause muscle strains and knee malformations.

9 Leg Health Problems That Can Signal Serious Illnesses

Hard work, poor nutrition, or a change in pressure may all cause changes in your legs and feet. However, there are more serious situations when leg problems point to serious health issues.

The team at Bright Side decided to find out in which cases the condition of our legs might be a sign that we should visit a doctor.

Kidney troubles

If the kidneys don’t work properly, excess fluid exits the body with some difficulties.This causes edema.

If the area around your eyes is swollen or you feel pain that resembles an electroshock in some of your limbs, this also can be a symptom of such a problem.

Venous insufficiency

During venous insufficiency, blood moves from limbs to the heart with difficulties. This happens when venous valves are weak or damaged.

This causes swelling. The most intense swelling occurs in the ankle area and is followed by pigmentation and a feeling of heavy legs.

Cardiac insufficiency

In this case, one or two cardiac chambers lose their ability to push blood effectively, which is why it is accumulated in the lower limbs.

Legs swell, and pain comes together with that.


Swelling of one or both legs may signal deep venous thrombosis. This problem is very dangerous. If you feel that you might have it, go to your doctor immediately.

Liver problems

You can spot early symptoms of liver problems by the condition of your legs. If your liver works abnormally, your limbs will start swelling and vascular spiders will appear.

It happens because of some troubles in blood flow between the intestine, spleen, pancreas, and liver.

Thyroid gland problems

Leg conditions may also help to detect some thyroid problems. It is easy to spot the symptoms of hypothyroidism listed above.


During atherosclerosis, the feet receive too little blood, which makes them pale and causes pain.

In the majority of cases, people neglect the symptoms of atherosclerosis. However, this illness has serious consequences.


Having diabetes, even the smallest leg wounds can cause serious consequences. This is necessary to heal the feet.

This illness is often accompanied by nerve damage. People don’t feel pain and don’t notice the way a little bruise turns into an ulcer.


Of course, pregnancy is not an illness. However, you can spot it early by some changes in your legs. They begin swelling (together with the arms), your legs start feeling heavy, and sometimes you get muscle spasms.

Sometimes these symptoms appear even before pregnancy is approved clinically.

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help


Our body is a perfect mechanism where lots of things happen at the same time. And sometimes it gives us signs that it needs help which, if ignored, can lead to health issues.

Bright Side would like to tell you about some signals you should always take note of.

8. Insomnia, irritability, and leg cramps

If you have these signs, your body needs magnesium and potassium. To replenish these vital elements, add tomatoes, oranges, bananas, and spinach to your everyday diet.

7. Dry skin

Dryness of the skin may signify a lack of vitamin E. Therefore, you should eat more vegetables, oil, nuts, and fish.

6. Sweet tooth

If you suddenly feel a strong desire to have something sweet, then stress, depression, or exhaustion may be the cause. Your body is asking for glucose. Oblige it, and to avoid gaining weight, better have some dark chocolate or honey.

5. Desire to eat ice

If you find yourself wanting to eat some ice, then you may have anemia — iron deficiency. The best sources of iron are beef, eggs, and molluscs. However, it’s still better to consult a doctor if you want to eat ice and lack energy.

4. Bleeding gums

Sudden or constant bleeding of your gums when you brush your teeth is a telltale sign of a vitamin C deficiency. Include the following products in your meals: citrus fruits, spinach, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.

3. Fragile nails and hair

Your body is telling you that it lacks vitamin B. Drink more milk, and have some nori seaweeds and mushrooms.

2. Rings around the irises

Such rings may appear in people over 50 years old, and that’s normal. However, if it appears in a younger person, then it’s a sign of high cholesterol levels. You should consult a doctor about this.

1. Greek foot

A Greek foot or a “Morton’s toe” is a longer second toe on your foot, and that could be a cause of callusing and/or discomfort on the ball of the foot at the base of the second toe. It could also make your footwear really uncomfortable, so you will need to watch out for a certain type and style.

9 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

For most people, spiders are scary and gross. Truth is, spiders are harmless, but some of them may bite you here and there. You can use a few simple tricks and get rid of spiders for good. No, we’re not talking about chemicals and stuff.
  1. Mint

Spiders don’t really like peppermint, so you can just add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a bottle of water, and spray your home. Enjoy the minty scent.

Peppermint essential oils will repel other pests, too.

  1. Clean up

Always keep your home neat and tidy. Spiders love dust and webs, so try to get rid of these, too. Vacuum, dust, and de-clutter more often, and you will never ever see spiders in your home.

  1. Vinegar

Spiders hate white vinegar, too. Add vinegar to your spray bottle with water, and spray around.

  1. Furry power

Guess what… spiders don’t like cats, too. Cats are brilliant hunters, remember?

  1. Keep them out

Clean up the exterior of your home. Make sure there are no leaves, grass clippings, wood piles, etc. check your windowsills and door openings to make sure there is no free-entrance sign for spiders. Use caulk to clog cracks.

  1. Citruses

Rub citrus peels on your windowsills, bookshelves and pretty much any surface in your home. You can also use lemon scented furniture polish.

  1. Cedar

Put cedar mulch around the perimeter of your home, and spiders won’t get in. cedar chest and cedar hangers work well, too. You can put cedar blocks and shavings in your closets, cupboards and drawers. Bye, bye, spiders!

  1. Chestnuts

Keep a few of these on your windowsills or baseboards, and spiders won’t get in. Osage orange can do the trick, too. You can keep these for a long time before they rot, so what are you waiting for?

  1. Tobacco

Tobacco is a big ‘no’ for spiders. Sprinkle tobacco around your corners, or soak a few leaves, and spray your home.

Discover 12 Foods That You Can Grow In Plastic Bottles

Have you ever considered planting your favorite flowers in plastic bottles?

Yes, this is actually an amazing idea for those of you who live in small apartments. Read this article, and work on your tiny home garden.Follow our detailed instructions, and you will be amazed with the final result.

You will need:

  • Plastic bottles (PET)
  • Nails rope
  • Marker, ruler and scissors
  • Waterproof cover
  • Matches


  1. First, mark the cut areas on your bottles. You will need a small rectangle and tiny dots for the rope.
  2. Cut the bottles and use the nails to make holes
  3. Cut two long strips of your rope, and burn their edges
  4. Push the rope through the holes
  5. Place a piece of tape at the bottom of your bottle
  6. Make top and bottom knots
  7. Determine the position of your bottle depending on the plant you will use first
  8. Push the rope through the second bottle
  9. Attack the rest of the bottles vertically

The bottle system works well for the following plants:

  • Strawberries
  • Green beans
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Green peas
  • Green vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Beets
  • Swiss Chard
  • Chilies
  • Chives

That would be pretty much every plant with short roots

Extra tips

Let your climbing plants spread across the free space of the rope between bottles

Spray the plants with water, and make sure the soil is always moist

Have fun!

Source: homeremediesgarden.com

20 Unusual Ways To Use Rosemary That Goes Way Beyond Cooking

Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean, and it’s probably the most aromatic herb you will ever use. It has an amazing fragrance and even greater flavor. People like to use it a lot, and we’ll give you more details on its harvesting and uses.
How to harvest and prepare rosemary

The good news is that rosemary can be harvested at any time. Make sure you prune your plant once a week or even every day. Snip off an inch or two of each sprig, and use it in your cooking. If you need more of it, wait until your shrub blooms, and remove the top few inches of each sprig. Don’t cut your rosemary too close to its base.

Bundle the clippings, and hang them upside down in a dry and warm area for up to two weeks. Add the stems to your compost, and keep the leaves in an air-tight jar. Seems easy, right? Well, it sure is easy.

  1. Vinegar and oil

Have you ever used rosemary infusion? Add your favorite herbs to your vinegar, and use it in your dressings, marinades, and other recipes based on vinegar. Rosemary will make your olive oil even more fantastic. It’s a nice way to add a healthy drizzle to your roast veggies or dipping sauces. Enjoy your aromatic infusion.

  1. Herbal butter

Herbal butter will do wonders to your savory dishes. Add garlic and rosemary to your butter, and your veggies, pasta, potatoes, and bread will taste like magic.

  1. Rosemary salt

Use rosemary and lemon sea salt on your grilled dish or roast veggies it’s easy to make, and you will only need three ingredients.

  1. Sauces and soups

Rosemary can be added to most sauces and soups. It’s a basic ingredient in many marinades. Combine it with citruses, garlic, peppercorn, butter, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and port. If you’re making soup, use it with sweet potatoes, vegetables, chicken, potato, zucchini, chickpea and parsnip.

  1. Salads and salad dressings

Rosemary isn’t a common ingredient in salads, but it’s definitely a ‘must’ in summer dishes. Try the brilliant heirloom tomato salad or combine it with lemon and capers in your favorite Italian potato salad. Rosemary works well with grapes and feta cheese. Rosemary vinaigrette is a nice addition to roasted butternut squash and tangerines or grilled peaches!

  1. Bread and pasta

Rosemary oil/vinegar will make your plain pasta and bread special, plus you can add the herb in your dough. Try the amazing rosemary focaccia bread or rosemary and black pepper fettucine.

  1. Dessert

Herbs work well in desserts, too. If you’re into deep flavors, feel free to add rosemary in your sorbet, especially if you combine it with lemon. Rosemary makes a nice combination with apples, coffee and even chocolate. Find the recipe that fits your palate.

  1. Drink

Add rosemary to your summer detox drinks or cocktails. Use it in infused water, lemonade iced tea and juices. It works well with lemons, grapefruit, lime, apple, pears, etc.

Make an adult drink by combining your aromatic herb with gin or bourbon.

  1. General cooking

Use rosemary in your quiches, stir fries, stews, roasts… Find the best way to use it, and enjoy its versatility.


Rosemary is a healthy alternative to synthetic medication, because it offers excellent therapeutic properties.

  1. Rosemary essential oil

It’s pretty easy to make your own organic essential oil. Rosemary essential oil relieves anxiety, indigestion, headache, joint pain, colds, flu, poor circulation, etc. if you don’t feel like making an essential oil, just infuse rosemary leaves in any carrier oil. Jojoba and olive oil work better than other oils. Keep the infusion in a sunny spot for 3-6 weeks, and use it to sharpen your mental clarity, relieve muscle soreness, and enjoy a relaxing massage.

  1. Natural deodorant

Stop using chemical-packed deodorants, and add herbs to your menu. Rosemary, basil, parsley, mint and sage will kill bad odors.

  1. Hair

Rosemary and nettle infusion is an excellent post-shampoo herbal rinse. It eliminates dandruff and stimulates blood flow. This is great for those who deal with hair loss and baldness. Essential oils boost hair growth, remove impurities, unblock hair follicles, and stimulate your scalp. Combine lavender, thyme, rosemary, cedar wood and peppermint essential oil to your shampoo. Massage it into the scalp once a week.

  1. Congestion

Rosemary steam treatment relieves nose and chest congestion. It’s a safer alternative than all the chemical stuff you’re using. Boil some water, and add in two tablespoons of fresh or dried rosemary. It acts as a natural antiseptic, and your nasal passages will be clear within a minute. Inhale the vapors for 10 minutes.

  1. Cognitive performance

Diffuse rosemary oil or enjoy a cup of rosemary tea to sharpen your mental clarity and improve our cognitive performance. Rosemary prevents aging, and keeps your brain young. Carnosic acid in rosemary prevents free radical damage.

  1. Painkiller

Rosemary tea relieves heartburn and intestinal gases. Apply rosemary products topically to relieve toothaches, eczema, gout, headache, and joint/muscle pain.

Rosemary has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The German Commission E has already approved rosemary essential oil in the treatment of muscle pain and arthritis.

  1. Stress and anxiety

Rosemary will help you survive your moody days. According to a 2009 study, rosemary and lavender sachets reduced anxiety in students prior their exam. Sniffing these sachets will lower your pulse rate, and relax your mind. A similar study confirmed that sniffing rosemary essential oil will lower the level of cortisol in your saliva.

You can also inhale the vapors of herbal teas or add the sprigs to your bath. Anxiety will soon be gone.

  1. Oral health

Rosemary destroys bad bacteria and prevents tooth decay and gum disease, plus you will never ever deal with bad breath again. Steep four rosemary sprigs and four cloves in 2 cups of water. Use this mouthwash to boost your oral health. You can also add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your toothpaste.

  1. Skin

Rosemary infused oil and rosemary essential oil soothe skin irritations like acne and eczema. The oils will also speed up the healing of wounds and bruises. Always dilute these prior using them.


Rosemary smells nice and works like magic. You should definitely have it in your home.

  1. Simmer pots

It’s time to make your home smell amazing. Fill your saucepan with water, and add in a bunch of fragrant fruits, herbs and spices. Simmer the liquid, and add water when needed. Enjoy the pleasant aroma. If you can’t keep an eye on your stove just use a crockpot.

Here are some nice combos:
  • Sliced oranges, cranberries, cinnamon and rosemary
  • Orange, juniper and rosemary
  • Grapefruit, rosemary and vanilla
  • Lemon and rosemary
  1. Pest deterrent

Place rosemary sprigs at your doors and windows or spray rosemary essential oil infusion. Use 10 drops for every cup of water. This will keep nasty insects away.

Mice hate rosemary, so you can place a few dried rosemary sprigs in your cupboards to keep rodents away.

Source: www.naturallivingideas.com

This Is Why You Should Avoid The Most Popular Ketchup Ever

Companies are obligated to declare every single ingredient on the label according to their quantity from the most to the least present one. Generally speaking, the label information is essential because it gives us the possibility to control what we consume.

Ketchup is often a standard food add-on in every kitchen, and there are many different types of ketchup on the market.

However, there is but 1 notorious type of ketchup which is believed to be bad for the health and should be avoided at all times. We’re talking about Heinze ketchup. Follow the article to the end to find out why.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Heinz ketchup is loaded with tons of high fructose syrup. Manufacturers listed this ingredient under different names – twice; corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup.

The body utilizes corn syrup the same way it does sugar, spiking blood sugar levels thereby endangering the liver function. Moreover, another disadvantage of the ingredient is its’ GMO origins, that can lead to devastating health ailments.

Excessive weight gain, diabetes, obesity, immune system impairments and heart diseases are among the main

Distilled Vinegar & Sugar

Apart from the high presence of the fructose corn syrup, Heinz ketchup is also full with excessive amounts of sugar. You get about 4 grams of sugar for every tablespoon of ketchup.

Furthermore, another unique GMO ingredient in the ketchup is distilled vinegar. So far so bad, as the list of unhealthy ingredients continues with onion powder, salt, and additives and with little or no nutrients at all.

Hence, the question remains – is Heinze ketchup even considerable as a real food?

All things considered, it is probably best if you avoided this particular product, but it’s your choice at the end of the day anyway.